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Friday, March 13, 2020


Did you know that today is National Sleep Day?  I'd venture to say we all could use a good night's sleep after the week we've had, right?  There's nothing like climbing into a crisp, comfy bed at the end of the day.   Yesterday I spent a bit of time freshening up our Master Bedroom for Spring, and even with all of the uncertainty going on in the world right now it's nice to have a cozy little refuge here! 

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To help celebrate and spread the word about the importance of a great night's sleep, the kind people at Crane and Canopy sent me a few things to help me make sure I'm getting the best sleep possible.  Up until this point, only my daughter has had C&C bedding in her room, and I've always been a bit envious of the amazing softness and quality of it and wished I could swipe it for my own bed! 

The border collection of sheets and duvet covers has always been my personal favorite from C&C, so I was excited about venturing out and adding the Yellow Border Sheet Set to my mix of linens in the bedroom this Spring.  There's a wide band of contrasting trim along the top edge of the flat sheet as well as the ends of the pillowcases, and monogramming is also available.  Monogrammed pillowcases... how could you not have sweet dreams?

You guys know I'll occasionally get or make new pillows, but for the most part I'm always rotating what I have and creating a new mix when a new season rolls around (I mostly have pillow covers so they're easy to fold and store when not in use).  I've had these yellow greek key velvet pillows for years- mostly used in my daughter's old room- but when we redecorated in there I couldn't bear to get rid of them.  I'm glad, they're perfect to pair with the yellow sheets and such a bright pop for Spring and Summer!

It's impossible to walk away without a bunch of Ranunculus from Trader Joes when it's in stock, even if it was the teeniest tiniest little bunch this time!  And how happy is pink and yellow together???

Another staple piece of my bedding is the Page Blue Duvet Cover from Crane and Canopy.  I've had it for a few years now, it's been through multiple washes, and it's as good as new and so crisp and soft.  I rotate between a heavier comforter inside through the Winter and put a thinner, light one inside for the Summer months. 

I always get questions about the JuJu Hat hung over the bed.  It's about 30" wide, is made of feathers and has a bamboo base which makes it stand out from the wall from the side view.  It's perfect in the spot over the bed where I needed something but traditional artwork didn't feel right because of the mirrors flanking the bed.  It was a bit of an investment for me but is truly a piece of artwork and I've had it now for over 5 years so I think that cost has averaged out pretty well! (linked below in the slider)

The Layla Pajama Set from C&C is the ultimate bedtime luxury!  These are probably the softest pjs I've ever had, and lightweight too.  They remind me so much of my very favorite pair of pjs that I just noticed the other day are about worn out, so these arrived just in time to take their place!  I appreciated the monogram option on those, too... happy to have someone else do that for me this time.  ;) 

The ONE thing that always feel "extra" if I take the time to do it is ironing the top edge of my flat sheet, at least a couple of feet down.  Even if you don't iron the entire sheet (which really... who does that??) a crisp, pressed edge feels like the ultimate indulgence when climbing into bed at the end of a long day.

This is how you'd find me every night before I go to sleep... now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for a nap!

*Thank you Crane and Canopy for gifting a set of your lovely sheets and pajamas!
**See more information on this room HERE and a follow up HERE 

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  1. Beautiful bed Jennifer!! I love the yellow, making your bed crisp and bright. I love that you monogrammed your pjs.


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