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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I believe if someone forced me to choose only one type of accessory that I could hang on my walls, it would be mirrors!  Not that I enjoy looking in them that much (ha!), I just love so many different sizes and styles that no matter how many I have, if I come across a great one I can never resist.

My current mirror obsession is the Pagoda Mirror.  It's a classic with a touch is whimsy in the shape, and looks amazing regardless if it's gilded, neutral, or a bold glossy color.  I grabbed some of my favorite images to share the idea with you today.

I told my friend Emily Clark that she must really like pagoda mirrors... I found two that she had shared in old posts of hers. (Make that three!  Found another one as I was wrapping up this post.)

And I'm so happy that she finally got one of her very own!  Love the navy!

I share this love of pagoda mirrors with a sweet local friend who allowed me to post a photo of hers from her home last Christmas, how fun is this?? (Thanks Michelle!)

I even blogged about one I spotted in one of my all time favorite magazine features here-

Here's a quick little board I put together featuring a pagoda mirror.  Filing away future inspiration for sure!

pagoda mirror, bead chandelier, abstract art, leopard rug, ghost chair, campaign desk, garden stool, pink sofa

pagoda mirror  ||  lamp  ||  sofa  ||  leopard rug  ||  chandelier  ||  pillows  ||  abstract art  ||  desk  ||  ghost chair  ||  garden stool

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  1. Love this, Jennifer! Thanks for including my patio! And so funny on the multiple inspiration images from Emily because seriously, when I think pagoda mirror, I think Jennifer Dimples and Tangles and Emily A Clark. You two do it so well!

  2. Love the pagoda mirrors! They are on sale now at Ethan Allen. Still too much for me, but you can dream, right?

  3. Mirrors have really "come into their own" in the last few years. They are jewelry for the walls.
    I read comments that they can only be hung where reflecting something beautiful. Not so! A mirror with a beautiful frame can stand on its own.

  4. Thank you for sharing in my pagoda mirror happiness :)

  5. ....and won't be long before Hobby Lobby has a great knock-off that I will be able to afford! :) :)

  6. Love them all!! Thank you for asking me to share mineđź’–


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