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Welcome!  I'm so glad you've found my little space on the web!  My name is Jennifer Griffin and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma.  

Since beginning with my college dorm room, I have always enjoyed decorating although I cringe now when I look back at some spaces that I thought looked really good at the time.  My degree is in Elementary Education, so I have no design training, but I know what I like and have fun experimenting with my home.  My goal is to have a welcoming, comfortable, gracious home that friends and family love to visit.   

My blog name was inspired by my children.  One morning as I was brushing Emily's hair (which is ALWAYS tangled) the thought "tangles" popped into my head to describe her, and it didn't take long to come up with "dimples" for Caleb.  My thought was not only does it apply to my children, but kind-of also applies to life for me.  In my husband's line of work, I know that often people may think that our life is all sparkly, but things don't always go as smoothly as planned.  The Lord has blessed us beyond what I could ever imagine, but we live in the real world with so many hurting people.  So, with my children, life, projects, plans, I want to be transparent and share the good and the bad - where sometimes life is all dimples and sometimes it's full of tangles!


Ray and I have been married for 20 years after meeting and falling in love at Oklahoma Baptist University.  Go Bison!  He is the Executive Pastor at our church, which has a million different definitions but for us basically means that he shepherds all of the other staff members, facilitates staff development, makes sure that all of the different parts of the body are working smoothly together and does a fair amount of counseling.  In the past he has spent time as a Youth Minister, Singles Minister, Minister to Families, and Education Minister.  He enjoys the mountains, hiking, car stuff and playing with the kids.

Caleb is our first born.   He LOVES OU football, all things LEGO and Star Wars, and is enamored with the branches of the military.  He is a smart, funny kid with an amazing memory for facts (once again, mainly about Legos and Star Wars.)

Emily is our sweet, spunky girl.  She readily declares that she HATES pink and would live outside if we'd let her (oops, except for playing the Wii).  She is a live wire full of pep and personality and loves to play soccer, basketball, board games, and declares recess as her favorite subject at school. 

A few of my favorite things (besides DIY projects): watching tv (when I can), Casting Crowns and Brad Paisley's music, thrift shopping , Chocolate Almond shakes from Braum's, fresh strawberries, and reading - blogs and mostly Christian Fiction - I like suspense!  

We've lived in our current house for 7 years and have made lots of changes, many of which are chronicled here.  There is always some sort of project going on within these walls!  Thanks for being here to join in the fun!

Blessings to you!

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  1. Your home is so Bold & Energetic! Nice to see 'Out of the Ordinary' decor & design elements! LOVE IT!


  2. Love you home and all the vibrant pops of color. I found you through Savvy Southern Style and I'm so happy I did! Have fun at your Southern Baptist Convention. I know it will be a blast to meet up with friends.

  3. Beautiful home. I love all the black and white accents and of course the colors!

  4. I just popped over from Southern Hospitality after seeing the beautiful pictures of your home. I wasn't sure at first about the black doors, but you've won me over. They remind me of the black lacquer on jewellery boxes! I look forward to reading more about your home projects!

  5. Jennifer,
    I found your site last night on Pinterest and fell in love. Your picture looked familiar to me and I checked my FB friends and -- guess what! -- your husband is my cousin!! I will look forward to more posts. Maybe we'll meet in person someday at a Taylor Family Reunion! Until then, Love your style and your beautiful family! -- Debbie

  6. Hi Jennifer!!
    My name is Jenilee and I found your blog through pinterest of course. Im from Ada so that practically makes us neighbors! lol My husband and I are in the process of purchasing our very first home in Ada. Weve been married for almost 6 years and due to his job weve spent most of those years in an RV so as you can imagine I am so excited to be able to decorate my first home. As soon as I saw our home I fell in love! I couldnt describe my style to anyone and when I was saw your house I was like that is what Im talking about!! Haha! I also love what you are all about. Would love to meet you some time or pick our brain about decor. Great blog and great style!
    Jenilee Champion

  7. Love your page!! Found you when I googled Urban Farmhouse Design-just discovered that store and love it!! I live in S.W. OKC and paint vintage furniture and upcycle items and have a FB page "Marilyn's Elegant Junk" My day job is running a home daycare. Look forward to seeing more of your great ideas. Thanx so much, Marilyn Cox

  8. I love your home and blog. I was drawn to your entry way and started to use your look for mine. I picked up a green Henredon cabinet with gold pulls for my entry and I love it! Your blog has helped me go more bold with colors. I am thinking about how great the Chiang Ming Dragon fabric would look great on some black lacquered queen anne chairs for my dining room and for some throw pillows. I live in Houston originally from San Francisco. My day job keeps me very busy (corporate job) so I have little time to search and design. So continue to post all of your tips and where you find things. BTW! I love that gold mirror in your entry. Do you know who is the maker? Thanks so much, Sandy

  9. I was excitedly looking up painted cabinets and the Benjamin color Manchester Tan at 25% intensity. I dont know about % intensity.


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