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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Every once in a while I like to throw a post in full of random things that aren't quite enough for their own post, but that some of you might be interested in.  So here's some highlights of what's been happening with our family lately and a few other things you might be interested in.

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My sister gave me a letter board for my birthday, and shortly after I saw this handy storage idea on Chris's Instastories.  She had this genius idea for organizing the letters!  I found this box at Michaels but here's a similar one.  Scrapbook stickers label each compartment, and the few extra compartments are nice for the numbers and punctuation pieces.

letter board, letter board storage, organization, breakfast nook

Last month we booked a last minute road trip for Fall Break.  We found a great rental on the river in Southeastern Oklahoma and spent a few days doing a lot of nothing.  The river was way down so we couldn't kayak, but Ray and the kids still enjoyed fishing and we had a good time exploring the property.  If you're in Oklahoma or North Texas and want a quiet getaway in the middle of nowhere, let me know and I'll get you the rental information.

We had to document her tiny catch, can you see him?  Ha!

My son wrapped up another season of Marching Band a few weeks ago.  He played snare this year and once again had the time of his life.  The band heads to London to play in their New Year's Day parade next month, he's super excited!

My trusty Monogrammed Tote- (a PERFECT gift for someone you love!)

My friend Amy wrote a fantastic cookbook that released this week.  She's a pastor's wife in Arkansas and loves to bring people together and cook for them (not to mention she has the cutest kitchen shop in Springdale, and a cooking show that airs regularly in NW Arkansas)!  She very sweetly sent me a copy and we've already made the Double Chocolate Blondies and Chicken Enchiladas.  Both were a huge hit with the family and I'm excited to have some new recipe options for when we host friends for dinner.

This gingham cape is such a great piece (see those tassels on the corners?)... and at 40% off it's the perfect time to snatch it up!  I'd pair it with a chambray or denim shirt and colored pants.

I just received this round gingham tablecloth that I ordered a few days ago, and it's really nice so I wanted to share it with you.  I'm going to cut a slit in it and use it for my tree skirt this year!  I've shared rectangular gingham tablecloths in the past, but they're polyester- which I actually like for the table because they're easy to wash and don't wrinkle- but this one is a nice, thick, medium weight crisp cotton.  It comes in several colors (gray/white, tan/white, green/white, royal blue/white, red/white) so there's one to match whatever your Christmas colors are.  I'm considering adding some trim to the edge, but most likely will leave it as is.

As I mentioned in a post last week, I've never had the desire for a flocked tree in the past, but this year I really do!  My tree is several years old so I'm willing to try DIYing one, and a reader pointed me towards this tutorial.  I ordered this flocking material and can't wait for it to arrive and try it out.  Here's my tree from last year, I think a bit of flocking will be a nice change!

I always have questions whenever I share photos with striped candles in them, and I never have a good source because I've found them at Homegoods or I've painted some myself.  But... just the other day I was checking out the candles at Hobby Lobby and look what they have now!!! Yay! They're in the regular stock of candles and come in black or gold, and are a bargain at $2.99.

My husband and I slipped down to Dallas for the day last week to do a bit of shopping.  Lo and behold, I was in line to check out and my sweet friend Lisa was checking out in front of me!  Lisa is a pastor's wife, emailed me years ago complimenting the blog, and a friendship was started.  We keep up on social media and met in person a few years ago, but it was a complete fluke to run into her at Homegoods.  I'll never get over how this crazy internet connects people!

Speaking of Homegoods, want a peek in my cart?  I ended up putting that glass dome and wood pedestal back because I noticed a small crack in it.  They only had 3 of the green bowls, I've searched every HG/TJ/Marshalls since looking for at least one more!

You can also barely see a peek of some Lauren white Christmas tartan napkins that I bought.  They had scads of tablecloths and runners which I passed on, but after seeing Meredith's gorgeous table a few days ago I'm kicking myself for not getting the tablecloth!  Of course, while searching for those green bowls back home I looked for a tablecloth too, and there are none around here to be found.  #nonbuyersremorse

Here's what my chauffeur does while he's waiting on me... ha!  Quite the set-up, right?  He preaches occasionally at our church and I think he actually nailed down a sermon at some point during that day.

During our shopping adventures that day I spotted these cuties... can you even???  They were velvet slippers and would be a splurge, but look at that little bunny tail, and the ears!!

Finally, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our church family at our annual Thanksgiving Dinner this past Sunday night.  We are so grateful for where the Lord has placed us to serve!  (Here's a great sermon for Thanksgiving if you care to watch.)

(My yellow pants are sold out by here's a cute printed version.)

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  1. i am dying because i literally was about to write my post on how to organize all those letters! my idea is different so i will still share. :) also those bunny slippers are the cutest!

  2. Such a nice looking family! Jennifer I enjoy your blog - seeing how pretty your home is - as I've passed the 'decorating' stage of my life and am in the downsizing phase where I buy NOTHING for my house (other than necessities). Enjoy those children while they are still home - once they leave the house... well you get it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. So enjoy your blog!! Love your style! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Jennifer, loved your post, I enjoyed reading all of it. Your family looks lovely! How about I keep an eye out for those green bowls, the one in your cart? I want to pass on a suggestion for your husband, I hope he is safe in your car, we just had a robbery last night at 1 of our malls. A man was outside I believe waiting on his wife in his car, 2 men came up and robbed him with a gun. It seems a lot of this happens this time of year. Thanks


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