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Monday, March 10, 2014


Last week when I was working on my post to ask for your help with my fur stools, I used a photo trick that I thought you might be interested in too.

I use Picmonkey to edit my photos.  My sweet husband bought me Photoshop Elements for Christmas, but I haven't taken the time to learn it yet. (Note to self:  Take the time to learn it!)  Anyway, as I was choosing photos to use, my favorite one had a big spot on the floor that I hadn't noticed when I was taking the picture.  See it?

I guess it's not that bad but it's all I could see when I looked at the photo.  Here are the few easy steps it takes to fix it!

1. With your photo loaded into Picmonkey, click the lipstick icon on the left to get the "Touch Up" menu.  It usually helps to zoom in your photo a little, too (bottom right corner).

Then, select "Blemish Fix".  If you're working on a larger area, it might help to move your brush size up to a higher number.

Start clicking your brush tip over the spot you want to cover.  It should use the same color as your surrounding area.  You may need to move it around and click several times. I've taken care of about half of the spot here:

When you're happy with how it looks, click "Apply" to lock in your changes.

Much better!

I also used it on this photo of my painted basket so you couldn't see the chipped up paint on my baseboards.  (Note to self:  Paint baseboards!)

One more example of where I removed some mysterious spot on my lens in this photo from my daughter's room...

So, if you're limited in your photo editing skills like me, try this trick!  And we'll make a pact together to learn more and get better at editing in the future.

Speaking of those stools, my sweet friend Robin sent me this image from her Horchow e-mail...


I think we have a winner!  My stools don't have those gorgeous acrylic legs, but from looking at this I can totally envision complementary fabric on the sides, fur on top, and I wouldn't have thought to add the nailheads before but now I think it's a must!  And, with the $1,889 price tag, I think the wooden legs on mine will do just fine.  :)

 photo jennifersignaturetwo_zps56f3de87.png

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  1. oh that is good to know! i thought it only worked on faces... not even kidding. i am an idiot sometimes.

  2. I'm loving that solution for your stools!!! Can't wait to see them!

  3. Yes, the nail heads are a must! I totally agree and love this version

  4. Thanks so much this will really help, I would have never thought to use the lipstick.

  5. Oh that bench is gorgeous! Makes me want to cover my bench with fur and put it in my bedroom. The nailheads will look great on your stools! For those that use Picasa, there is a "retouch" too that will also erase blemishes….like for instance, wrinkles…..not that I would ever do that! Ha!

  6. WOW, awesome tip! I've used this for faces but never thought to use it for other things! Thanks for this awesome tip! PicMonkey is my go-to for getting my pics ready before posting to my blog so I will be using this handy tip for sure!

  7. i love picmonkey, thank you for the tip.

  8. I use PicMonkey too Jen! I have PS, but its like trying to learn a foreign language! I love that PicMonkey is so easy to use:)

  9. Thanks for the tips! I got photoshop Elements for Christmas too, but every time I open it I get so confused!

  10. Had no idea you could do this with PicMonkey! Thanks, gal!

  11. I've never tried pic monkey Jennifer since I'm a mac user, I use the iPhoto editor to remove blemishes and do other things with the FOTOR app which I just recently discovered. but who knows, I might someday,Thanks!

  12. Personally I prefer to use AuroraHDR tools in photoshop to fix any issues in my photos. So far it's doing great. I'm not insist, but maybe you should try it for an experiment


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