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Friday, September 20, 2013


Did you see Danielle's fabulous furry chair makeover?  Now I'm considering some chairs like this for my kitchen table, too (with a kitchen table friendly fabric).  They are all over Craigslist!

What about Jennifer's new gallery wall for her daughter's room?  Proof that in decorating you might not always get it right the first time, but keep tweaking until it's perfect!  

Emily's new paint job on her armoire gave me some serious inspiration for my armoire.  I actually had some long pulls like she used in my cart at Ikea last weekend for my armoire, and put them back.  Now they're definitely on my list for the next trip!

My plan for the weekend is to get more work done in my son's room, which is coming along as slow as molasses.  I keep getting distracted with other things.  We replaced a fence and I kept a bunch of the panels so we could do something like this from Just a Girl.  I can't wait to get it done!

Speaking of my son's room, I don't think I've shown you the new curtains in there.  I bought a decent rod at Hobby Lobby, but now I want to do this - so cool for a boy's room!

So, my hands are full this weekend.  What are your plans?

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  1. love all these!!! we have pipes in sawyer's room for curtain rods and it was the best decision ever- they are sturdy and we have one normal window and one dormer window which makes standard rods a challenge.

  2. I see those chairs on CL all the time and always pass them up! I never saw the potential until now! Of course, now that I want them I will have a hard time finding them. lol. I love the gallery wall and emily's paint job...Hale Navy has always been a favorite color of mine. Have a great weekend and I hope you make some progress on your son's room! ;)

  3. All great ideas! I love that galvanized rod for a boys room :) Happy Weekend Jennifer :) xo Kristin

  4. Don't you wish we could take a 2 week vacation and stay home and finish our projects! :) Fun inspiration, good luck with all of yours, happy weekend!

  5. That armoire is awesome. I have an armoire that I keep going back and forth about whether i should paint it or not. This pushes me more towards "should."

  6. I love love love that furry desk chair! I see chairs like that all the time at the Salvation Army for next to nothing! Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  7. Great ideas! I like the armoire too...of course, I still have not decided what color to paint mine. Talk about procrastination! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! We're enjoying rain and cooler temps it.


  8. Yes, I saw that furry chair makeover, but I haven't seen any chairs like that on our craigslist. I would have snatched them up in a second for our dining room. They look so comfortable.


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