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Monday, August 26, 2013


How does Sunday evening always get here so fast?  No matter how great my intentions are, I'm always sitting down around 9:30 on Sunday evening to write Monday morning's post.  Anyway, by the time you read this, Happy Monday Morning! 

I started a project over the weekend that I need your help with.  I bought this lamp on clearance at Marshall's a few years ago (while we were out on a date for Valentine's Day...gotta love a husband who waits for you while you shop!) .  I love it except it had a white washed glaze on it that I wasn't too crazy about.  

All I could think about was making it into something like this:

Pottery Barn

Doesn't the shape look similar to the one in the middle?  I stripped the finish off of the lamp and got it down to bare wood.

Now, I'm not sure how to finish it off.  Does it need a light stain?  A coat of lemon oil?  Poly? Clear wax? Dark wax?  I just want that rustic, natural look. If anyone has ever done a project with raw wood, I'd love any suggestions!

In other news, a few weeks ago I found this great little mirrored tray on clearance at Kirklands, but the wood trim was silver.  I knew it would work so much better in my space if it were gold, so after a quick taping job I dug out some gold spray paint.  I grabbed a can that I've had for AGES, and just came across it a while back when I cleaned out my paint stash.  

Just wanted to let you know that it's a great color!  Usually, Rustoleum's Metallic Gold or Metallic Brass is my go-to gold spray paint, but this one is probably a new favorite.  It's just a warm gold with a tiny hint of sparkle.  The brand is Design Master and can be purchased at Michaels.  

I'll leave you today with a photo that makes me happy.  

This is AFTER I cleaned out and organized my paint stash (where I found that gold paint I had forgotten about!).  I can't tell you how good it is to go out in the garage and know exactly where whatever I'm looking for is, and to know exactly what I have!  I'm sure that there are so many multiples of the same color because I didn't know what I already had, so I just kept buying more rather than digging around.  Not anymore!  And, I'm happy to say that it has stayed like that for several months.  Major accomplishment!  

Enjoy your day!

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  1. i think i would use a liming wax for a bleached look, or a tung oil for a natural finish. i also love linseed and beeswax for a natural finish! :)

  2. I finally tackled my storage area downstairs and have everything organized. It is so nice to find exactly what you are looking for when you need it!! Yours is fab!! xo Kristin

  3. I can't even believe all your spray paint!!!!!!! I have spray paint envy - wow!
    Okay the lamp - I actually love that original white washed finish, but thinking about your house, I can see why you wanted to change it up. Whatever you do, I think you should test on the bottom of the lamp first, since if you use a stain there's no going back!

  4. I have no advice on the lamp (sorry!) but am always glad to have another gold spray paint option! I've actually had a ton of trouble finding the Rustoleum one lately - I think it's catching on!

  5. I'm usually trying to figure out a way I can still take pics at 9:30! LOL I remember trying several things on bare wood, and it all left it with a shinier finish than I was hoping for, I ended up leaving the raw wood. Good luck it's a great find!

  6. I'm sure Cassie's tip is right on ;)
    Your spray paint closet is awesome!

  7. You're making me want to go organize my garage! :)

  8. i think I would lightly hand sand the lamp and then use a stain of your choice. Maybe even scratch it or rough it up a little before staining so it looks more authentic.

    I also have to say I can't believe how much spray paint you have. I'm a little jealous!!!


  9. Jennifer, I've used shoe polish before and it works wonders. You can use nude or a light brown. Worth a try! I tackled my kitchen cabinets because I just couldn't get them the color I wanted and they turned out amazing.

    Have fun!

  10. So sorry I don't have a suggestion re: the lamp. I'm usually covering up a stain or color. :)

    Your spray paint collection is similar to the one I had. I had them all organized, cans of paint, etc. before moving. Somehow a lot of the paint didn't get here, including a gold that I was doing my nightstand with. Had to make another investment at Home Depot.

    I'm sure the lamp will look awesome when you do finish it!


  11. Diane from In My Own Style has a great tutorial for creating an aged driftwood effect.

  12. Love it! I need to do the exact same thing with my paint stash! Have a great week! Angie xo

  13. Looks great! I've used liming wax before and love it! It keeps it the natural color, but makes it slightly weathered/white. Any of the options would be great though!


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