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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Goodness, these weeks go by quickly!  I really didn't think this One Room Challenge room makeover was going to be a huge project... nothing super detailed and intricate to do, but boy is it starting to snowball on me!  This week was full of painting and here's where we are at Week 3...

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*I was in a rush and snapped this week's photos quickly on my phone, so forgive the poor quality.  You get the idea, though!

If you're joining me for the first time today, welcome!  You can catch up on Week 1 (Before Photos) here, and Week 2 (Design Plan) here.  

This week our big accomplishment was getting the walls painted.  The ceiling needed to be done also, so we picked up a few gallons of Simply White (Benjamin Moore but we got it mixed in Behr)- flat for the ceiling and satin for the walls.  

These photos aren't a good representation, but the room is so fresh and bright now!  Although it is stark... I'm definitely ready to get some pieces and color added in.  We took out the armoire a little while ago and set up her desk in it's place, so she's already been enjoying using that for her schoolwork.

I've said it before, but the ORC is always a joint family effort around here.  Some were happier to help than others.  :)

I mentioned previously that we needed to keep a ceiling fan but were replacing the old one.  I bought this fan and decided to paint the base gold.   The past week has been super windy here so my sweet friend Denise let me borrow her spray shelter to use in the garage.  I just sprayed all of the base parts with my favorite gold spray paint before we assembled it.

The ceiling paint was finished, but while waiting for the first coat of wall paint to dry my husband took the opportunity to teach my son about wiring light fixtures.  Some girl will be happy he knows how to do that some day!

I'm really pleased with how this turned out!  I love the low profile dome light rather than individual globes, and there's an LED light inside that is completely dimmable which is a nice feature.

So, here's the punch list, although I know there are many little things to do that aren't even list worthy but will add up.  My project for today is to get the curtains made and hung.  I still haven't decided what color I'm going to paint the rod.  Several of you suggested a lucite rod which I think would be awesome, I'm just trying to use what I already have as much as possible on this makeover!

To-Do List

Paint Ceiling and Walls
New Desk
Replace Ceiling Fan
Make Upholstered Headboard
Make Bedskirt
Paint Nightstands
Restore or Paint Dresser
Paint Closet and Bathroom Doors?
Locate/Paint/Sew New Accessories- Mirror, Lamps, Pillows, Bench
Make and Hang Curtains
Artwork Plan- Gallery Wall?
Room Styling

*GULP*  that sure is a long list still to be past the half way point!  

Make sure to stop by and check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge!

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  1. Looks great, Jennifer! I love the ceiling fan and the fact that it's dimmable. Your crew looks happy to husband is always Mr. Grumpy Pants about it. :)

  2. WOW love the transformation of the ceiling fan!! Isn't it amazing what a can of spray paint can do? I'm always getting into trouble with that! ha My spray can collection is as many as a box of 64 crayons...... =)

  3. The ceiling fan is amazing, Jennifer! That would be a great solution for the fan in my daughter's room. Spray paint, here I come!

  4. I so love that everyone in your house gets in on the painting! Cutest family ever! The fan came out great, love the gold on it.

  5. It looks good so far. Love the fan.
    I am a true fan of Behr paint.

  6. It looks good so far.
    I am a true fan of Behr paint.

  7. This is looking like another great D+T design! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

    What if you painted the rod and any exposed rings or finials, etc. your fave gold to coordinate with the fan and other accessories? I'm not sure how it would wear over time, maybe it would be better if they were fabric curtain rings or something along those lines? Or if you coated it with a clear coat of some kind?

  8. Seriously- You need to wear a professional respirator mask when spray painting!

  9. Very nice room. It looks great :)
    Greetings :)


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