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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Deer Me

Ya'll.  LOOK at what my sister has made.  Yes, I said MADE...from scratch!!!

Chevron faux antler

 Jute covered faux antler

Gold glitter faux antler

Multi-colored glitter faux antler

And, my favorite...(no surprise that it's the blingy-est, gaudiest one, huh?)
Rhinestone covered faux antler

I really just wanted to show you how amazingly creative and talented Sarah is, but she has opened an Etsy shop if you're interested in making a purchase.  
Here's the link: Deer Me Etsy Shop  
She just had an offer accepted on her very first house and is working really hard to make sure that she has what she needs for all of those unforeseen last minute expenses.  If you're local (OKC), I'm sure she'd be happy to arrange delivery.

And to my dear, sweet, loving sister...remember, my birthday is coming up, and it's a big one.  I can just see one of these sitting on top of a big stack of books on my coffee table. hint, hint ;)

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  1. Wow! How whimsical and fun!! Good luck to your sister on her new Etsy shop and also new home! Exciting stuff.

  2. Wow, you two would be quite the team, how lucky she lives close! They are totally fun!

  3. I hope your sister's shop is successful.


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