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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I've been on the hunt for some new bar stools for quite a while. The ones I have currently were a Craigslist purchase that I planned to make over, but that never happened!  Our barstools are in the center of the living room/kitchen, so they come in handy for extra seating when we have guests.  Because of that, I'd like to find something that's really comfortable, so I'm looking for upholstered seats with a back.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites that I've come across in my search in case you're searching too!

bar stools, upholstered stools

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This is the stool I've been leaning towards for a while, just because it matches my chairs.  Love the classic style.

But these have my heart too...pretty sure they would fit right in at my house!  TONS more patterns and colors available in this style, the black and white stripe caught my eye too!

Pretty linen with nailhead trim, these come in a set of two and are a bargain!

These just look like you could sit for hours!

A splurge, but oh so pretty.

For you neutral lovers, love the graphic punch the stripe adds.

Nice, affordable, upholstered tufted charcoal- comfortable and no need to obsess about stains.

Although an upholstered stool is cozy, I know it's not practical for many who want to ease of being able to wipe a stool clean quickly.   These would be great for families with small children, or anyone who gets nervous about spills!

wipable barstools, faux leather barstool, french bistro barstool

This is super stylish, and the faux leather is a nice alternative if you'd like a light color without having to worry about stains.  I like the quilted detail, also.

Faux leather and nailhead, a great mix for a more traditional, rustic, or modern style.  

This is a classic, extremely popular style.  I like the simple beauty of the wood, and this one has great reviews for quality.

LOVE this stool every time I see it in a design photo.  It comes in several colors, most often seen in blue, but I couldn't resist showing you the green!

I found several more modern styles that I have a crush on, even if they're not quite right for my home.

modern barstool, acrylic barstool, lucite and chrome barstool, ghost barstool

Lucite seats and chrome legs, beautiful.

Even though these aren't MY style, I think they're super sharp, and look comfortable!

A bar stool version of the always popular ghost chair.  

Although I'm shopping for barstools with a back, I came across these without a back that were too good not to share.  So many pretty new kitchens have large islands with room for stools to scoot all the way under the counter, and these would be perfect in that situation, or if you want a slimmer profile than a stool with a back would give.

upholstered backless barstools, metal barstools,

I couldn't resist the hide print on this one, love the pattern it adds to an otherwise neutral stool.  It's just printed microfiber fabric, though, so would clean up like a dream!

A more comfortable version of a basic saddle seat stool, with nice nailhead detail.

Another ghost version! 

A pretty style with darker colors, leather and easy to clean.

The backless version of the round back stool shown above.

These are classic, super popular, come in lots of colors, and you can't beat the price!

Which style is your favorite?  Do you have a barstool you absolutely love?  I'm leaving towards a simple upholstered stool, that I can make a slipcover for if I'd like to change the look from time to time.  This is my style inspiration photo- one of my favorite HGTV Magazine kitchens that I posted about here!

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  1. I love these type of posts thank you so much for such a fab collection of bar stools all in one place.. Makes it so easy for us. WE just have to sit back and oogle...

    1. Thank you, I figure I might as well share while I'm surfing the web! Now I've found too many that I like... ;)

  2. Ooooh fun subject. Thank you for doing this legwork! I have been daydreaming about a kitchen renovation in 2017 and thinking that backless stools would work better for our space, and I love those limed wood ones from World Market you shared! They would be perfect for me! Now I just need that little reno to happen......:) Look forward to seeing what you end up with!

  3. Ugh...just went through counter top seating...nothing seemed exactly right. DH wanted swivel AND tilt features (as we had in another home). No such animal could I find.
    Ended up snagging 3 perfect stole last week for Home Goods...rattan seats and tilt no swivel. ..DH loves them (now to keep the cat monster off them)

  4. I went through this exercise last year. My solution was to buy neutral off-white vinyl/leather stools from and hade a variety of custom slipcovers made. The vinyl/leather cleans up easily if something spills or soaks through the slipcovers, and as one set of slipcovers goes into the wash, another set slips on in a matter of seconds. The best part? The stools were a fraction of the price of anything else I looked at (<$95 each!)


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