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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Thank you all so much for your kind words on my kitchen chairs makeover!  You guys seemed to love them as much as I do. Today's project is nothing earth shattering, but it made a difference in my space.

I painted a basket.

Our kitchen table ends up being command central, and about a year ago I bought this trunk style basket to keep in the corner to stash all of the computer chargers, cases, notebooks, devotionals, etc. that accumulate in that space.

It's served it's purpose very well, but it was a little boring and totally blended into the space.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I thought it needed a little more personality.

To accomplish the task, I used some leftover semi-gloss black paint and a small stiff brush, which got down into the crevices well.

I followed the lines of where the material was woven.  It didn't always turn out completely straight, but for the big picture it turned out good enough.  I started with the large band around the bottom,

and then added a smaller stripe above it.

It took two coats and probably about an hour to do, just because some of those edges were a bit tedious.  But, it was a perfect weekend activity while everyone else was consumed with football games!

Do you have a plain-jane accessory that could use a quick added detail to take it up a notch?

 photo jennifersignaturetwo_zps56f3de87.png

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  1. What a difference that made. :)

  2. Darling! Sometimes it really is the smallest detail that can make such a big difference!

  3. cute -- and I noticed that even your paintbrush is green ;)

  4. Yes I did the same to a plain basket I had.

  5. Love! It's great to have a little contrast from the floor!

  6. I love painted baskets! I am painting six of mine white on the bottom but I love the black! I love when little changes make such a difference! Summer,

  7. Yes, I do! :) The basket looks great and makes a statement now.


  8. Looks so good. Agree that stripes make to so much better!

  9. I totally agree! Stripes do make everything better! I recently painted some stripes on a basket too. Love it!
    House on the Way

  10. Stripes totally make everything better!! I added some color to a few baskets a couple months ago, and added some polka dots to a couple plant holders...totally upped the pretty factor! :)

  11. Looks good Jennifer! And I love what you did with the chairs! Looks so great with the rest of your decor!

  12. What a difference a little paint makes! I'm glad I found your blog because I have the same colors in my home.

  13. Very nice!

    I too am a stripe lover and am hoping this coming summer to paint black and white stripes on my wood paneling in my bedroom. We'll have to wait and see if that actually happens!

  14. Wow What a Difference! I love the new look!

  15. cute way to jazz up a basket! great idea


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