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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Well, you all sure had some strong opinions about Part 1 of the Designer Showhouse Tour that I shared last week.  And, for the most part I agreed with you.  I debated whether to even show you the rest of the house.  However, even though it's not an over the top fabulous show house and some of the design is pretty out there, I think there are still ideas to be gleaned and lessons to be learned.  I think Audrey's comment from Part 1 of the tour sums up my intent best:

"As a whole I join the consensus, but I'm always distilling the parts so I can integrate them into my own spaces. There were pieces like the monopoly game that my engineer/builder son will HAVE to make! I loved the possibilities of the black and white study! Many light fixtures were to die for!"

So, here's (most of-I still edited out some of it) the rest of the house!

This upstairs office was one of my favorite spaces, the graphic wallpaper and velvet chairs were the highlights for me.

This was probably the prettiest, most inviting bedroom in the house.  I really liked the abstract artwork hanging over the dresser.

Landing at the top of the stairs- the carved console was a nice piece, the bench was cool, and I don't know about you but I liked the quirk of the white peacock.

Upstairs bonus room-

Another upstairs bedroom, this one was nice too.  Loved the wall color, the wicker moose was super fun, and the tiny pleated edge on those green pillows made me want to add a pair to my wish list!

This was a teen room with a "hang out" space- the chairs in the center of the room that faced a tv.  Kind of a cool concept but my friend and I weren't sure we liked the arrangement.

This room had a bug theme and the framed pieces were actually really cool.  I think they were real insects but couldn't be 100% sure.   If you look closely there was a tiny ant border stamped all the way around the room.

They also used the ant stamp on all of the walls in the adjacent bath.  Whoever did that got them lined up really well!

Theater room in the basement- 

Loved this floral wallpaper and the cute little candy cart vignette.  

OK, call me crazy, but these animal head sconces were the coolest!  I don't know if I'd line the room with them like they did here, but a pair flanking a piece of furniture or one used in a kid's room would just be so much fun.  

This was a random door, but I photographed it because I like the idea of upholstering it and adding the big iron handle.  I've pinned lots of doors with similar treatments, and think it's a great way to make a pantry or closet door really stand out.  I'm thinking about doing something similar to the closet doors in my office some day.  (And they have that cute fabric at Hobby Lobby if you like it!)

Back Patio and Pool-

I thought this oversized vessel for firewood was great.  

The hanging moroccan lanterns were nice but they'd be swaying in the Oklahoma wind 98% of the time...

My backyard needs this corn hole game!

Ok, did you pick up a good idea or two from part 2 of the tour?  I hope so!

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  1. i defintiely agreed with the comments that the house doesn't flow at all, but it is fun to see the unique spaces... i love that olive room with the burl wood coffee table and layered rugs! and i also like the dark teal bedroom- both of those are well done without being too over the top.

  2. I didn't read the comments on part one but am I safe to say I'm in the minority by confessing I really liked all of it?! Granted most of it may not be what Blogland and Pinterest are telling us what's trendy right now (eye roll) but it was really fun to see such bold colors & pattern & personality. I don't know if my family could live like that 24/7 but if I was single my home would have a lot of what I saw in the tour. Its fun and bright and different. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Man, how are the owners going to sell it like that? I mean, even with everything moved out, the amount of work that needs done on the walls is crazy! I did love that beautiful black floral wallpaper. It was stunning.

  4. I really appreciate it when tours like this are shared, thanks for posting! While, yes, this house sure was bold, haha, even in houses that are perfectly aligned with my taste I find things that make me say, "Whoa! Really?!" so I guess maybe I didn't have an initially strong reaction? After reading comments, I went back through it and saw what they were saying, but as a showcase house, I think it's great! The process of wiping the slate will take a while, but I agree with y'all in that there are some really great inspirational ideas in here, great concepts that can be applied in a variety of ways (as-is, blown up, or taken down a few degrees). Anyhow, please keep up the good work! This is kind of like a field research report in the Blogger world, and many of us here at Home Base really love it! I'm heading up to OKC this weekend, and am planning on hitting some highlights you've covered in the past, can't wait! Also can't get "Oklahoma" out of my head...

  5. Coming from a book junkie, I loved the floor to ceiling book stack! Wonder if it was reinforced in some way?

    1. Good question! I'm not sure, should have paid more attention to that.


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