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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Well, it's been a few weeks since we've had a patio update.  As a reminder or if you're new here, we tore out our previous existing pergola and covered patio and are starting almost from scratch to create a large outdoor living space.  

The past few weeks have been filled with the framing, roof, and electrical work.  I took a photo after each day's work was finished so you can see the progression.  The first one shows where we started, with a bit of demo done so the new construction could begin.

And... finished!

The completely new roof section on the left is a little shorter than the other side.  If we had made it flush all the way across, there would have had to be additional support posts that we didn't want.  We like the thought of having the small section open, though, for those occasions when we do want to sit out in sunshine.  

The fireplace, some additional brick work, guttering and painting are the last major steps to get finished.  You can see in the photo above the spot where the fireplace will go.

We also had the electrical put in during the framing process.  There are 4 recessed lights in the corners of each section (8 altogether), a chandelier where the dining table will go, and there will be an outdoor ceiling fan over the sitting area.  We also had wiring run so that we'll be able to have an outlet at the fireplace when it's installed, too. 

Things almost went off without a hitch...  oops!  I now have a really good drywall repair guy if anyone needs one!  ;)

Currently, we're looking for the right person to do the brick for the fireplace, and in the mean time we're painting all of the ceiling and trim.  We're hoping to finish the painting this weekend so we can get all of the furnishings moved into place.

Originally I had planned to paint the posts, but the natural cedar is just too pretty, so we'll trim that out with some cedar trim pieces and treat it with a protective topcoat of some sort.  With the cedar accents and color of the brick, we opted for a crisp white ceiling.  

I was concerned that the extended roof and new roof would block more light to the inside of the house, but I really haven't noticed a difference since before.  I think with the height of the ceiling it gives plenty of room to let light in and still allows us a nice view that doesn't feel too closed off from the inside. 

There's still some work to go, but we feel like we're getting oh so close to being finished, and it can't come soon enough to enjoy the Fall weather!

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