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Friday, February 19, 2016


Next to reading blogs, Instagram is my very favorite way to spend a few free minutes (which can quickly turn into half an hour if I'm not careful!).  This is by no means an exhaustive list of my favorites, so I'll only share a few today so you're not overwhelmed.  I like them for different reasons, appreciate each one for their own unique style, and draw inspiration from them all in one way or another.

Laurie of LB Originals is as cute as she can be, has an affinity for darling vintage dresses, and check out these mad pattern mixing skills.  I have to watch it or I want one of everything she posts!

I first came across Jenny Tamplin when I was co-hosting an IG hashtag series, and she quickly became a fave due to her fearless use of color.  You MUST see her hot pink gameroom!

The Makerista- Everybody loves Gwen. I'm enjoying watching her transform her 80's super traditional full of orange oak house into a moody yet energetic, colorful showstopper.

I've followed Julie's Life of Bliss Blog for a long time, and am so happy that she recently started an IG account too.  One word comes to mind every time I see her posts... sweet.  She seems sweet.  Her family seems sweet.  Her posts are sweet. Her home is gorgeous and inviting, you'll like her.

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs always gets it just right.  She relies on a heavy neutral base, but adds gorgeous pops of color in just the right way.  She and her husband David are a dynamic DIY duo.  I think they can make/build/do anything (you won't believe that this makeover is the same piece of furniture!).

Thistlewood Farms- Classic.  Dreamy.  Heartfelt.  Purposeful.  Humorous.  You'll feel right at home at Karianne's.  And although her home is a neutral wonderland, she can definitely do color if she wants to, too.

Have a great weekend, friends!  We're finishing up a few last details on the patio, hosting a little get together for my daughter's basketball team as they've wrapped up their season, and planning to enjoy an unseasonably warm forecast.  Do you have any fun plans?

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