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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Well, these updates have been a bit strung out, but if you'll recall, we're working on a big patio project this summer.

Here's where I left you with the last report...

A few weeks ago, a lot happened in the span of about 2 days!  Early one morning the concrete crew showed up to start the demo work on the current patio.  It was pretty loud around here for a few hours... I was ready to hit the road before everything was said and done!

It's hard to watch them tearing everything up and not cringe, watching on pins and needles, hoping nothing goes wrong!  However, they did a fantastic job and we were so surprised at how quickly the demolition went.  In less than a day, they had the stepped up portion of the patio torn out, the huge wisteria trunk and flowerbed cleared, the framework done and the base prepped for concrete.

Day 2 was fun to watch the process as everything took shape.

That deeper section in the foreground of the following photo is the footing for the fireplace.

Remember from the plans I've shared that the current roof will be extended 6 more feet (those posts will go away and new ones will be added at the edge of the extended roof), and we'll add a new roof over the trio of big arched windows. 

I'm also going to see about adding a brick border edge around the perimeter to add some character and tie everything together with the house.  

We're amazed at what a big difference there is so far and can't wait to start using the space.  The dotted line shows a rough marker of where the previous patio was, so you can see how much more space we have.  

At this point, we're waiting for our place in line with the framer to come do the roof.  I'm dying to get to the fun part of furnishing and decorating it, though (and eventually dealing with the surrounding landscaping)!  On the next patio update I'll share a little design plan of where we're headed.

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday.  We're off to enjoy our last day before school starts TOMORROW!  Ugh...that wake-up call will be e.a.r.l.y.!!

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