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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

I promise this is my last post about Fall decorations!  It has still been unseasonably warm in Oklahoma, so I left my big ferns in their urns and just added around them.  

Where's Waldo?  This is Emily's new favorite thing...hiding in the window when we're taking pictures around the front door.  I usually don't even realize she's there!

I saw this monogrammed pumpkin somewhere on a blog and thought it was so cute!  Please let me know if you know where it came from so I can give them credit.

If you have Sam's Club in your area, you know they have great plants.  Their mums this year were H.U.G.E.  I picked up two along with my $2.99 pumpkins from Aldi and was done.

I'm responsible for the pots and flowers at the front door of our school.  I added some mums and pumpkins here also along with some things that I had at home. Hedge apples/Crab apples/Horse apples-whatever you call them are my favorite things to scavenge in the fall.  There are many trees along the side of the road around here and I just keep an eye on them and pick them up when they start to fall.  Their color is amazing and adds such a punch with the typical fall reds, oranges, and browns.

This is my favorite way to decorate urns in the fall.  Here's how I put it together:

I picked up 4-5 straight-ish sticks and gathered them like a teepee at the top and tied the ends together with wire.  I had several pieces of curled grapevine left over from a garland, so I wired one end to the top of the sticks and wound it around the "teepee" until I got to the bottom, where I once again secured the end to one of the sticks. 

Then, I used wooden skewers to poke in the crab apples and just ring them all the way around the rim of the urn.  They are heavy and the stick helps support them against the side.  These will stay pretty and bright all the way through Thanksgiving.  After affixing the crab apples, I wrapped strands of leafy garland around the grapevine and added some crows purchased from Dollar Tree last year.  You could add lots more than what I did, but I just used what I had on hand.  

Voila!  So easy, inexpensive and I always get TONS of compliments on this arrangement.

One last shot of my side porch, just more crab apples and pine cones gathered in an old twiggy basket that I keep around just to use in the fall.  The bright green shines all the way to the curb.

Have you decorated outdoors for fall yet?  What is your favorite tip or item for your porch?

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  1. Looks lovely!! Yep! That urn is fantastic! And you ain't kidding about the weather here! Geez! I'm so excited to be connecting with Oklahoma gals!! Yay us!

  2. EVERYTHING is just so beautiful! Really wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos and the "how-to's".

  3. Wow, I love how you made that Fall "teepee". Very cool! And those crab apples are awesome! I wish we had those around here!

  4. great idea with the crab apples, and those mums are h.u.g.e for sure! i wish i had the space to do this, but if i did, you wouldn't be able to get to my front door, lol.

  5. Your entry way is amazing! I love all your arrangements.

  6. It may be in the 80's but you've got it LOOKING like fall! I love that monogrammed pumpkin, too.


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