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Monday, December 11, 2017


December is quickly flying by, did you get a lot of shopping done this past weekend?  We made a pretty good dent in our lists but still need to finish up some odds and ends.  One thing that always takes a bit of extra effort is finishing up stocking stuffers.  We do stockings for everyone on both sides of our extended families, so it's always a challenge but ends up being fun seeing what things we can come up with.  I like to buy practical stocking stuffers, items that everyone needs day to day but aren't really fun to spend money on when you're buying them yourself.  And, a few of these suggestions are even better because they're practical AND cute!

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||  ONE  || 
Keychains get used and abused, how fun is it to get a new one?  Especially if it's clear, monogrammed, and has a tassel on it! (Still time to custom order if you hurry!)

||  TWO  ||
Essential for wintertime dry, cracked hands.

|| THREE  ||
A favorite for the teen girls in our family (and their Moms if they ever have time for a relaxing bath!).

||  FOUR  || 
Back to the dry, wintertime hands... I'd like to add a small bottle of lotion by my kitchen sink but definitely don't want a plain old lotion bottle sitting out.  How cute is this refillable striped dispenser to add a bit of happy to the kitchen? 

||  FIVE  ||
I received a pair of these at a Favorite Things party last year, and since then I've bought about 10 pairs.  I love them in the winter!  They are super soft, and cozy but not thick.  I especially love wearing them with my Uggs and other boots.

||  SIX  ||  
I got one of these several years ago, it's a storage game changer!  The scarf-wearer in your life will love it!  

||  SEVEN  ||
These reusable bags are such a novel idea.  I think they're great especially for kids or teens to pop an after school snack in the toaster and have a quick, easy toasted sandwich.  

||  EIGHT  ||
Teenage boys?  In our family food is always on their list, and generally they specifically request beef jerky!

||  NINE  || 
This is one of my most used kitchen utensils!  It makes crumbling beef a breeze when you're browning it, I don't know how I lived without it!  ;)

|| TEN  ||
On my husband's list for washing cars and chores around the house, it's always nice to have a fresh round of microfiber cloths. 

||  ELEVEN  ||
Another favorite to tuck in the guys' stockings!

||  TWELVE  ||
I've shared a similar brand recently when I told you My Five Favorite Beauty Products, but I've also heard great things about this one and am looking forward to trying it out too.  I always love to try new things like this when they're slipped in my stocking.

||  THIRTEEN  ||
A necessity!

||  FOURTEEN  ||
My favorite colored pens for calendaring, writing notes, etc.  My girl loves them too and needs her own set!

||  FIFTEEN  ||
A few people in my family requested these for their stocking, and I thought it was brilliant!  We generally use these on ski trips, but they're so nice to have on hand for cold outdoor activities too...  sledding, walking through outdoor light displays, building a snowman...  I might have even used them inside the house in the past on extra cold days!  ;)

||  SIXTEEN  ||
Another great idea for the guys- something you might not realize you need until you NEED them!  :)

What are your favorite practical stocking stuffers to give and receive? 

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  1. I love to put eye glass cleaning cloths,sticky notes and car air freshners, small pack kleenex tissues and my favorite is the two pair of knit gloves for 1.50(last year at Walmart) and for each family member to have in the dash of there car with ice scraper close by. I so much enjoy your blog.

  2. Hot Hands are also great to keep in your car console to give to people on street corners on cold days. It breaks my heart to see people out in the cold!


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