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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


 I'm continuing my Summer Home Tour today with a look at our patio.  We completely overhauled this space 3 years ago (see original reveal with all related posts listed here) and have loved having this additional outdoor living space.  You'll find us here often throughout most of the year except in the most extreme weather.  We recently made a few changes so I wanted to share those with you today.

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Did you notice the biggest change yet?  We painted the fireplace!!!  I cannot tell you how much I love it.  When we had it built our exterior brick was no longer available, so we had to match it as closely as we could.  It always bothered me and this Spring I started thinking about how crisp it would look painted white, so we went for it.  SO happy that we did.  I've got a separate post coming up about the process and how I did it.

Here's a reminder of the before- which also reminds me, we knocked down that pierced brick wall too.  I had envisioned that area being a little cubby for the grill but it ended up just being a leaf and water trap.  Live and learn!  The water hose is also on that edge of the patio so it's nice to be able to drag it around the back of the fireplace rather than across the patio when we're using it.

I get questions about the TV from time to time.  It's just a regular tv (not outdoor) and we haven't had one bit of trouble with it.  It's a smart tv with Roku so we can use Netflix or YouTube or whatever app we'd like.  Occasionally if there's a specific dvd we want to play outside Ray will just hook up a player temporarily.  It's protected enough that we don't have trouble with it getting wet, but occasionally if we know a particularly strong storm is coming he will unclip it from the mount and bring it inside.

This little guy was a DIY too!  He looks so pretty against the white brick now.

That darling white pot on the coffee table belonged to Ray's aunt.  I was able to keep a few things of hers when we cleaned out her home, it's probably at least 50 years old and I love it so much... those details!

 Black and White Spotted Pillow Outdoor Fabric  ||  Floral Outdoor Fabric  ||  Blue and White Pillow- At Home (not current, sorry!)

These vintage wicker side tables were in really bad shape when I bought them so I originally painted them red, but with this little makeover they needed to be pink!  This is the hottest hot pink spray paint I could find and I really like it (my previous favorite is a bit more bubble-gum toned).

Outdoor Sofas  ||  Rug- Ikea  ||  Coffee Table- vintage with this paint ||  Garden Stools- this paint and How to Paint Ceramics Tutorial    

Moving over to the Dining side, we have a few changes here too.

We added some new chaises to a previously empty spot.  This is a large area that is uncovered, and during the year when it's a bit chillier it's nice to sit in the sun.  I mentioned ordering these chairs in a previous post and was unsure about getting them due to uncertain reviews, but we really like them! Although there was a bit of assemby Ray didn't have any trouble putting them together and the woven frame seems to be the same as the material used on my outdoor sofas that have held up perfectly so far for 3 years.  I really like the cane pattern weave, the comfortable arm rests, and the backs of these sit up completely straight if desired (they're fully adjustable).  Some of the chairs I tried still reclined too much even in the tallest position for what I was looking for.  The cushions are more tan than the cushions on my sofa but still neutral so they'll be versatile.  The umbrella works well here during the Summer months when some shade is needed. 

Chaise Loungers  ||  Similar Garden Stool  ||  Striped Umbrella (see lots more of my umbrella picks here)  ||  Black and White Striped Throw- Ikea  ||  Cobalt Blue Pots- At Home

I shared a little peek before, but here's the table my son made us this year in wood shop at school.  He generally followed this tutorial but with a slight adjustment in the size that Kristin mentioned here, then he stained and water sealed all of the pieces before assembling the table.  We're loving the round table and it's a bit taller and more substantial than our old patio table.  It's a great spot for family meals, games, and to sit and work with my laptop!

I found these palm cushions last season and made the cherry pillows.  I filled them all with 20" Ikea down inserts, they're easy to throw in the wash as needed but honestly I don't generally need to and the inserts hold up well outside (they're covered though so they usually don't get wet).

 Vase-At Home  ||  Polka Dot Vase- TJ Maxx

 This is my favorite view- we love spending our evenings out here (except for fighting the Junebugs and mosquitos, although I will say this helps tremendously with those little pests!)    ;)

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  1. Love Love LOVE! A++++++ I only wish my outdoor spaces were covered. I could do so much more!

    1. Thanks Wanda! Yes, that makes a huge difference. Our things still get wet in hard, blowing rain but it’s manageable!

  2. Your outdoor space is gorgeous! You mentioned mosquitos. I haven’t used it but check out the mosquito eradicator. From amazon. Many local people here in Tennessee say it works great!

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I love the freaking pink!!!! What a genius idea! love all the bright colors and patterns. These are my outdoor living space goals lol

    1. Thank you! The pink has been a fun change... it wouldn't have worked as well before we painted the fireplace. We certainly enjoy using the space!

  4. You know I have total Patio envy!!! I want our covered SOOOOO bad! I love the new chaises! have a question: does the blue and white garden stool hold up well outside??? Your patio is gorgeous. I LOVE the fireplace painted, can't believe the difference!!!! BRAVO!

  5. We just covered our patio and it is wonderful, EXCEPT for the darn mosquitoes. I think they wait for me by the door! ;) I've looked in to the spray you use, but was concerned about spraying the plants? Is it ok? What about the furniture? I feel like those little guys lurk everywhere! Any feedback is appreciated!

    1. Your patio looks great - I love the painted fireplace!


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