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Monday, February 3, 2014


Was your weekend as crazy and busy and fun as ours was?  The kids participated in the Baptist Hymn Piano Festival (Superiors to both!), a basketball game for her (check her out!), an all-weekend long discipleship event for him, and, it snowed yesterday!

We still held services yesterday morning but the evening service was cancelled due to the weather.  I'm pretty sure that this was the first Superbowl in a long, long, long time that I remember being able to watch entirely from home, we're always at church!  We enjoyed watching together...wasn't it nice that for the most part everything was very family friendly?  I didn't have to watch with a hand on the remote.  We cheered for the Broncos, mainly because Wes Welker is an OKC native, but enjoyed the commercials more than the game.  My favorites that I saw were Radio Shack, the Cheerios baby & a puppy, Seinfeld, and the 24 promo spots...can't wait! #jackisback! What was your favorite?

I also made some progress on that string of projects I showed you on Friday.

My friend Kris said she couldn't wait to see what I was doing with the gold nailheads.  Sorry Kris, nothing extremely fantastic!  I told you several months ago how I added nailhead trim to my dining room side chairs, and discussed how the actual nails don't exactly match the trim strip.  Over time, that has bugged me!  So, I popped off the two chairs that were done and sprayed everything with my old faithful Rustoleum Metallic Brass, then re-attached.  And, I finished the other two chairs that I never got around to.

Much better!  And as a bonus, I used the same color so now the nailheads match the host chairs and everything ties in much better.

Also, I made some progress on a few parts of Caleb's room - a new nightstand (show you tomorrow!)

and a start to a planked wall.  I painted the wall tan so any cracks between boards wouldn't be so obvious.  I didn't even cut in around the edges, since those will be covered.  I'm hoping to get a good amount done this week.  We're kinda just diving in and doing it so we'll see how it goes!

Lastly, I got a few coats on the dresser and will finish it today.  As much as I loved the blue color, I breathed a little sigh of relief when this swipe of paint went over the top.  Yes, I'm reverting back to my basic black.  I really debating doing a high-gloss finish again, but with black pieces you really have to battle dust showing, and I'm hoping that a satin finish will help out just a little bit with that more than the glossy would.

Ok, I've got work to do!  Have a great Monday!

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  1. You are one busy bee Jennifer! Congratulations on the SUPERIOR scores! It really is worth sharing about because our kids work so much too for these! Had superbowl potluck at my place so it was fun though the game as a bummer , it's obvious who I was rootin' for. Love the half time show the most!

    The nailheads look fabulous!!!! Simple and easy, yet a lot of bling for your buck! Can't wait to see the planked walls and the other projects all done!

  2. tons of goodness going on! can't wait to see the projects, and congrats to the kiddos!

  3. You have been a busy bee! I loved the peacock blue but I could totally see tiring of it after a while. I am SO SO SO excited to see your plank wall come along, I am dying to do that too! Love the boards you are using!!

  4. I love the nail heads on your dining room side chairs, so chic! What a great way to match the hardware to the host chairs using the Rustoleum Metallic Brass spray paint!
    Eddie Ross

  5. Kudos to the kids! Awesome performances ~ I thought about you and the weather yesterday. It just rained here and yet the temps dropped below 32 F last night so probably some icy patches this morning. Just so grateful I don't have to get out and go to work.

    The chairs look awesome! I'll forgive you for covering the blue....I think I love black as much as you do. :) I know it's going to be beautiful. You do have a lot going on ~ don't work too hard!


  6. You've been busy! All great things in the works!

  7. Love the plank wall, doing one at a client's too! Can't wait to see how yours comes out. So glad you got some time home with the family! Those are so precious!

  8. I love those rustic, textured plank walls, how fun! Can't believed you're over the blue, actually I can! :)

  9. Agree with all the comments about your projects, but must say, I'm right there with you - excited that Jack is back! Can't wait.

  10. Agree with all the comments about your projects, but must say, I'm right there with you - excited that Jack is back! Can't wait.

  11. Love the nailhead trim on your chairs and can't wait to see the dresser and planked wall.

  12. I have to disagree - the new nailheads ARE extremely fantastic! I love how they go with the rest of the room (including those gold mirrors in the pic!). And I'm looking forward to seeing that planked wall. And like you, I'm loving that Jack is back - 24 was one of my fave shows.

  13. What are you planning with that dresser? I am so curious! xo Kristin

  14. Can't wait for that planked wall, I've always wanted to do one!


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