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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


About a year and a half ago I posted 10 great lamps from a surprising source-Walmart-and I was surprised with what a great response the post received!  So, I thought it might be time to revisit what Walmart has to offer.  Once again, I found 10 stylish options, all under $60 each!

In selecting lamps to share with you, I stuck with choosing pretty neutral colors, a good white lamp looks pretty anywhere!  *Be sure to check measurements if there's one you're interested in.  Most of these are table lamp size, but a few are smaller.  Several of these are sold in pairs, but when you divide the cost each lamp is still within the price range.

lamps, budget lighting, home decor, home accessories, walmart

*Affiliate links used for your shopping convenience.  

I think this is my favorite one of the lot!  The glass feels traditional, but the shape and metallic ring give it a more modern feel.  
Ok wait, I think these might be the steal of the century!  Only one is pictured, but the description says in several places that this is for a PAIR!!  EDITED: I knew something was fishy here!  Somewhere between last night when I sourced it and this morning when this posted, this listing totally changed.  Now it is very clearly ONE lamp for the price listed.  So, it no longer fits the under $60 each criteria, but sorry, I'm not going to the trouble of changing the graphic.  ;)    The shape is pretty and classic, and it's hard to tell, but the base is actually lucite.  Still not a bad deal for a very pretty lamp.
Another pair, and if you're decor is more French, Rustic, or Farmhouse, these would fit right in.
A pretty, classic gourd shape.  Honestly,  I can't tell from the photo if the shade color is quite right with the base color, but for a basic neutral lamp the reviews are good.  I think it would be worth risking returning it to the store if the colors seem off.  This style comes in a pretty bluish green color too.
I can't resist a cute animal accent lamp!  This would be darling in a boy's room or quirky touch in an office or study if you love the ocean.
A smaller accent lamp, would be nice tucked in a bookshelf or on a kitchen counter.
OK, this might just be the best find here!  It's not pictured here, but it does come with a white drum shade, and it's TWENTY dollars!!  It's one of the smaller ones I included and it's a faux marble, but I think it looks pretty convincing!
Comes in navy or pink gloss, would be cute on a bedside table in a kid's room or as a smaller accent lamp.
I keep changing my mind on my favorite!  These are $1 over the $60 each price, but I included them anyway.  I think they are impressive and I figured it was close enough!  They remind me of my thrifted brass bamboo lamps that I painted green.  These might be inspiring me to re-paint mine one of these days.
A nice little $25 offering, with genuine leather wrapped around the base.  I think these slimmer lamps are always a good option for a mantel.

A few honorable mentions that are out of our $60 price range, but still good deals I think for under $85 each.

lamps, budget lighting, home decor, walmart

Pretty little blue and white pair, I like the shape.
Great shape, and the contrast of the black shade is a nice change.
For all of you milk glass lovers!
I like the color of these, and a good pineapple lamp is always a winner!
Another blue and white pair, the blue is rich navy on this set.

There you go!  If your house needs some fluffing before the holidays, there's some good options right at your fingertips!  And, I'd love to know in the comments if any of you have bought a lamp you love from Walmart.

lamps, lighting, budget lighting, walmart, home decor

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  1. My name is Patty and I am addicted to buying lamps. I usually like the old ones so you seldom find two that match. I do love the #3 ones but if I bring another lamp into this house I might be divorced.

    1. Ha ha, I totally get you, Patty! Why are lamps so enticing???

  2. OMG, can't believe these are from Walmart!!!!!! My husband is going to block your site for telling me about these because he thinks I have a lamp addiction! LOL! Dont worry Jennifer, it's never gonna happen though! ;-)

  3. "Hi, I'm Pat and I'm addicted to lamps!" Seriously! If I visit a store with lamps I can't wait to check them out. I do pretty well online too. Thanks for sharing!


  4. It's both pillows and lamps for me. and I'm in the same boat as Patty.


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