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Monday, April 14, 2014


Well, hi there!  We made it through our activity packed weekend, and I just wanted to share a few random quick things with you today.

First, we celebrated my sister Corbin's 40th birthday Saturday night.  It's always fun to have the family together, and we decided to give her a jump start with her flower-planting this year and give her a "Garden of Love".  We used 40 die-cut flowers glued to craft sticks to write things that we love about her, and stuck those in with the fresh plants that everyone brought for her.

Isn't she darling?

She's a talented singer and sometimes actress in church productions.  If you missed my Instagram post, this is her character from her church's latest Christmas production.  She was a very convincing old lady!

My mom gathered lots of old photos and brought them, and we scattered them all around the dining and living room.  We don't see these photos very often so it was fun to look through so many old memories.

My parents hung on to the huge sign that they used for my 40th, and with a little work on the band saw and some fresh paint adapted it for Corbin's birthday.  Sarah will be 40 in 9 1/2 years, so I guess they'll have to hang onto it a while longer!

Caleb's band contest went well, and during the party he proudly displayed all of his ribbons earned that day. (hee hee)

We wrapped up the weekend yesterday with my husband participating in a fundraiser to fight childhood cancer.  Our friend Brock was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just before his first birthday.  Thankfully the Lord has been gracious and he is now 5 years old and in remission!  His family continues to work to raise awareness and money to fund the research that helped save Brock's life and is helping many other children with childhood illnesses.  So, Ray was honored to be a part of the Buzzed for Brock team!  If you'd like more information or would like to donate, please click here.  

It was quite amusing to be at church last night when he stepped on the platform.  The gasps and snickers could not be contained!  #elephantintheroom

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  1. your husband looks great with his buzz!!! looks like an awesome and happy weekend! this post just made me smile!

  2. Fun weekend, what a guy! And, yes she is darling, no mistaking you're sisters! :) Hope you have a great week, I saw some crazy weather in your area!

  3. This is awesome! And I think he the buzz suits him ;) xo Kristin

  4. He looks great buzzed! :) I wish every weekend could be as joyful as that seemed to be.

  5. Haha, to the old lady photo.
    And I finally spy your deer too ;)
    The buzz cut looks great and it's such a great cause!

  6. That looks like a great party! You guys are so cute!

  7. I love that Ray did that - he is so awesome!!! What a fun way to celebrate your sister, I love how creative your family is. It runs in the genes huh!?

  8. What a very sweet and meaningful Gift!!!!! Anyone would be ecstatic to receive such a present! Party looks wonderful! Congrats to your son for a job well done and to you all for the fund-raising for Brock - truly the 'fight' has to continue for others who battle this disease!

  9. You guys obviously have great genes. You and your sisters are all just adorable! Thanks for sharing the gift idea.

    1. We all definitely have our own talents! Thanks for your sweet comments.

  10. What a fun weekend! Love that Garden of Love - such a perfect gift! And I'm loving that your husband took one for the team and got a buzz cut - he's looking good with it!

  11. You and your sister certainly look a lot a like. Both very cute! And your husband looks great without hair! When my husband's fell out during chemo, I thought he looked very handsome, too. What a great cause to support! Have a blessed week!


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