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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Oh my, I just noticed it's been over a year since I've shared a "Just One Thing" post.  The idea behind this sporadic series is to spend just a few minutes to tackle one little project you've been putting off or make one small change for the better.   Yesterday I took a few minutes to do just that!

Many times it takes me seeing things through the camera lens or in a photograph to notice what needs to be tweaked or touched up... you know, that chipped baseboard paint, dirty spot on the carpet, or crooked picture frame.  My fireplace was one of those spots that I never pay much attention to until I'm trying to photograph the room.  After a few seasons of winter use, the interior was looking less than ideal.  Since we don't have any doors to hide the firebox,  it's pretty noticeable when it's not looking it's best.  It was time for a touch-up!

The hardware store sells this high heat grill and firebox paint in spray or brush on varieties.  Just pay attention to the finish you're getting, there are several options- we wanted flat for the inside of the fireplace.  We've used it before on our grill as well as on our indoor fireplace and have been pleased with the results.  

Since I just wanted a quick touch-up, I opted for the spray, even though I was working indoors.  The brush on is probably the best choice for working inside, we just made sure to have a fan going and doors open to quickly clear the air.

I began by sweeping any ash residue from the fireplace and then using the vacuum, followed by a light wipe-down with an old rag.  Then, I just quickly touched up the areas that were discolored with the spray, using a brown paper bag along the front edge of the brick as a barrier where needed.  I didn't worry too much about the base since it won't be visible, I was mainly focused on the sides and back.

It dries really quickly and the firebox was looking good again in no time. 

This should go without saying, but do not use regular paint for this job!  Please make sure that it is safe and made especially for high levels of heat... we wouldn't want any fires where they aren't supposed to be!  ;)

After taking just a few minutes to mark this project off the list, it makes the fireplace wall look so much cleaner.  Now it's all set for it's close-up as I photograph for my Fall Home Tour today! (I'll see you on Thursday for that).  Be sure to check out these tours happening today for lots of Fall decorating inspiration!

What project do you need to take a few minutes to complete today?

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