July 2015 - Dimples and Tangles


Just as I suspected, after yesterday's post, I saw that you all are crazy about gingham too! 

So, I thought I'd share a few great fabrics with you.  I focused on the larger scale patterns, which make a bigger impact and elevate gingham a few steps up from "country" to "chic"! All but 2 are under $10 per yard, and most are available online.

(Starting from top corner and working down and across, all are 54-60" wide)

Black, 1 inch- polyester, other colors available, this is the one I used for my tablecloth

Red, 3 inch- other colors available, cotton

Artichoke Green, 2.5 inch- other colors available, cotton

Orchid, 6 inch- variety of fabrics, variety of colors, 
designed by designer and fellow blogger Honey & Fitz

Tan, 3 inch- also in black, cotton

Navy, 1 inch- other colors available, cotton

Green, 2 inch- variety of fabrics

So, what's your favorite color of gingham, and what would you make with it?

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Since many of my DIY projects are sewing related, I consider an iron to be just as important of a tool as a hammer or screwdriver.  So, when Hamilton Beach invited me to create a project using their new Durathon Iron, I jumped at the chance!  

Head over to the Everyday Good Thinking blog for simple instructions on how to make your own tablecloth, any size and with any fabric you like!  It's so easy, if you can sew a semi straight line you can do it. But, I even included some tips if you want to make it no-sew. 

Hamilton Beach is also offering you a chance to win your own new Durathon iron as part of their Summer Crafts Contest, go here to see how to enter (psst... you don't even have to MAKE a craft- just pin one you like and follow the entry instructions!).

And, for the record, #ILoveThisIron!  Check out my post to see all the reasons why.

Before I go,  do you love gingham as much as I do?  Just prepare yourself to see this one in many more table settings!  I bought this fabric (which is polyester but washes like a dream and doesn't wrinkle one bit, hallelujah!) and think I just might need to make some in a few more colors!  

See ya' over at the Hamilton Beach blog!

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From some of the responses I received when I posted this photo on Instagram, I gathered that you all might have thought we were just doing a little patio decor makeover.

Well, my friends, you were wrong.  We're doing a major patio overhaul!

We've thought long and hard about what we wanted to do with the space we have in our back yard.  There's plenty of room for a pool, and we went back and forth on that idea.  While it would be nice now as the kids are in their teen years, ultimately we didn't want the daily maintenance or expense of a pool- especially since we have a neighborhood pool just a few blocks away. 

However, we do entertain fairly often, and decided that we wanted to extend our space outdoors and expand the usable space there for a spacious, functional outdoor living area.  

As I mentioned in my first patio post, Emily's porch at Eleven Gables has been a huge inspiration for what we wanted to do.  Emily is a talented designer, able to design and draw up plans from square one for any building project, and she's been kind enough to walk me through this remodel.  If you're local to the Oklahoma City metro area and need design work done, Emily's your girl!  We're willing to tackle our fair share of DIY projects, but we decided to leave this one to the pros.  With Emily's help, we're sub-contracting each part of the job out ourselves.  

So...  after dreaming with Emily and meeting with a framer, here's the plan we've pretty much settled on.  There still may be a few tweaks here and there, but this will give you a general idea of where we're headed.  

To start with, we're extending the floor about 10 more feet all the way across out into the yard.  We're also removing the flower bed that is around the curved section of the patio under the pergola and squaring that entire area off to now be included in the patio.  

So, here's a birdseye view of the new footprint- (totally my amateur drawing!)

The top side is the living/kitchen wall and the bottom edge will be where the patio meets the yard.  This new addition will give us roughly 750 square feet of patio space!

Originally I planned to extend the brick flooring to include all of the new square footage, but as we talked and thought, we agreed that tearing out all of the brick and pouring one big concrete slab would be our best option.  

I know some of you are cringing right now at the thought of removing the brick, and I LOVE the brick, so I'm with you.  However, we wanted the new patio to be all one level (it was 2 before), so we were going to have to demo 1/2 of the area anyway.  And, with all of the brick on the house and what would be around 750 square feet of brick on the ground, that's a LOT of brick (cost-wise and aesthetic wise).  We decided that we would like the variation of the concrete flooring against the brick house instead, but will likely add a brick edge around the slab to tie it all together with the brick on the house.  Lastly, while beautiful, the brick flooring was hard to keep clean... all those grooves are hard to sweep!  So, sorry brick lovers- but stay with me, it will all turn out fine in the end!

After the floor is expanded, we'll extend the existing covered roof to increase the amount of covered space.  

The dotted line in my drawing above will be the new roofline, and here's a rough sketch that the framer made depicting another angle.  

We will extend the current hip roof out about 6 more feet.  In addition, we'll remove the pergola (that's past it's prime) and add an entirely new section of roof in that area.

Once again, we used Emily's roof as a guide.  We're using the same framer, so he will make our new roof section where the pergola was look similar to this side of Emily's: (snapped with the phone on a quick visit for ideas-not her pretty pics!)

And from the front it will look similar to this.  Our hip roof will attach along the right side  where Emily's chimney is.

The framer assures us that it won't look like an "add-on", and will look like it's always been there.  Important when you're doing renovations.    

All of the roofing changes will leave us with a large covered patio all the way across the back, and a bit of space that is not covered, as well.  When the air gets chilly I'll want to pull my chair into the sun!

Finally, we plan to add a brick fireplace along the right-hand side of the patio.  I'll share more about that in the future.  

When an agreement with our first concrete and demo contractor went south (still dealing with that one), we decided to begin a little bit of the demo ourselves that he was supposed to do.  So, we ("we" meaning my husband) disassembled the pergola and cut down most of the wisteria.

After finding another concrete contractor, this is where we were at the time that he came in to do his job.  His crew would be doing all of the brick demo, clearing the remains of the flowerbed and wisteria, and preparing the foundation for the new concrete slab before it was time to pour it.

In the next update I'll share our progress so far!

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It's that time again, and DIY Summer School is back in session!  This is a fun summer series that my friend Beth from designPOST Interiors has organized and I'm delighted to have been invited to participate.  

Apparently in this series, I have a thing for vases!  I'm back today featuring another one.

DIY, floral arrangement, Cane Webbing Vase

Sometimes I tuck away inspiring project ideas that I think I might want to re-create or adapt in the future.  I'm sure you do too, and that's the whole reason I blog... to inspire you to embrace your own creativity!  

This project today was inspired by my friend Emily at Gold and Stripes.  As I did my project, I worked from memory and thought that Emily had wrapped candles in cane, so I planned to make a vase with mine.  Well, as I looked her project up to link it here, I found that she did a vase too and just slipped a candle inside of it.  Rats! I guess my project ended up a little closer to the original than I intended for it to!  *oops*  So, Emily gets all the credit for this one, I just made my own version and did a different color. 

This is such a simple project, it almost takes longer to gather your supplies than to actually create the vase.  

I began with some straight, clear vases from the craft store.  Then, I purchased a piece of caning material (I bought mine at Woodcraft).  It was available in a 24" wide roll and you purchase by the foot, so I only bought one foot and it was enough for several vases.  

The natural cane is very light colored, and I decided that I wanted to add a little more depth to the color of mine.  I simply used some wood stain that I had on hand and rubbed down both sides of the caning.

DIY, Minwax stain

After the finish dried, I decided how tall I wanted the caning to go up the vase, and snipped it to size with scissors.  It's hard to tell in the photos, but I wanted some of the glass still showing around the top, so I left a bit uncovered.  

Then, I used hot glue to secure the caning to the glass.  You'll want to use enough to secure it, but you don't need to go overboard.  The hot glue holds everything in place well. That being said, I like this project because it's easy to peel hot glue off of glass if you want to take the caning off and use the clear vase again.  You know I like to change things up and things don't stay the same for long around here!

DIY, Cane Webbing Vase, floral vase

This project is very forgiving.  Because of how I cut the cane to make it work for several vases, I had a few pieces that ended up short of being able to wrap it all the way around the vase.  I just cut another piece to fill in the blank spot and it's not even noticeable.

DIY, Cane covered vase, upholstered headboard, floral arrangement

I love the natural, rustic, vintage vibe this piece has.  It's great for summer and I really think I'll keep it in heavy rotation in the Fall, too.

I also wrapped a piece around a small votive candle, but one thing I do know is that dried hot glue WILL melt again if you use it on glass votives and then light the candle!  *lesson learned*  So, this one is just for looks.  

DIY, Cane webbing covered vase, floral arrangement, unique vase

I can't wait to see what everyone has done for their craft store project today, head over and check them all out!

We want you to join our class!  Here's what's up next time... we want you to do a project to share with us, also!  

August 6th: Tool Store
August 20th: Found in Nature

And, today we'd love to see your best work, so link up your project here, or on Instagram using #DIYSummerSchool to tag your photo. 

Before I leave you today, I wanted to thank you so much for all of you who voted in the Lamps Plus Design Duel!  I appreciate everyone who supported me and all of your kind comments!  

gallery wall, master bedroom, sitting area, fireplace, wingback chairs
Master Bedroom

Alright... pick your favorite craft project and link it up with us!  Your link will automatically be posted on all 8 blogs.

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You guys, if you're crazy about design, home improvement, home makeovers, DIY projects, your favorite HGTV personalities, gourmet meals and warm, sandy beaches... have I got the dream vacation for you!

In just a few short months, you're invited to go Sailing with the Scotts!  HGTV's Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, that is!  

And, I can't tell you how crazy excited I am to have been invited to go along!!!  Eeeek!  Still pinching myself to make sure it's real!  But, the best part is, we want YOU to go along and join in on the fun as well!  

Just in time to escape the crazy rush of the onset of the holiday season, we'll be setting sail November 16-20 and cruising to Key West, FL, and then on to gorgeous Cozumel, Mexico.  

Along with the always entertaining Scott Brothers, several other DIY and HGTV personalities will be on board ready to dish all things design including Jason Cameron, Jillian Harris, Kim Myles, The Junk Gypsies, and more.

And, in addition to those design rock star personalities, there will be a group of some of your favorite home design and DIY bloggers cruising along as well to blog about the trip and participate in a design panel while on board.

You can find all of the cruise details and answers to questions you might have here.

This will be my first cruise, and I can't imagine a better one to take part in!  I mean, design talk all around, delicious treats, and gleaning from some super-talented DIYers, all while experiencing some of God's most beautiful creation first hand... sounds like the perfect line-up of a trip to me!

Since I have the most decor savvy, stylish, and adventurous readers around, the kind organizers at Premier Vacations have offered you a special deal.  Find a friend to come with you and use the promo code DIMPLES to receive an awesome BOGO offer.  Upon your purchase of one cruise, another person cruises for FREE, only paying the port fees, taxes, and gratuities ($299).   

Can I just tell you how much I would love to meet you on board?  

Design Cruise HGTV Property Brothers

Alright, who is ready to come along???

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A few weeks ago when I shared my first "Shop and Style" post with you, I hinted that one of the pieces I featured might have come home with me.  

Well, did it ever!

I love my thrifted coffee table that's been the living room for several years now, but have had my eyes open for something a bit more substantial.  Ultimately, I have a glass coffee table in mind for the living room, but when my sister texted me a photo of this brass chest at The Rink, I jumped at the chance to go look at it.

I've long adored Carmel's pretty piece, and was so excited when this similar piece turned up in my area.  I was hopeful that it might be from the pricey Sarreid brass brand, but when I got there to see it there were no identifying labels in it and the handles looked different, so I'm thinking it's a replica.  

That's ok, though, I love it anyway.

It's not in perfect condition, there are some scrapes from wear and the top is fairly scratched up.  However, I knew I would most likely always have a tray on it, and all of that just adds more character, right?  ;)

I love the drawers for extra storage,

and it also complements the small brass trunk I bought from Craigslist a few years ago nicely.

It's so interesting how changing up just one piece in a room can change the entire look and feel of a room.  

Like I said, I still love the old one, so it's just going in storage for now, but it's always fun to change things up.

I better be careful, or I'll start hoarding brass pieces as much as I do pillows! (Did you notice the new ones on the couch?  We had a successful shopping trip at Ikea and got a good start on furnishings for the patio project.  Those will head outside at some point but I couldn't resist throwing them on the sofa for now.)

Hope your week is off to a great start.  Enjoy your Monday, friends!

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Happy FriYay!  My kids have been away on a choir trip this week, so we slipped out of town for a couple of days for a bit of R&R- or actually, a lot of shopping!  We're scouting for furnishings for the patio project that I shared yesterday and the new living room sofa that I'm hunting for.  My sweet husband is happy to be my chauffeur as we hit all of the fun stores that we don't have in OKC.  So, for some Friday blog fun, here's what's caught my eye lately!

Speaking of the Patio Project, I'm checking out these chairs from Ikea today for our outdoor dining space.  Does anyone have them?  What do you think?  Do they hold up well?

I absolutely adore this clutch that Beth from designPOST Interiors embellished for her recent DIY Summer School project.  You all know I love a good tassel, and I'm searching for just the right piece so I can replicate something like this!

Chip and Jo Jo... you know them, you love them.  I love this video where Joanna shares how the Lord has led her to the place she is today, and how although she didn't always understand how He was working, she followed His call for her life each step of the way and now he has given her more than she ever imagined possible.  Such a great testimony!

This dress is my favorite recent purchase!  I bought the black and the cream with black stripes in store, and couldn't resist ordering the orange one online the other night.  It's soft and comfy, and this photo doesn't really show the true shape but it's a swing dress.  So, it's fitted at the top and nice and loose and flow-y (cool!) from the waist down.  I also love that there are sleeves (I'm not a big sleeveless girl).  And, if you're an Old Navy cardholder, it's an extra 40% off right now, making the grand total right around $16!

And while I was at it, I got this one for my daughter.  She's not a big shopper, yet we're at the stage where she has to approve what I bring home.  I'm sure this one will be a winner... it's soft and comfy, not pink, and not too fancy.  Just what she likes.  This will be perfect to wear now, but she can add leggings and boots with a sweater to it for the Fall.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  I'm looking forward to seeing you next week-  I have a crazy exciting <pinch me> announcement to make!

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