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Thursday, April 11, 2024


I've got a curve ball for you today that I haven't shared yet...  I sold my hot pink chairs!  

I know, I know.  I loved my hot pink club chairs.  You loved my hot pink club chairs.  We just decided we wanted a different style of chair.  The club chairs were pretty wide and deep and took up a lot of room, and we were interested in some swivel/glider chairs instead.  

I looked to purchase new, but couldn't find anything I really liked and new furniture is SO expensive.  I kept an eye on FB Marketplace and came across these-

Aside from the fabric reminding me of the olive green velvet striped couch my family had growing up, they were in great shape and made by CR Laine, a quality brand that was much more high end than the new ones I was looking at in furniture stores!  We scooped them up and moved them in just to try out for a few days to make sure we liked them before going to the trouble of recovering them.  

Then, they sat in my garage for over a year while I looked for fabric and tried to decide what I wanted.  I considered buying the same hot pink velvet from a local shop that I used on the club chairs, but since I purchased that the price had more than doubled and the fabric was just more of an investment than I wanted to make.  I was really leaning towards a "safer" choice of a pretty soft blue or soft pink, and searched high and low for an affordable fabric that I liked in those colors.

I found some decent options, but couldn't make myself pull the trigger on any of them.  They just didn't make me excited.  So that's why the chairs sat for over a year untouched.  We go to Dallas several times a year and there are some fabric warehouses that I like to browse (see list at end of post).  Over the course of several trips nothing was really jumping out at me there until a trip in early December when we were there and I was walking through the aisles of Five Star Fabrics (in Addison) once again.  A fabric that I had noticed in the past in other colors for pillows jumped out at me again, but in hot pink!  

It wasn't the velvet or a softer color that I had been looking for, but I realized the reason I had been so hesitant was because none of those softer options made me happy and I couldn't see them in my space.  This was a much sturdier cut chenille textured fabric than the velvet I thought I wanted, but the color was just about identical to my old chairs and the price was definitely right, so I went for it and bought my yardage on the spot!  

It took a few months to get through the upholsterer's waiting list but we got them back about two months ago and are really loving them!  I might add a tape trim around the bottom of the skirt if I come across something I like, but I'm really pleased with how the fabric turned out.

We had a little visitor that we were kitty-sitting last week (Caleb & Kenzi's new addition- Ollie) and they were his favorite spot too (for naps AND he thought they were a super fun jungle gym to climb all over 😂 ).

Soooo... how crazy do you think I am for doing hot pink chairs- twice?!?  Ha!  Not sorry for a minute!  

Dallas Fabric Stores:

Edited... A reader asked what fabric shops I like and I had this list saved on my phone, so thought I would add.  There are more for sure, these are just the ones I frequent looking for a bargain or good selection to get ideas.  Let me know if you have one I missed!

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Childress (huge selection but a little pricier than some)

15201 Midway Rd Addison, TX 75001

(972) 267-9100


2001 Midway Rd Ste 111 Carrollton, TX 75006

(972) 386-7400

Five Star Fabrics

15408 Midway Rd Addison, TX 75001

(972) 701-0107

Cutting Corners

13720 Midway Road #200

B&K Interior Fabrics

15323 Midway Rd Addison, TX 75001

(972) 661-1446

Calico Corners

12370 Inwood Road

Dallas, TX 75244


Harry Hines:

Dallas Home Fabric Center

2623 Perth Street

Dallas, TX 75220

(214) 455-9560

Wherehouse Fabrics

2675 Perth St, Dallas, TX 75220

Best Fabrics

10850 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, TX 75220

(214) 350-2583

Super Textiles Inc

2667 Perth St, Dallas, TX 75220

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  1. These are fabulous! The hot pink is SO YOU!! I would have cried if you had gone with something more subtle!!

  2. Love these new chairs as much as the old ones. The old have been an inspiration to me....have been looking in Florida for a similar fabric and have yet to find my two chairs continue to sit and wait....well done, as always!! Lucky to person that gets your throw aways...I am still thinking about the lotus pendants you had in your kitchen.....

    1. Oh I kept those pendants! One is in the water closet in my bathroom and the other is waiting for a new spot... not getting rid of those! A sweet local designer friend bought the chairs. :)

  3. What a great find! They are gorgeous!

  4. Love them! So glad you stayed with the pink 🩷

  5. Would you mind sharing the places you go in Dallas to look for fabric? I am in the same boat after moving recently. I need fabric for two chairs....

  6. Fabulous - as always! Love them so much. They look great and comfy as well. Glad you stayed with the hot pink! :)
    Robin Alley

  7. ❤️❤️❤️ them!!!

  8. Great choice, again, with the hot pink!! Love your style!

  9. Perfect as always! Love love love the pink and the chair style. Your home makes me so happy.

  10. I love the new fabric much better than the velvet, although both are great! Way to hang on until you found what you really wanted. Whenever I settle, I always regret it. Great job!!

  11. I love love love these! I think that hot pink works - why fight it?? :)

  12. You are nothing if not a lady who loves color and mixes it strikingly. Love your new chairs!

  13. Who do you use or can you suggest some places you use to upholster your furniture?!

  14. I had a minor panic attack when I read that you sold the hot pink chairs! Thank goodness the new pair are the same fabulous shade and good for you for waiting for just the right fabric. Soft and subtle "safe" colors have their place, but I don't think it's in your living room! Love it!! And, as always, thank you for sharing!

  15. I love Calico Corners. While living in Dallas; I got curtains, sofa , and chaise lounge covered.
    Your chairs look amazing and you should decorate with your style..
    Everything looks fantastic.
    Bette B.

  16. Beautiful chairs! Love the colors!

  17. I think the new fabric is deeper and richer- maybe it's the texture, but they look really great! You cannot beat vintage- the shape is great. Are they super comfy? They look it. I love your decor style so much! The way you make such beautiful bold choices is always inspiring. I wish I could borrow your decor brain for a little while!

  18. Hey, we know what we like. You would have been terribly disappointed if you’d gone more neutral. Don’t second guess yourself. Go with your heart.❤️

  19. Simply stunning friend! I love them even more than the old ones!

  20. I am saving my pennies for hot pink chairs. I showed them to my daughter and she said, "Oh mom, they are so you!".

  21. Your new chairs are awesome!! So glad that you kept the hot pink; very few people can pull off such a bright color in decor, and you are one of them. I like that you embrace your originality!! While scanning your room, I became fixated on the hydrangeas. Are they real, or are they artificial? If artificial, would you mind sharing details? Thank you so much!

  22. I just saw this ~ my tummy lurched when you said the hot pink chairs were gone! So happy you found these and they look stunning! I never see any goodies like you find on FBMP! 😂
    Do you mind sharing the rug source again? Thanks in advance!

  23. I loved your old chairs and I love the new ones even more!


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