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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Does this feel like the patio makeover that will never end to you?  It sorta does here!  We have taken our time over the summer, contracting out various workers, doing some of the work ourselves, and moving forward as we were ready and they were available.  Here's where we left off after the last update when the framing was complete-

Everything was almost finished up except for the fireplace we planned to add.  After our brick predicament, we made the closest choice we could and moved ahead.  

The guys arrived last Monday and began work.  It was so interesting to see a fireplace constructed part by part, and catch a glimpse of what's inside that chimney.

After a week's time... finished!

I need to decide on a mantle and get it installed.  I think we'll just go with a cedar beam to match the posts, but on a smaller scale.  We also have power all wired up for a tv over the mantle.

I'm liking how the half pierced wall turned out.  It adds character, defines the space a bit more, and gives us a little cubby to stash the grill and outdoor toys. I knew I wanted a wall there, and we did the pierced brick because our outdoor faucet for the hose is up on the patio.  I didn't want to always be dragging the hose across the patio to get it to the yard (we don't have sprinklers), so now we can just feed it through one of the bottom openings and keep it stored on the other side, out of sight.  

I also am 95% happy with how the brick turned out.  I think it really blends with our original brick pretty well.  It could probably use a bit more of the white shading (most of the shading you see now is just mortar residue that hasn't been washed off yet), so maybe someday I'll tackle a faux finish there.  But, I think it's just fine for now.  

The guys really did a good job matching the style of the chimney to our main chimney from the living room fireplace.

And, with that, all of the major pieces of the patio are D.O.N.E!!  We have a few details left to finish up, need to get some guttering added, and get all of the furniture in place and styled.  Landscaping will be a project for another day... But, we sure are enjoying it already!  This is such a huge reason we wanted to invest in our space outside...

Can you spot them?  These guys have been regular visitors lately.  Thankfully the fence is high enough to keep them on the other side.  I think I've mentioned before, but our back yard is a long stone's throw away from one of the busiest intersections in town.  We love the convenience of our location, but have the added bonus of feeling like we're out of town with the creek and wildlife out back... our own little oasis!  

Guess what I stocked up on from the Halloween clearance aisle?  Hershey Bars!  S'mores parties... here we come!  :)

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