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Monday, November 30, 2015


'Tis the season for holiday parties, and I've got you covered for some quick and easy, yet personal gift giving ideas today for your favorite hostess.  

Anyone who has hosted others in their home for any type of event knows that while wonderful to have the company, there's a certain amount of work and sometimes stress that goes into the event.  So, any gesture made to recognize those efforts made by the hostess is always appreciated!  

For a holiday party in someone's home or the hostess at a business party, how could you go wrong when arriving with a box of GODIVA chocolates in hand?  A variety of gift sets are now available at Walmart at a budget-friendly price, and you know that the taste and quality of GODIVA chocolate can't be beat!  

I especially love a GODIVA gift box for the hostess you might not be familiar enough with to know her personal tastes, but still want to show gratitude to her in some way.  Visit Walmart this holiday season for GODIVA Chocolate Gift Boxes, available in three 9PC varieties and also a 15PC Dark All-of-a-Kind (while supplies last). I would venture to say chocolate is always a good choice.

For the hostess who welcomes you into her home for an overnight stay or extended period of time, a more substantial collection of items just for her to enjoy would surely show her your appreciation.  I gathered a few things for the ultimate hostess gift basket with hopes that she'll find just what she needs for a bit of pampering after the guests have gone home, when she can relax and enjoy a job well done.  

To fill the basket, I'm starting by including our go-to GODIVA chocolate assortment gift box.  Also, I'm adding a variety of current magazines, a scented candle, nail polish, a monogrammed kitchen towel, and a cookie mix so she'll have a jump on dessert for her family one night.  

Tip:  If you don't have the real thing on hand, a zipper bag makes a great cello-wrap gift bag.  Just trim the zipper closure off the top and tie with a pretty ribbon!

Arranged in a cute basket, you've got the perfect hostess gift all ready to go.  I bet it won't be long before you're invited back to her house, too!  ;)  

So, with just a bit of planning, a few extra things to pick up at Walmart while you're already shopping there, and a tiny bit of effort, you're ready to show your gratitude to those who open their home to you this holiday season.   What's your favorite hostess gift to give?  And, more importantly, what's your favorite GODIVA chocolate?  Dark chocolate and caramel filling for me, please!

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  1. Great ideas! The magazines, monogrammed towel, candle and nail polish are perfect. I'm probably the only one that is *not* a candy person but so many would love the box of Godiva. :) I think if you know the person well, you can create a very thoughtful gift basket. You might add soaps or lotions (keeping in mind their fragrance choice), a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi, a bouquet of fresh flowers, etc.

    Thanks for sharing!


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