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Friday, July 12, 2013


Happy Friday Friends!  Ready for the next installment of a few of my favorites?

I'd really like to have a couple of poufs.  However, they are so expensive!  So, when I came across this tutorial by Brittany I thought it was brilliant.  Her instructions are easy to follow and make this a totally doable project!   

I am crazy about all of the star and polka dot wall accents floating around blog-land.   The Nester made her own to spice up her laundry room ceiling (that fab light fixture isn't hurting anything either!).  I'm looking for just the right place in my home where I could try this out too.

Star decals from The Nester

Are you watching the current season of HGTV Star (formerly Design Star)? We don't subscribe to cable, but I'm keeping up by watching online after the fact.  I'm a little behind, so don't spoil anything for me!  I have been going back and watching past seasons, though.  Here's the funny day I was watching while eating lunch and my kids sat down and watched with me.  

I thought they were just desperate because they couldn't turn their own show on, since they had reached their limit for the day.  But, come to find out, they love it and beg to watch it now!  We just finished season 5 where Emily Henderson was a contestant.  Her work is so inspiring for me and I enjoyed watching her bloom in the competition. I lo-oo-oo-vv-vv-ed her room for the glass box challenge....the patterned fabric on the walls, the fiddle leaf fig, the cow hide rug, the vintage mirror and accessories...I could go on and on!

A few weeks ago I went with our youth group to camp to help cook.  Before we went, the sweet lady who headed up the kitchen brought me the ingredients to pre-cook meat for sloppy joes, and she brought me one of these, the ChopStir!  This is the coolest kitchen tool!  I've never been able to get hamburger meat teeny-tiny when browning it, and this baby did it...even when cooking 6 pounds at a time!  I'm thinking these would be great stocking stuffers....(if you're in my family pretend you didn't just see this!)

And, something funny to leave with you for the weekend.  My kids showed this to me the other day and highly enjoy re-enacting it often!  Not endorsing this show at all, but this clip is hilarious! (Stick with it, only about 30 seconds.)

I hope you have a great weekend!  I'll be at Children's Camp with Emily until Sunday evening, and will finally have some time next week to photograph some GREAT projects I've finished up!

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  1. I love that your kids love to watch Design Star! So cute! xo Kristin

  2. those poufs are awesome and i always love the nester!

  3. Fun favorites, have a great time at camp, and I'm sure we'll be inspired by your projects next week! :)

  4. I've been trying to find a spot for those stars too! Love em! Funny, I was just watching HGTV star with my 12 year old son yesterday! :) My kids like watching HGTV w/me too;). It's a win-win! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love it all! That's one of my favorite rooms by Emily Henderson and I've heard great things about that chopper too!

  6. I have those vinyl stars on my list too ;) maybe for my daughter's room.
    And I know that clip and laugh it! It happens very often in my house.

  7. My kids enjoy watching "This Old House" with me. They are learning a lot of skills! My husband, a non-watcher, calls it "that dangerous show."

  8. My kids enjoy watching "This Old House" with me. They are learning a lot of skills! My husband, a non-watcher, calls it "that dangerous show."

  9. I just cannot get enough of the beautiful colors you choose! You truly have an eye for it. The greens are so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have a meat chopper and LOVE it. They are also great for stirring and chopping breakfast sausage for breakfast casseroles. FYI:. I bought mine through pampered chef. They're great gifts many of my family members have received them as stocking stuffers 😃

  11. Mommy mom mumma ma mummy mommy mommomomomm…….story of my life right now, mid-summer! My kids showed that clip to me too - so funny.
    I need that meat chopper thingy! And I'm dying to see your future poufs…..I know you can tackle a project like that, no problem!

  12. lol!!! That clip is so hilarious! Love BrittanyMakes and The Nester...such fabulous ladies! ;) Jesse @ Scout & Nimble


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