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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A few weeks ago I visited the OKC Symphony Show Home.  Believe it or not, it's the first time I've ever toured a show home!  I went with my Mom and another Mother and Daughter who are long time family friends and we had the best time touring.  

There were actually 3 new construction homes that were on the tour, each one having it's own theme...Traditional, Italian, and Contemporary.  Honestly, I found most of the furnishings in the first two homes to be very dark and heavy, although beautiful.  The "Contemporary" home was my favorite, mainly because it was mostly light and bright and filled with so many designs that are on trend right now.

Strictly no photos were allowed (people were posted in every room!), but there were a few things I wanted to share with you so photos from the program are the best I can do.

First up, a bonus room with some fabrics that are now on my wish list.  How could I not LOVE those green lattice curtains?  And, Malachite prints and finishes are so hot right now, those cute stools are right on trend.  I've done some digging and found that the curtains are Xu Garden by Kravet and the Malachite is Robert Allen Malakos.  If I could find a super deal on the Xu Garden, or something very similar, I'm tempted to make new drapes for my living room.  Still love the black ones, but it would be fun to switch out to a lighter fabric for the spring and summer months.  That pink zebra on the chaise is super fun too.

A few things in this kitchen in the Italian house caught my eye, the pretty barstools and the unique lantern-like light fixture over the sink.  The island was also gorgeous...a muted green distressed and glazed.  And the surface of the island was concrete-it was SO soft and smooth we almost couldn't believe it!

The mixed finishes of the woodwork made this little nook interesting, and that orb chandelier is fantastic.

OK, this was the coolest idea! This is a stairway leading down to a basement theater room, and those are all glass orbs attached to the wall!  Many of them were Christmas ornament size, but several of the larger ones were about as big as a gazing ball.  It appeared that most of them were attached to the wall by using a command hook and resting the opening of the ball over the hook.  I think a grouping of these inside an oversized frame, maybe as part of a gallery wall or completely on it's own, would be quite the statement piece of art!

And the theater room at the bottom...takeaways here are the fabulous modern light fixture and the books on the shelf in the back.  See those pops of blue?  They covered all of books with brown craft paper and the spines of the books with blue duct tape to make them look cohesive.

Another favorite room that has so many currently popular upholstery, a beautiful table as a desk, modern lighting, the zebra rug, and a ghost chair.

I saved the best for last!  The designer of these last rooms is a friend from church, but I don't think I was biased when deciding that her rooms were the best of the lot!  Everyone that I was with agreed as well.

Everything about this guest room is gorgeous.  The neutral palette filled with texture, the pops or orange and blue, the plates on the wall and pretty chandelier.  

And, the kitchen is swoon-worthy.  The planked ceiling, double-pendants over the island, open shelving and detailed trim work on the island, subway backsplash, apron sink...I could go on and on!

This little desk area is part of the kitchen, but set off in it's own little nook so it's not readily visible.  I love that idea...and the pretty botanicals don't hurt either!

I know some of these rooms got my creative wheels spinning...I hope you got some new ideas as well!

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  1. I want that malachite fabric! How fun! And I can totally picture curtains like that in your home!

  2. Those malachite ottomans are amazing!! I've never seen a fabric like that yet. xo Kristin

  3. I love those pendants over the island! The pink zebra is fun with that floral pillow, too ~ don't you have some pink zebra? I agree, your friend's is top-notch!

  4. So, so pretty! Lots of elements in each room to swoon over. The pink zebra seems to be popular here too. :) I think that the curtains would look great in your rooms for a spring/summer look and feel. I LOVE the orbs on the wall! Such a unique idea.

    Thanks so much for sharing! Glad you were able to attend and allow us to see the photos.


  5. I would love to see a home show like this, but luckily for me (or unlucky?) we have ton's of new builds around here, and I love to just go in a browse ;) The contemporary is by far, my favorite too, to me, the less "clutter" the better. I have noticed that a lot of the new homes here in TX (and their decor) look very much like the Italian home...all very pretty, but not real livable in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  6. How fun! I want to go on this tour! I love that last house you shared, the kitchen and desk area in particular will be fodder for future scrutiny from me. All those pretty elements - the ceiling, lighting, colors, art! Gorgeous.

  7. I'm in love with the navy chair in that office! Wowza!

  8. Well aren't you clever! I never once thought about taking pics of the magazine pics! I had NO clue about the no pics rule until got in trouble by one of the ladies there by taking cell phone pics. Oops! Luckily I din't go waltzing in with my big camera! It was quite embarrassing. But honestly I didn't see the million signs they had posted! Too busy looking at all the good stuff! :) The contemporary home was my favorite as well. Simply because it was such a departure from the norm for local showhouses. Definitely worth the trip!


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