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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


A few days ago I toured our local Designer Show House that benefits the OKC Orchestra League.  The house was originally custom built in 1994 and is almost 6,500 square feet.  I didn't photograph every space.  It was all pretty, but much of it was not the style or colors that I think you all would enjoy seeing here.  Today I'm focusing on sharing specific ideas, features, or accessories that caught my eye.

In this formal living room just off the Entry, I noticed the mirror over the fireplace.  The special thing is that it's on a stand, which I think is brilliant if you can't or don't want to drill into the surface above your fireplace.

This pendant in the hall was so unique and eye-catching.  Those spiky urchins hung on the wall made me nervous, though... I thought someone was going to hurt themselves on them!  :)

A friend that I grew up going to church with is a designer now and she did this Dining Room.  It was one of my favorites in the house, colorful yet elegant.

I have never seen a light with agate slices like this one in the Master Bedroom, it was SO cool!

Another pretty piece in the Master, I'll take what's on top please!

My friend and I agreed that this was one of our favorite accessories there... a blue and white porcelain tissue holder!  They had about 4 different blue and white styles, but at $150 we passed.   I've got to figure out a way to DIY that one!  ;) 

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(Just found some here a tad bit more affordable if you just have to have one!)

These suspended mirrors hung in a group were striking-

We absolutely loved the wallpaper in this powder bath.  You can't tell in the photo but it looked like it had different textures yet was totally smooth.  Look closely, I also liked the detail of how that curved end piece on the backsplash was cut.

Loved the pop of emerald green pillows here in the otherwise neutral room.

Again, another wall treatment that does not translate well on camera, but this faux painting was stunning in person!  It looked so dimensional and layered and even had the tiniest bit of sparkle here and there just like a split geode would.

Loved the light fixture and art in this room,

and this piece of huge artwork that was hanging on a staircase landing.

This room was done by a group of students graduating from a local school.  It had kind of a modern, retro vibe (is that a thing?) and was definitely the most trendy and fun room in the house!

In the adjoining bathroom I really liked the dark green walls paired with the black and white floors.  I know you're surprised by that.   ;)

And y'all, they put in a gold glittered toilet!!  Of course they switched it out with the real one and it's just for looks for the show house but I thought that was imaginative and creative and hilarious!

There were several "pop up shops" set up throughout the house where things were available for purchase, like here in the laundry room and kitchen.  These green trays would be such a simple DIY with some paint and patterned paper or fabric to glue in the bottom.

More cute trays, and how simple would those darling polka dot pots be to make?

This window seat in the kitchen was cozy, but the green chairs totally stole the show.

Round pedestal tables are a dime a dozen on Craigslist... how cute would it be to paint one and pair it with fun bistro chairs like these?  (similar chairs here)

I enjoy taking these tours, even if things are different than my style I always come away with some inspiration and new ideas!  Did anything catch your eye?

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  1. SO fun! Love that kitchen area with the B&W/green. Do you happen to know the artist for the large art piece in the staircase landing - I can't quite make out the signature? Thanks!

    1. I don't, I'm sorry! I sure do like it, though!

    2. Oh wait! I think I found it. I checked the program for the tour and it looks like it's Lezley Lynch. or Lezley Lynch Designs on Instagram

  2. Yes, please! (on coming up with a DIY tissue dispenser) The painting that looks like watercolors outlined with black marker ~ that looks totally doable. I also love touring open showcase homes for ideas ~ even when not my aesthetic. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes, I thought the painting might be a doable too! My wheels are turning on the tissue holder... ;)

  3. Love the tissue holder but at that price would be afraid of it being broken.

  4. A lot of the rooms reminded me of rooms in the late 1970s and very early 1980s in the northeast. I think my mom still has a lot of the Agate, light fixtures and art that is similar to some of those in the picture.

  5. I actually have a blue and white tissue dispenser!!! It was a gift years ago from my SIL! It has a geisha painted on 2 sides too. LOVE it. I would LOVE to have one of those green palm leaf trays!!!! I have to search for one now! We also have stone WALLPAPER in our bar and everyone who sees it has to touch it, it looks so real! Great ideas in this house, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Oooh, what a sweet SIL! I'm going to keep an eye out, maybe I've seen one before and didn't know what it was! ;)

    2. I have seen those palm leaf trays at "Home Goods".

  6. Jennifer, mine actually looks more like a tissue dispenser. I'll try to send you a picture by email.

  7. My fave was the last picture of the kitchen with green chairs and black table and, of course, the gorgeous black/white check. Have you ever seen a source for similar chairs?

  8. Always fun to see a Decorator Show House! I did a couple myself back in the day. (I am a retired designer) The spaces the design students did were always the most creative because they are usually working with literally no money. In one of my own previous houses when money was tight, I decoupaged the lid of the toilet seat and an old lamp with paper napkins from Spode in their blue and white! That could certainly work on a tissue box cover, don't you think? The room in one of the Show Houses I did included an antiquated bathroom that there was no budget to replace tile or fixtures. I collaborated with an artist to paint some of the fixtures decoratively, but to disguise that relic of a potty, I slipcovered it (in bright pink and green)! I also had the plumber turn off the water so nobody could use it.


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