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Monday, June 5, 2017


My fellow blogger friends are so clever!  Reading other blogs gives me a great deal of inspiration for my home, and I'm sure the same is true for you.  My "Dimple Worthy Delights" posts are full of things that make me happy, so here are some bright ideas that I've seen recently that you can try today, and most of them will probably take less than 15 minutes.

The link under each photo will take you to the original post for more details, and if you'd like to pin that great idea please do so from that link!  ;)

I use moss to cover the dirt in all of my indoor pots, so why have I never thought of this darling idea?  I have some lanterns with battery operated candles on the front porch just begging for a bit of color...I'm doing this today for sure!

Faux Magnolia wreaths are all the rage right now.  How about making your own with real leaves, just a few minutes and $1?  Cut leaves will still stay green for quite some time, so I'd say this project is well worth the time and money.  Now, who has a magnolia tree in OKC that needs a trim?  I'll volunteer if I can keep some leaves!  ;)

A bowl of photos that are actually printed out, what could be more fun for friends and family to sit and flip through?  I've decided that I need to be better about actually printing out real photos again and displaying more family photos in frames around the house, instead of just letting them live on my computer.

Speaking of framing family photos, these simple frames are so much more chic with the simple addition of some brass corners.  They add such a hint of glam!

Julie reluctantly threw a party recently for her best friend who is moving away.  You may not need these ideas today, but this party was chock full of smart party display and serving ideas.  I mean, an old wooden ladder set up as a beverage station?  Too cute!  I love how they set up the chips on the dinner table, too!

Old children's books have the most charming illustrations.  Why not make a paper banner out of them so they're on display all the time?  This idea would also translate well with sheet music or a map of favorite places.  Why not make one with all of your favorite vacation spots?

Summer has barely started... are your kids already bored?  A string art project would keep them busy for hours!  My girl has a friend over for the day, I think I'll get them started on one!

Lastly, if you need a little pick me up around the house, restyle a shelf or tabletop!  Here are my top 5 styling tips-

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  1. thanks for including my book page banner! i love the ladder idea, too! i saw one recently somewhere used as a potting bench and i loved that, too!

  2. I love the moss idea...I have to try that. Great tips. Enjoy your day!

  3. Thanks, friend, for sharing my party along with all of these!! Great ideas!

  4. I've actually done the photo bowl before and it is such a fun and unexpected coffee table topper! I printed out pictures from my Instagram and always founds myself smiling while looking through them from time to time. It would also be great to do this in a guest room on a dresser.

  5. Those are some great ideas! The banner gives me some ideas and the moss in the lantern is a no brainer...except I hadn't thought of it:)

  6. Love the dressed up frames. Going to try that!!


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