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Friday, October 24, 2014


A few weeks ago I shared my plans for a little mini-makeover in my kitchen.  With our big trip wrapping up, I'm ready to start tackling that project next week.  It's one of those projects that I dread doing (painting the cabinets), but can't wait for the finished product!  I'm ready to see in real life what I'm only seeing in my head right now.

Earlier this week I received a text from a friend (and my daughter's awesome Sunday School teacher!) who is moving to a different house.  She wanted my opinion on some changes in her kitchen, and I thought it would be fun to share here and get thoughts from you all as well.  Many heads are better than one, right?

She texted me some quick photos of the space, and here are the plans that she is considering:

Sherwin Williams Nantucket Dune
  • SW Nantucket Dune for the walls
  • White trim
  • Light- white or creamy cabinets
  • The tiny island in the center will be removed
  • The lighting will change
  • Backsplash will change, countertops are staying.
  • She would like for the china cabinet portion to stand out, as well as possibly the bar (maybe-still thinking though that and anxious to hear suggestions!)
  • She wants everything to feel light and bright, with cooler colors like grays and whites

Here are my thoughts:

I like the paint color for being light and neutral, but if you're wanting to use grays I might consider a more taupy-gray than straight tan.  Grays are hard.  Everyone that's ever tried to pick one out knows that.  Any suggestions, readers, for a good mix of taupe and gray?  Maybe Ben Moore Revere Pewter? I think it looks different than this swatch in real life (more gray), but so many people LOVE this color, it seems to be a chameleon and looks good with anything.

I like the idea of doing a two-tone color in the china cabinet area.  I would leave the full cabinets to the sides of it the same color as the rest of the kitchen cabinets (white), and just paint the center area with the glass doors a different color (I think).  I like the idea of creamy white (SW Alabaster, Ben Moore White Dove, or Behr Decorator's White are good options, but there are plenty to choose from) for the majority of the cabinets and a charcoal gray for an accent.  I think the gray would look nice with the stone around the stove.  The same color could also be used on the paneled portion of the bar.

Ben Moore Kendall Charcoal, The Inspired Room

If that's too dark, something a little lighter would work also.  A pretty charcoal/stone mix:


My second option would be to paint the cabinets white, and keep the stained finish around the china cabinet and bar but darken it a little.  A few inspiration images with a pretty white/wood/stone mix:

Better Homes & Gardens

Jenna Sue Design

Heather Scott
So what do you guys think?  I can't wait to read your suggestions, they are always so good. Any ideas are fair game!  Feel free to leave links in the comments with more photo ideas or a project you've done.  And, I know Erin will be keeping an eye on this post, so keep them coming!

Happy Friday friends, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I like SW tony taupe. It's a great greige!

  2. I really like the white and wood and stone inspiration photos. It looks like her crown molding is darker - maybe try to get closer to that? And I agree with using a paint that is more greige than tan. Pretty space Erin!!

  3. i agree with you on the paint color for the wall and i love the idea of white cabinets but then painting the island (the big one not the odd little one that is going) darker gray. the stonework is pretty cool and those gays will look pretty with it!

  4. I think you are right on my friend. The stone will really pop off the shades of gray. I would paint the china cabinet the same darker gray as the island, with the inside of the cabinet a light gray.

  5. I love the paint color Revere Pewter. I painted my dining room & entry that color & it is beautiful. It is very adapted color. It changes tones depending on the light. I think it would look great with the white & gray cabinets.

  6. I love the grey and white idea. I painted my cabinets Garlic Clove by BM and the walls Alaskan Husky Grey by BM-the grey is a really light grey so my kitchen is bright and light. Good luck!

  7. Love the idea of staining the china cabinet darker rather than painting. Agree with previous comment that the crown molding color would look great. I know she has plans to remove the smaller island, but that would take away the work triangle (having a place to set down hot items as the sink area is quite a distance).

  8. I used Kendall Charcoal on my bottom cabinets in our old house before we moved. It's the PERFECT charcoal gray! It looks slightly navy in some lights, and very gray in others. So perfect for a kitchen! I recommend it to clients all the time. And White Dove is my go-to cabinet color! You've definitely got a head start! :)

  9. I think you pretty much covered it Jennifer!

  10. Erin, check out this post I saw today. So many similar elements to what we're thinking...

  11. Jennifer - I think you're right. I'd pick a midtone for the backsplash in either chocolate (to match the darker wood stain for the china cabinet) or a medium gray (to complement a charcoal china cabinet without competing). I hope your friend will share pictures of the end result! How fun!!! Oh and what a gorgeous home they're buying - looks beautifully tricked out!

  12. I had one thought about paint (Revere Pewter was going to be my two cents and I have White Dove, too, throughout out house and love it) before I could only focus on that pretty stone by the stove! I think it needs a hood and should be a focal point. Please show us the makeover results!

  13. Oooooh fun project Jennifer! Erin you have a beautiful kitchen to work with and some color changes will really freshen it up! I have painted in lots of houses and one thing is for sure - paint colors are different everywhere - the amount of natural light affects them so much. I LOVE Revere Pewter in my parents-in-laws' house, I used it in all their main living areas and it was the perfect greige because they have a lot of natural light. In my house it read really grey, the lighting is just different. So my big advice is invest in samples!!!!! They are so worth the added expense if you end up LOVING the colors you choose (and avoid repainting!) As far as whites go, I think White Dove is one of the most versatile whites, it's warm but not yellow, and clean and fresh feeling without being too sterile! Can't wait to see your afters!

  14. Ladies thank you all for your suggestions. I am so open to them all. Thank you too, Jennifer for opening your blog up to help a girl out!! I can't wait to get in and get started. I will be sure and post after pics. I'm writing down all the suggestions. Love them!!

  15. I actually have revere pewter in my formal living room and really love it!! two different cabinets are fabulous- I want to redo my bottom cabinets a different color.

  16. I'm with Shannon re: paint colors. I think a definite definition of the china cabinet and the area around the stove. A great hood would be awesome! This is a beautiful kitchen with so much space ~ I know it's going to look stunning when finished.


  17. I think all your suggestions sound great! I think going with a greige color for the walls would definitely be better. You have to share the end result when she's all done!

  18. I am a little late with my comment and I hope you see it. What a great kitchen to begin with, but I certainly understand wanting a change. There are so many great paint colors and I really think you need whatever color you choose to blend with the elements that are not changing, i.e. counters and stone. There are a lot of details to this kitchen, the arched doorway, the stone surround, the glass cabinets, the wine rack. With all of these wonderful details, something is telling me that one color for the paint could be very attractive. I would paint the walls, trim and ceiling all one color allowing all of the wonderful features to really stand out. The cabinets could be painted the same color and then lightly stained (with a greyish tint) This would help eliminate the break between the cabinets and the ceiling. As for the china cabinet, matching the grout from the stone could really be pretty. I would keep the backsplash in the same tones and texture of the stone. This would create a really clean, fresh, updated look. Good luck and have fun!


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