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Monday, June 19, 2017


It's already been especially hot in Oklahoma for the past week or two.  I'm not a fan of hot tea, but I enjoy iced tea particularly in the summer.  My Mom discovered a flavored tea years ago that she does like to drink hot, and it smells so delicious that I thought I'd try it cold.  It's been a favorite ever since!

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1 family size regular iced tea bag
sugar or sweetener if desired

Boil about 4 cups of water, then remove from heat and brew all tea bags in the pot, covered, for 5 minutes. Pour into a gallon sized pitcher and fill with water. I don't like my tea very strong, if you do don't add as much water.  Optional- I like to boil another round of water and soak just the cinnamon bags again for a longer time (20-30 minutes), then add that to the pitcher before filling the rest with water. That might be a big brewing no-no, but I like to think I get a little more out of the cinnamon bags and it makes the flavor a little stronger.

Adding a sprig of mint in the summer makes it even more refreshing!

This tea is best kept in the fridge and served cold.  Do you prefer hot tea or iced tea?  What's your favorite flavor?

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  1. Here in the South we love our iced tea - and it had better be sweet. This sounds like a great alternative to our usual tea. I am going to try this and share it with some of my tea loving friends. Do you know that we call iced tea (sweet, of course) the table wine of the South? We are SERIOUS about iced tea!

  2. Iced coffee - yes!, but iced tea - never! Here in the UK it's a very tiny market for iced tea and even then is usually bought ready to drink (vile!). We very deservedly moan about other countries not making tea properly (usually the main problem is that the water offered is not boiling), but one likes what one likes - for me that's Earl Grey with a tiny splash of semi-skimmed milk. I would definitely however go for a Long Island iced tea!

    1. Ha, I totally get it! We were in London a few years ago and I don't know that I had ever heard of milk in hot tea before then! I don't like the bottled tea either... just fresh!

  3. I spy a green peacock! Has it always been green? Did you paint it recently? I have pair in the original gold finish and I love their gaudy goodness! And I have a set of fruit wall plaques by the same company (Syroco?) that I might paint.

    1. Yes! That's a fairly recent color change- he's been several different ones! ;)

  4. I love how we are reading cultural differences with tea in your comments! So much fun. This recipe sound wonderful and I plan on trying it. I am a Southern girl and I am pretty sure my husband married me for my sweet tea making skills. Shortly after we were married we moved "up north" where tea meant hot and never "iced". Of course, I still made iced tea at home but when out or at a friend's home, iced tea was absent. We are back in the South and all is right with our world. I do love a hot tea as well but it is in a whole other category!

  5. This sounds very refreshing! And the addition of the mint would be even better, I think. I have been using mint often this summer and it just brightens everything up. Thanks for the great recipe!

  6. Love ice tea and even more love cinnamon. I use it with almost everything.


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