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Monday, October 17, 2016


Hey you all!  As much as I love posting and following friends on Instagram, I realize that many of you don't use it.  Or, even if you're on IG, you might miss posts when IG is deciding what will show up in your feed (boo-I know I miss lots of posts this way too!).  So, I thought I'd give you a peek of what goes up over on my Instagram feed here on the blog occasionally.  Today, here's the highlight reel of our past few months...

One evening while in the area we stopped by the new Wheeler District in OKC.  It houses a ferris wheel and picnic and game areas, providing a fun spot for friends and family to hang out.  We just checked everything out and are looking forward to returning soon to spend a little more time there.

After last year's holiday season, rather than trashing a poinsettia that was past it's prime I stuck it in the window in my bathroom, then moved it to a shady spot on the patio when the weather warmed up. Other than occasionally watering it, I've totally ignored it.  I was shocked at how well it's rebounded!  Commenters on my IG post said that putting it in a dark closet for a few days will bring back the red leaves.

My son is playing the quads in band this year, and we've been in the thick of marching season.  Any band families know what a work-out and major commitment it is, but he truly loves it!

 Just a little preview for my Fall Home Tour, this spot got re-arranged for the actual tour photos. My sister spotted that cute little pair or brass deer for me at an estate sale, they're a perfect match to my big ones.

New hairdo... first time ever to have it colored!  It's been a month and I'm still surprised every time I look in the mirror.

Another project sneak peek that I posted, this time for my Fall Harvest tablescape.  Everyone went nuts over those cute squirrels. (Ha, get it?)

And, this is what happens when you leave food out overnight around our house...  some critter did some major late night snacking!  The crazy thing is that I had that table set up for days while I worked on it and prepared to photograph it, and every night I knew I needed to bring the peanuts in.  I did, and moved all the chairs away from the table so nothing could get up there.  The ONE night I forgot, they took advantage.  Thankfully I had just finished the shoot! That platter was full of all the s'mores ingredients that were shown in my patio tour, there were about 2 shreds of a Hershey's wrapper left and that was it!

We were able to attend Live with Kelly while we were in NYC.  We had one little subway mishap on our way there, so we arrived later than we wanted to and ended up in the back of the line, getting us a seat in the very top corner of the balcony, but we had a blast!  We got to see Samuel L. Jackson, Mandy Moore, and Oklahoman Kristin Chenoweth that day.  It's always fun to see places you always see on tv in real life, they're always different than the perception.  (Side note: Have you seen the new series "This is Us" on NBC that Mandy Moore is starring in?  I'm liking it so far, such an interesting story line.)

A pretty fall table in the Crate & Barrel store in Soho.  All of the Stylemaker attendees received a gift card to the store, and it's a little hard to see here, but I chose one of the awesome gold candleholders in the centerpiece.  It just arrived last week and I love it, you'll get a better look at it here soon.

Just documenting a mid-week date night!  It was for a work dinner so we were with hundreds of people the whole evening, but a fun chance to get out none the less.

Last weekend I attended a retreat for Minister's Wives that the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma puts together.  The theme this year was mentoring and Esther Burroughs was our keynote speaker.  If you're familiar with her, you know what a treat that was!  We had several guest speakers as well, one being the ladies of The Wild Mother, a local floral arranging business.  They shared lots of floral tips (especially for working with grocery store flowers) and created this beautiful arrangement as they talked.  I took lots of notes to share with you and am planning to try my hand at my own arrangement in the next few weeks, I'll let you know what I come up with.

Here's my most liked photo on IG in the past few months.  I posted it quickly at a random time while we were heading to stand in the crowd at the Today Show in NYC, and was surprised that it got such a huge response.  I think you all like my "new" bamboo console table as much as I do!

I hope you enjoyed these little snaps of life that don't make it to the blog.  If you're NOT on Instagram yet, I certainly would love to see you there sometime!

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  1. aaah i am such a mandy moore fan girl! ;) seriously i love her!

  2. Jennifer - Love the squirrels..... Did you get recently (hint, hint)? Think they could still be found..... Heading over to figure out Instagram.......

    1. Found on your blog entry..... Disappointed they can't be ordered..... I'm in Baltimore - don't have time for drive right now...... Sure are cute....

    2. Hi Janice! Sorry you don't have an At Home store close to you. I think they are working to have online purchasing available soon... yay!


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