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Friday, February 3, 2012

Funky Chairs and Fur Stools

Last week when I showed you my new houndstooth pillows, a friend wanted a better peek at the furry things peeking out in one of the photos.  I'm glad she mentioned it, because I've been meaning to show them to you anyway, I just keep getting side-tracked.

Last year we turned our "office" into an office/playroom/media room/music room.  We squeezed in a couch and loaded a new tv into the bookshelves so we could move the Wii in there (and get it out of the middle of the living room!).  It is a decent size room, but I didn't want to give up the floor space that a conventional coffee table would require since we did want lots of room to move around.  However, I knew we would want something to put our feet up on when watching movies.  So, when I came across these little beauties (not!) on Craig's list I hatched a plan to re-do them and use them side by side as a coffee table.  That way, they could easily be moved around if we needed more floor space.  (I couldn't find a true before photo, just imagine cherry legs and you can see the original tapestry peeking out from under the kilim top.)

So, I bought them ($20!) and painted the legs black and used that kilim to make slipcovers for the tops.  We used them in that room for a few months, and then I found these...thrift store...$14.95 each.  

I know, you're probably thinking I paid too much!  But, I loved the shape, the lines, and the tufting and knew they weren't too far gone to look fantastic with a fabric overhaul!  I purchased them and had them recovered with the plan to put them in my bedroom, but last summer we did some rearranging and they ended up in the living room. 

They are a smaller scale chair but they are really comfortable.  The kids especially love them, they think they just their size and just right for them.

Which leads us back to the stools.  The chairs needed a little more "somethin' somethin'."  I knew I had those 2 matching stools in the other room but didn't like the slipcovers I had done if they were going into the living room.  I remembered this post from the Nester and thought "Hmmm, easy, quirky, and fun! And no sewing!"  (She wrote a great tutorial at that link, also, if you want to make your own.)  The only decent fur I could find locally was this shaggy black, and I was ok with that.  But, the legs were painted black so I knew those would have to be changed.  I didn't want to go white, and finally GOLD popped into my head.  I used a little bottle of acrylic paint and brushed it on the legs.  

I love them.  I may have another gold furniture item up my sleeve in the future...   

So, for now, they're living happily together, although when I redecorate my master this year I plan to move the chairs back in there.  I also really think I'd like to paint or switch out the legs on the chairs but haven't found the right ones for a good price yet.   

Wow, that was way more than you wanted to know about my chairs and stools.  
I love pieces that have a good story! 

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  1. I love the gold legs and furry tops! They are so fun.

  2. That is amazing vision! I love a little quirky in the fun but still classy! Great transformation!

  3. Thank you for posting this! Love knowing the "story" behind your beauties. I'm still thinking about those drapes for my living/den area. Wanna go look at fabric sometime? XXOO

  4. Oh I absolutely LOVE the chairs and the furry Stools!!
    SO fun and totally unexpected--Love it!


  5. They look great! I love a pop of whimsey in your traditional/elegant seating area! Eclectic mixes are my favorite. :)

  6. A great story and pictures..I love the mix of colors, pattern and textures you have created.

  7. Ohhh I'm so in love with the stools!! Very glam!! Awesome job on the whole seating area!!

  8. HI there, I'm also a sbc pastor's wife :) Would you mind sharing how much cost was involved in the new fabric and the fee for reupholstering. I love how the chairs turned out.

  9. I really love the chairs! Great job decorating!

  10. I just featured your fun and fabulous faux furry stools on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration! I adore your blog and would love to have you follow me as well!

    1. I can't contact you, but thank you so much! That sofa is something! I really love the long bench at the end of the bed.

  11. JENNIFER! I am about to tackle a fur stool (like any minute) & had to come back & check yours out! Love them.



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