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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


We have some big family news from over the weekend... my son proposed to his girlfriend and she said YES!  

We are so excited to welcome Kenzi into our family.  They've been dating for 2 years and met in the Nursing Program at school.  She's actually a year older so graduated a few months ago and has already started her new job as a NICU nurse!  

Some of you have been here with me since Caleb was 10 when I started this blog and are always sweet to be interested in how the kids are doing, so I thought you'd enjoy sharing in our excitement.  Today I'm primarily sharing some photos from the evening, but you know I'll have a follow-up post all about the decorating!

Backing up a little, they shopped together a bit to find out what styles she liked for a ring so he had a really good idea of what she wanted, but at a certain point she backed out and wanted him to take me with him to choose the diamond and final design.  We used a private jeweler so Caleb got to pick out the exact diamond and finalize the setting, what a fun project together! 

They chose well... the ring and each other!    ;)   
(By the way, I noticed the bracelet she's wearing is the one I gave her for graduation and her other ring is her pretty class ring from her parents. The bracelet is engraved with the coordinates of their university and has double meaning as her alma mater and the place where they met! So special that she was wearing that!)

He proposed up on a hill across the property from where the house is, this was a little practice shot Ray caught earlier in the day to send the photographer so she'd know where to stand to snap photos.  :)

Afterwards they came down to the house where a group of friends and family were waiting to celebrate them.  She didn't know when the proposal would happen but admitted she was a little suspicious of this evening, they had a date scheduled anyway and she had a feeling this might be it!

After they joined the party both of the Dads said a few words and led in prayer for the Lord's guidance and blessing over them as they take this next step in their relationship.  Then all of the hugging started! 

Both families-

Things have been hush hush to try to keep the proposal a surprise for her but we've been working for weeks to plan an engagement party for family and friends at my sister's place in the country.  Sarah and Micah are the MVP's for being willing to host, it was a big job to prepare for! 

Later in the evening when it was mainly just family left we circled up and Caleb told everyone about everything leading up to the night and how it came together (talking to her Dad, shopping for the ring, etc.).  

It was such a special evening kicking off a new chapter in our family's life, I'm incredibly grateful to my family- my Parents and Micah and Sarah especially- who worked so hard to help us pull everything off.  Now the next year or so will be fun as we plan the big day (thankfully I get to be in the back seat for planning that one- ha!).

Our extended family that could be there-

Caleb's Grandparents-

My Mom and Sisters-

And to wrap it up... Sarah's cat Toby demonstrated how we all felt at the end of the evening.  😹😹

As I mentioned I'm working on a post with all of the decorations we used and how we set up the backyard party, but here's a little full sneak peak of the proposal spot-  look for more soon!

(Our thanks to Glory Fine for helping with photos.  Some of these are from her, some were taken by my sister, some were mine and some were Ray's!  Fun to put together shots from everyone's different perspectives!)

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  1. How exciting for you, congratulations! The proposal spot is SO CUTE!!!

  2. Exciting times for your family! May God richly bless Caleb and Kenzi as they start their life together.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!!!! Now the fun begins with all the planning, taste testing you name it! I look forward to your creativity in this Jen!!

  4. I certainly didn't expect this exciting post today! What a beautiful time for your son and his fiance, as well as family and friends. Congratulations and Blessings to All...

  5. Congratulations to all! Looks like a fabulous party and I can only imagine how all the upcoming festivities will be. Such an exciting time for the happy couple and both families!

  6. Congratulations and Blessings to everyone!!! ❤️

  7. Makes me happy to read about your exciting day, wishing your growing family many more happy days ahead! Congrats to C & K.

  8. How very exciting for all of you for this next chapter!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Perfection! Best wishes to the adorable couple!!!!! Vv

  10. Congratulations! What a darling couple.

  11. Jennifer, I am so happy for your family. Caleb and Kenzi make a beautiful couple. I love all the festive decor (as usual). I didn't realize you have another sister. You can certainly tell you are all related. Looking forward for future updates. Cheers!


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