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Monday, January 9, 2012

The One That Got Away

Over the weekend I was looking through some pictures stored on my desktop and came across this one:

It's from a Craig's List posting last spring.  I bookmarked the listing to "think about it", and of course forgot to come back to it.  Several weeks later I saw my bookmark and decided to check into it.  It was 3x5 feet.  Yes, it was still for sale, made out of wood, said it was from Italy, and he would take $75 rather than the $100 listed on the price.

The man didn't live in our area but had advertised it here to get more exposure.  His daughter did live here and he said he would bring it the next time he visited her.  Weeks passed.  I contacted him and nicely asked if he was still planning to bring it.  He said yes, he just hadn't made it to town yet.  Several more weeks passed, I attempted to contact him several more times, and I never heard from him again.  

I still wonder what happened.  Did he get a better offer?  Change his mind?  Discover he was crazy for selling a fabulous mirror like that for $75?   I'll never know.  I still think maybe I should have found out exactly how far away he was.  It might have been worth a road trip! 

I obviously haven't forgotten about it.  Maybe I should contact him and see if he still has it?  Is that stalking? 

What's your "One That Got Away" story?

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  1. It's a lovely mirror and 75 is a fabulous price! What can it hurt to contact him just one more time. Why not find out where he lives and if it's far, maybe meet him half way?


  2. What a fab mirror, I would totally contact him again :) I still think about this gorgeous table I wanted and someone bought just before I got to it, dang it!

  3. I'd drive a ways for that mirror if it's still available! Think of how much time you'll spend looking for another one! :)

  4. bummer! I hate it when that happens!

    I remember when I was at an antique mall and there was one shop that was closing. Stuff was DIRT cheap! I bought just a couple things thinking my hubby would be proud of my restraint. When I got home he was like you should have bought it all up! So the next day we went back--All gone. I still think about that! LOL! I need to let it go....



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