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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As you might know, I live in Oklahoma City and have grown up here.  You may not know that Hobby Lobby's corporate offices are based here, so while many of you are just now getting stores in your area, I've been shopping at Hobby Lobby since I was a girl (like for over 30 years!). 

I am SO happy to support such a wonderful Christian company, founded by a stellar family that puts their beliefs into practice every day.  In fact, last year our Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma received a $2 million designated gift from Hobby Lobby. This gift was specifically for the purchase a children's camp, Cross Timbers, at a new location for us. This is the very camp my daughter and I just went to a few weeks ago.  So, that's a lot of background about Hobby Lobby, but just so you know I will always happily promote Hobby Lobby any way I can and proudly stand behind their company.  

Now, about a year and a half ago my sister got a job at the HL corporate office.  She had just been laid off her former job, and even though it wasn't her "dream" job, she was offered a position that she accepted in order to get her foot in the door at the company.  Fast forward about a year, and some positions that DID inch toward her dream job came open, and she interviewed for them.  She wasn't hired for those positions, because they had a better plan for her once they got to know her and saw her amazing creative abilities.  

Hobby Lobby was in midst of launching itself into the video tutorial world and offered Sarah the position of Video Tutorial Coordinator to assist in those efforts. She works with a team of individuals in the Creative Department who help develop the projects shown, supply lists, scripts, props, instructions...and all the little details in between.  Oh, and as she got more involved, turns out that they wanted her IN FRONT of the camera too!  

So, my sister is the video tutorial girl for Hobby Lobby!

Her job as the Video Tutorial Coordinator enables her to wear many different hats.  She coordinates everyone involved in the process:  buyers, designers, video production team, photographers, and graphic artists.  They establish a project and break it down into steps for completion.  Then, she makes sure all of the steps make sense and works out an outline for the video.  After the video is shot, she coordinates post production photography and graphic art for printouts.

She works many long hours to help develop each project, teach herself what she needs to know in order to teach others, develops clear instructions, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks that have to get done in order to make what was once an idea for a video into a reality!

When we saw the preliminary videos online, we were so impressed!  My kids, however were kinda like, "Yeah, whatever, Aunt Sarah's on a video."  To them, it was just fun Aunt Sarah, who has a big dog and likes Star Wars and films them doing the Harlem Shake and plays video games and soccer in the back yard with them.  So, we had to redirect them by explaining what a cool opportunity this is and that she's kind of a big deal!  Then, they got it.

If you'd like to check out a few projects, you can see the project video page here.  I really want to make the Cabochon Bracelet, and my kids are crazy about the friendship bracelets.

Right now there are 4 videos uploaded, but any time they should be adding more, hopefully about a new one each week.  I can't wait to see what's next!

But even more exciting than her fun job...she just got engaged! 

One of her pals at work got a little creative with a Sharpie for a photo she's always wanted...

We're working towards an October wedding...THIS October! If you would like, you can read about the engagement here at her blog.  It's a good story and we can't wait for Micah to officially join the family!

Someday, I'll tell you about Basket Market...a local Hobby Lobby hideout of a store!

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  1. That IS a dream job and your sister (and her engagement) are adorable! Dying to know what that basket market is all about??

  2. Wow- she IS a big deal! Love this story and love that "tattoo". cute stuff!

  3. What a great job! I love Hobby Lobby too - we are finally getting one here in my small town in AZ. It will be opening in a few months and I cannot wait!

    1. Hi Sandy! Im in Yuma where are you? Everytime I see constuction I hope and say a lil prayer for a hobby lobby!!

  4. Yay Sarah!! Going to check out the videos :)

  5. Such a great story and can't wait to check out those videos! I want a hobby lobby here so bad! There is one about and hour away...fingers crossed...and congrats to your sister!

  6. that is awesome! good for her! she is gorgeous, btw, like her sis!

  7. Jennifer, you must be so proud of Sarah!!! How awesome, I can't wait to watch all her videos!!! And she's so pretty, no wonder they put her in FRONT of the camera!!

  8. What a great story. Congrats to your sister on both accounts!! We love Hobby Lobby. I love strolling through and listening to the Christian music playing...relaxing.

  9. So cool! I'm a huge Hobby Lobby fan :)

  10. That IS a dream job!! Congrats to her on her job and engagement!!

  11. awww, that is so nice! I know you're not proud of her.....LOL. And you're right, it IS a big deal.

    I have a personal love-hate relationship with Hobby Lobby. Yep, love to go there....hate how much I end up spending in there....sigh....they have such neat "stuff". And fabric is my weakness. Well, and the rubber stamps. And the to-die-for ribbons. And....oh, speaking of BASKETS!!! I just have to make myself avoid certain isles in that store.

    And when I wish they were available for me to shop when I want to shop....sometimes on a Sunday afternoon...or 8:30 pm....I try to remember why they're closed on Sunday's and how nice it is for their employees to go home at a decent hour. I love they are a Christian company, and their actions prove it. Great post...thanks!

  12. You're sister is precious! I love her ring; gorgeous! And her name isn't bad either ;)

  13. Wow that is way cool! What a lucky lovely chicka!

  14. So cool! I love Hobby Lobby and the chance to support a Christian organization is a big plus for me. What a cool thing for your sister to do, and congrats to her too!

  15. Wow, that is SO fun, what an awesome job for her! Congrats to Sarah, they'll be trying to recruit you next! :)

  16. HOw cool and tell her congrats from all of us. She's a doll and it is so exciting to plan a wedding! You'll have a ball.
    xo Nancy

  17. How exciting!!! I am going to check out her videos really soon. Hobby Lobby is really my favorite store in the world. When I asked our financial planner when he thought I might be able to retire from work, he said "when you quit spending so much money at Hobby Lobby". When I saw the photo of the engagement ring, I thought the fingers said "Butt Time"...hmmm...that doesn't sound like something Jennifer would put on her blog...I finally figured it out.

  18. Your table looks soooo cute!!! I have always wanted to try making cheesecake and your recipe looks so yummy! Double congrats to your sister! :)

  19. This is all around a great story about your sister. I have just now found your blog and I too live in Oklahoma. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even know that the corporate office for Hobby Lobby was in Oklahoma City. I should have known being that I love shopping there and have one just around the corner from me. I am about 2 hours North from you in Owasso. (a city north of Tulsa) I was just in OKC a week ago. I love finding and reading blogger from Oklahoma, it's like we're family! Great Blog Jennifer and I wish you and your sister the best!


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