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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It happens every year, just like I mentioned in this post.  When Christmas is over and the decorations are packed away, it's nice to look around with fresh eyes and consider changes that can be made here and there.  You might not have the desire, time, or budget for an entire room makeover, but something as small as adding in a few new accessories can make such a difference in your space.  I decided that our Office/Media Room/Craft Room/Music Room (whatever you want to call has lots of uses!) needed a little refresh.  Although I have a complete makeover planned in my head for this room someday, it's low on our list of priorities right now.  With some cleaning out, rearranging, and adding in a few new pieces from At Home Stores, our room got a fresh new look!

Let's back up and let me show you the state of this room last week...

Ugh.  Things were just in a general state of disarray, and I wasn't taking full advantage of the space.  I can't tell you the last time I actually used that surface as a desk.  Shelves had become a quick dumping ground when it took too long to put something back where it actually was supposed to go (please tell me I'm not the only one!).

And this side?  Goodness.  Forgot to pack those snowmen away, and still more accessory-collecting surfaces, mostly things that got displaced here for Christmas and never got put back.

Now, the after, with only a few hours of cleaning, rearranging, and reorganizing with some new accessories.

I replaced the mirror with the one that normally hangs over the fireplace.  Since I've had the chalkboard there this one hasn't had a home, and it's too pretty to stuff under the bed!  I've had this mirror for a long time and it has since been discontinued, but At Home has a very similar version if you're looking for one!

It's a lot more fun to sit and work if your desk is pretty and inviting, right?  Some fresh flowers and pretty containers to hold everyday essentials helped me to better organize my space.

It can be tough to find an inexpensive candle that smells as good when it's burning as when it's not, but this pink mercury glass candle totally does!  

This cute small apothecary jar is perfect for holding a little snack for refueling during work.  I also picked up that pretty marble coaster that came in a set (pictured on the piano a little further down-would be a great gift, too).  The desk and piano bench become surfaces for drinks when we're watching movies, so it's important to have coasters handy so the wood doesn't get damaged.

I've had my eye on this blue and white garden stool for a while, and it works out perfectly here.  The surface area on my desk is pretty small, so it's nice to have a little extra room right at my fingertips for my planner and notebooks.  It comes in handy for a footrest when we can put our feet up for a few minutes, too.   The displays on the way to the checkout are always stocked with good odds and ends, too.  I found these cute personalized notebooks, the gold binder clips, some new cabinet knobs, and the marble coaster set in a rustic wooden holder.

Look at the before pics again as proof, but it's easy for these shelves to become a dumping ground for rotating and unused accessories.  I cleaned them all off and reorganized a bit, often that's the first and most important step to any makeover!

This rustic wood bowl reminds me of an awesome antique dough bowl, just on a smaller scale.  I used it to corral all of my large spools of thread.

I mentioned I found a set of knobs in the checkout lane, aren't they great?  The center wood section blends perfectly with my cabinets, yet the more modern design updates the doors for now until I can do something about that stained finish.

At Home has the biggest selection of baskets and containers I've ever seen!  I found this new woven one to hold all of my previously over-flowing spools of ribbon, I like how it's slimmer profile fit well on the shelves.  I also have a generous basket that fits flush against the end of the couch and holds plenty of throw blankets for snuggling up on movie nights now.

The other problem spot in the room was the piano, another holding spot for unused accessories!  Once again, I cleared everything away and left just the basics.  I've had these topiaries for a while but had never found containers I was quite happy with for them.  I spotted these blue and white pots on clearance (which is great in store right now, by the way!) and knew right away that they would be perfect. 

The last thing I picked up was this pair of blue glass lanterns.  Those bamboo handles were what grabbed my attention and ultimately convinced me to buy them, but once I got them home I loved them even more.  They're SO pretty with the sunlight shining through them,  not to mention a lit candle.  Would you guys believe I didn't even LIKE the color blue until a few years ago?  #whatwaswrongwithme

Now I just can't decide where I like them better... the Dining Room or the Breakfast Nook!

And psst, just in case you missed it at Christmas, this gingham settee came from At Home Stores too.  It's our new favorite seat in the house, and the kids' homework spot of choice.  ;)

I keep several of these fishbowl stands in different sizes handy.  They're nice to have when an accessory needs a little more height or presence.

So, just like a new outfit can lift your mood, if your home is feeling a little blah this winter try adding in a few new accessories, or at least cleaning out and then mixing and matching what you have in a different way.  It doesn't take a drastic change to make a big difference in how a room feels!

I have partnered with At Home as a member of the At Home Inspiration Team for this sponsored post and am happy to share some of my favorite products provided for me with you!  All opinions are mine alone.

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  1. Oh I love it all, you have a special knack for arranging accessories. Your desk area look gorgeous. I could work there.

  2. Please ask your At Home friends to build a store in Massachusetts! And what's a home without some Nancy Drew books? I knew you were a kindred spirit!

  3. Love,love all the new accessories which are my weakness. The touches of gold, color and texture make a room!

  4. i LOVE how the new mirror with the wall pattern- it looks so fun!!!

  5. Fabulous!!! Love the mirror in the office. Wowzers on the entire view there. Totally a great place to work....or not work and say that you did. :)

  6. Have you told us where you got the wallpaper for your office? I love it. Would love to know where you got it. Love your blog.

    1. Hi Connie, thank you! That portion is actually painted. I followed a tutorial from Jones Design Company. I have loved how it adds some pattern and breaks up the shelves (that entire wall was a stained wood panel previously). Here's the link to her tutorial:


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