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Wednesday, June 14, 2023


This post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby.

*A personal note... this sponsored post has been in the works for months.  I got the approval to post it when I was in Houston with my Dad.  I'm grateful for Hobby Lobby's patience as they graciously allowed me to delay my post in order to have the time I needed with my family this past week.  I hope you enjoy the content and get a new creative idea or two to try in your own home! 

When seasons change I always get the itch to switch up a few key areas in my home... the front porch, entry, and mantel. I think those are the easiest spots to have a little fun and add some accessories to speak to the current season, so I recently visited Hobby Lobby to pick up some fun new accessories to spruce up my Front Porch and Entry.  

I tend to prefer a traditional style, but with bold color and some quirky touches added in to keep things feeling current.  I kept the front door very simple with a faux boxwood wreath, but incorporated the trend I'm seeing in some gorgeous traditional southern style homes to use a sash tie instead of the usual bow or ribbon on a wreath.  

Custom wreath sashes can be pricey, but I made my own for just a few dollars!  I picked a few patterns that I liked from the fabric department, cut a strip the length and width I wanted, then just hemmed up all the sides.  I did cut the ends at an angle just like I would a ribbon and was pleased with the finished look! 

Such a simple, inexpensive little project that looks so chic.  I also plan to make more in other fabrics for different seasons, and a festive one especially for when we're hosting a birthday party would be fun too! 

I tend to need a new door mat around this time every year, and loved this plaid one that was in the navy color family rather than the usual black.  

I saw these hot pink metal pinwheels in the Spring Shop aisles (50% off this week!) and immediately knew they would be perfect to stick in the ferns I always have on the porch in the summer.  

Ok, y'all know how I am about bust statues and these lions... I can't leave them alone and have to dress them up a bit!  Did you know they have quite a selection of pet accessories at Hobby Lobby now?  I saw these tie dog collars and absolutely had to have them for my stately lions.  Don't they look so handsome now? 

Concrete Lion with Pet Collar that looks like a necktie  added to Neck

They had a velcro closure but weren't big enough for the lion's neck, so I just added a piece of wide elastic to the ends and can now slip them on easily.  

Pet Tie Collars with elastic added to opening

So that's it on the porch!  A few simple additions to complement my ferns and flowers, and it's ready for the season! 

Front porch- fern in black urn with pink metal pinwheel, blue and white pot with pink geraniums and concrete lion with tie around neck

Moving inside the front door, I was feeling a little stuck and uninspired on my entry table, but browsed the home accessories and found some things that got my creative wheels turning. 

Entry table with pink and red faux flowers, white ginger jars in a rattan tray, decorating books stacked with a candle on top, and large tassels and wood beads attached to lamp base.  Large gold frame mirror and hot pink medallion area rug with black french provincial dresser

I used my go to formula base for styling tabletops of tray + flowers + books + whatever other accessories I want to add in the mix.

Entry table with pink and red faux flowers, white ginger jars in a rattan tray, decorating books stacked with a candle on top, and large tassels and wood beads attached to lamp base

I pulled out my pink rug that I haven't used in the entry in a while which inspired me to use a pink and red color combo. Hobby Lobby has some really good faux ranunculus stems in several colors, but I chose the pink and then found these pretty red poppy stems to mix with them.  

Faux Pink Ranunculus and Red Poppies from Hobby Lobby in white ginger jars on a scalloped rattan tray with ceramic mushrooms

Another tip I always use- decorate with odd numbers of multiple items.  I often buy accessories in threes if I'm wanting to make a grouping of something.  These simple white ginger jars in different sizes are the perfect pieces that are super versatile, either with or without something in them, that will be useful for years for any occasion and never go out of style. The darling ceramic mushrooms were also in the Spring Shop, I thought they added the perfect little whimsical touch and pop of red in the mix.  One more styling trick- they only came in two sizes but as I said I like to group things in threes and for them to be a little varied in height.  So, the middle mushroom is propped up on a small little flat votive candle that doesn't even show, but it gives just enough variation in the height to make everything feel more balanced.  I found the pretty scalloped rattan tray in the home accessories too! 

I always have a lamp on my entry table, and sometimes like to add an accent to my lamps, too. I love the giant tassels and used a short wood bead garland to add a little color and tie it in with the dresser color.  Both of those things are available in several other colors as well and are in the center of the store near the artwork aisles where they have different collections of accessories grouped. 

The last piece to the puzzle... a candle of course!  My sister tipped us off to this candle a year or two ago.  It's the Clementine and Mango scent and if you see if on the shelf snatch it up- there's a reason they have a hard time keeping it in stock!  This large 3 wick style is less than $20 when they are on sale. I nestled it in a larger glass cylinder filled with some navy beans to give it a fancy high-end home boutique shop look.  

I'm so pleased with how the space turned out (and how it smells- ha!), bring on Summer! Stop by your local Hobby Lobby or visit online and see what's on sale this week if you're feeling a little stuck with your decorating ideas like I was! 

Entry table with pink and red faux flowers, white ginger jars in a rattan tray, decorating books stacked with a candle on top, and large tassels and wood beads attached to lamp base

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  1. Loved this all! The lions yay! I have them too but mine are laying down

  2. I have seen this sash in leaf green velvet tied on a forest green velvet wreath for Christmas and it is gorgeous

    1. Can’t wait to try the sash idea! Love you foyer table!

  3. Stellar as always. I saw the white ginger jars yesterday, but they weren't on sale. I will definitely go back next week and get them. I have a tall white ginger jar lamp I bought at Habitat for $10. It is one of my most treasured thrift pieces. It is timeless and
    you can add so many things to it. Thanks, Jennifer.

  4. Love the sash! Would you be able to tell me the measurements you used for it? Thank you!

  5. I love the mirror that you have in your entryway. I have seen the mirror in several of your awesome photos. Is it still avaiable?


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