May 2013 - Dimples and Tangles


I'm starting a new series on Fridays that I hope will be semi regular (I don't have the best track record with series, but this one should be lots of fun!).  There are so many bits and pieces of things that I'd like to share with you, but may not be worthy of a full post, so I thought I'd corral them all together in one random post each week.  So, this will be a collection of various links and things I've been loving this week! 

I'm dying over this outdoor living space.  Rhoda from Southern Hospitality posted the pic from a show house she visited a few years ago.  Click that link to see more photos from this amazing home.  

Several of you loved it as much as I did, so here's the link where you can order this fabric that I shared earlier this week (I ordered mine yesterday!).  It's Robert Allen Malakos, and I found it at one of my favorite online fabric sites.  Not too bad at 18.95/yard for a few pillows, and it also comes in a really pretty rich blue and charcoal black.

I fininshed painting the dresser.  It's still drying and I need to add the knobs, but I can't wait to get it all styled up and show it to you next week. 

This bedroom:

It puts the colors I've been wanting to use in my master bedroom together, and throws in some GREEN! So, it's now my inspiration photo for that room.

I shared this on Instagram (follow me at jenniferdimplesandtangles) yesterday, but I'm crazy about it!  It's a functioning door knob but I'm going back to check it out to see if maybe I can make it work to replace the 2 dummy knobs on my kitchen pantry doors.

And finally, a huge thank you to Ashley from The Handmade Home for featuring my Green China Cabinet this past week.  If you're not familiar with her blog, you're missing out!  Here's her amazing living room, filled with projects she and her husband have done themselves.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I've got a few things on the DIY list that will hopefully get marked off, how about you?



A few weeks ago I visited the OKC Symphony Show Home.  Believe it or not, it's the first time I've ever toured a show home!  I went with my Mom and another Mother and Daughter who are long time family friends and we had the best time touring.  

There were actually 3 new construction homes that were on the tour, each one having it's own theme...Traditional, Italian, and Contemporary.  Honestly, I found most of the furnishings in the first two homes to be very dark and heavy, although beautiful.  The "Contemporary" home was my favorite, mainly because it was mostly light and bright and filled with so many designs that are on trend right now.

Strictly no photos were allowed (people were posted in every room!), but there were a few things I wanted to share with you so photos from the program are the best I can do.

First up, a bonus room with some fabrics that are now on my wish list.  How could I not LOVE those green lattice curtains?  And, Malachite prints and finishes are so hot right now, those cute stools are right on trend.  I've done some digging and found that the curtains are Xu Garden by Kravet and the Malachite is Robert Allen Malakos.  If I could find a super deal on the Xu Garden, or something very similar, I'm tempted to make new drapes for my living room.  Still love the black ones, but it would be fun to switch out to a lighter fabric for the spring and summer months.  That pink zebra on the chaise is super fun too.

A few things in this kitchen in the Italian house caught my eye, the pretty barstools and the unique lantern-like light fixture over the sink.  The island was also gorgeous...a muted green distressed and glazed.  And the surface of the island was concrete-it was SO soft and smooth we almost couldn't believe it!

The mixed finishes of the woodwork made this little nook interesting, and that orb chandelier is fantastic.

OK, this was the coolest idea! This is a stairway leading down to a basement theater room, and those are all glass orbs attached to the wall!  Many of them were Christmas ornament size, but several of the larger ones were about as big as a gazing ball.  It appeared that most of them were attached to the wall by using a command hook and resting the opening of the ball over the hook.  I think a grouping of these inside an oversized frame, maybe as part of a gallery wall or completely on it's own, would be quite the statement piece of art!

And the theater room at the bottom...takeaways here are the fabulous modern light fixture and the books on the shelf in the back.  See those pops of blue?  They covered all of books with brown craft paper and the spines of the books with blue duct tape to make them look cohesive.

Another favorite room that has so many currently popular upholstery, a beautiful table as a desk, modern lighting, the zebra rug, and a ghost chair.

I saved the best for last!  The designer of these last rooms is a friend from church, but I don't think I was biased when deciding that her rooms were the best of the lot!  Everyone that I was with agreed as well.

Everything about this guest room is gorgeous.  The neutral palette filled with texture, the pops or orange and blue, the plates on the wall and pretty chandelier.  

And, the kitchen is swoon-worthy.  The planked ceiling, double-pendants over the island, open shelving and detailed trim work on the island, subway backsplash, apron sink...I could go on and on!

This little desk area is part of the kitchen, but set off in it's own little nook so it's not readily visible.  I love that idea...and the pretty botanicals don't hurt either!

I know some of these rooms got my creative wheels spinning...I hope you got some new ideas as well!



Hi everybody!  I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.  We got a lot of work accomplished in the yard, rearranged some furniture, attended 2 beautiful sweet weddings, celebrated my Mom's birthday, and spent yesterday doing nothing but relaxing, playing cards, swimming, and watching old movies.  It was perfect!

As I hinted at in a post last week, I moved a small dresser that had been beside my bed into the living room.  I had a similar piece there before, but relocated it elsewhere in the room...will show you the rearranged look soon.

Anyway, for a while I've wanted a change for this wall of brown.  I didn't want to paint the old piece that was there, but since this dresser is there now I'm open to anything! 

New hardware is a given, I'm thinking of filling in some holes and just using knobs. 

You guys know I will always be devoted to the color green, but lately I've been wanting to mix it up a little and add in something new, and blue is really growing on me.  I picked up this little lamp last week while thrifting, 

and the picture doesn't do it's rich color justice, but I'm smitten with the color right now and think it might be just the thing to brighten up the window wall in my living room.  I like how it plays well with so many hues of green.  The green china cabinet is across the room in plain sight in the dining room, and I already have lots of black paint around, so I'm game to try something new.

Here are a few paint chips I picked up to try:

Behr Peacock Tail

Behr Realm

Behr Tropical Skies

They are all similar, but one's a little more green, one's a little lighter, and one's a little darker.  Whatever I end up using, I think I'll go high-gloss!

So, what do you think?  Should I go a totally different direction?  Any other color suggestions?



I wanted to wish the happiest of birthdays to my Mom today.  I won't say how old she is, but it's a big one and she's happy to be on Medicare!  :)

My Mom has taught me so many to sew, cook, clean, decorate a beautiful home, love my family, and the value of a smile.  

Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you!



Thank you all so much for your many comments, prayers, and concern for my family and our great state of Oklahoma.  The search and rescue efforts have ended and things are now moving into recovery and clean-up mode.  We are so sorry for those who have lost loved ones and whose lives have been turned upside down, but it is SO encouraging to see how Oklahomans have once again risen to the challenge and are turning out in droves to volunteer, donate, and support in whatever way they can.  We are also so grateful for the love we feel from around the nation and across the is much appreciated.  Once again, if you would like to help by making a monetary donation, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is the charity I highly recommend.  Many of our people are working with them and we hope to as a family be able to pitch in the the days to come as well. 100% of the money given goes straight to help others.  I love this clip where even the national news media recognize how faith-based organizations and the Baptist Disaster Relief in particular can get things done!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday I picked up this oil painting during a quick thrift store stop.  I've never bought this kind of thing while thrifting before, but I've seen them gracing so many eclectic gallery walls, and this one spoke to me.  The painting itself was in pretty good shape, but the frame and mat were nasty.  I knew right away how I wanted this makeover to go!

(affiliate links used in this post at no extra cost to you)

About 10 years ago (pre-blogs!) the Pottery Barn catalog was a good source of inspiration to me for new ideas.  One thing that I always wanted to replicate was the walls of big collections of framed, matted photos.  However, when on a limited budget, all of those custom sized photo mats can add up quickly!  So, I invested in my own Mat Cutter.  In the 10 years since, it's more than paid for itself with all of the mats I have cut.  

Large sheets of mat board are available at most framing and craft supply stores.  I always purchase mine at Hobby Lobby for less than $5 when on sale or with a coupon.  They measure 32 x40", so depending on the size of your frame you can get several mats out of one sheet.  

It's so easy to cut your own mats.  I've always followed the directions that came with the cutter, but now I've done so many I don't have to refer to them.  The directions also include information for cutting double mats, and also many other shapes rather than the traditional square or rectangle opening.  

Supplies Needed:

Mat Cutter, Mat board, pencil, yardstick, utility knife, backing board, table protection (I use an old cardboard cutting board folded over)

This is what the cutter looks like:

Put something over your table or counter to protect it.  When trimming the mat the knife will go through the mat board, so protect your surface! 

1) Cut the mat board to fit inside the frame you want to use.  Since I was replacing an old mat, I traced around it to get the size I needed.  

I like to use a yardstick as a straight edged and trim the board with a utility or exacto knife.  You can also do this step with the mat cutter, but I find it quicker to do it this way so I'm not having to switch around the blade on the cutter.

2) Decide what size you want the border of your mat to be.  I wanted a 2" mat.  Set the guide on the mat cutter to your desired size.  

3) TURN THE MAT BOARD FACE DOWN, and using the guide, draw a pencil line on all four sides.  These will be the lines you cut on.

4) The corners that you have marked will show you where to start and stop with the blade.

5) Put the backing board under your mat.  I use another piece of old mat board for this-your blade will be cutting into it so it needs to be something thick. Put the mat board back under the guide.  

Using the register mark on the side of the blade, line it up with the pencil mark you have made.  This is where your cut will start.  Use your left hand to press down firmly on the metal guide edge to hold the mat in place, while depressing the blade into the mat with your right thumb.  Pushing down firmly, slowly and steadily run the blade along the guide, cutting through the mat.

6) Stop when the register mark on the side of the blade cutter reaches the next edge.  Sometimes it takes a little practice to stop at exactly the right spot, just don't cut past the pencil line!

7) Pull the mat board out, rotate it to the next pencil marked edge, and follow the same steps to cut the remaining three sides.

8) If all goes well, the middle section should pop right out and you will have a perfectly, professionally cut mat!

The portion that came out of the middle is big enough that I'll use it for another mat on another project.  And I've probably been under a rock, but I've never noticed this double sided mat.  The top is white and the bottom is black, so when cut the inside beveled edge is the opposite color than the front part of the mat.  Love that little detail!

With a new mat, a quick coat of spray paint, and a little gold detailing, here's how it turned out.  

I think it will be the perfect piece to start with for a gallery wall in my bedroom.  The painting in the frame was $5, and I probably used around $2 worth of the mat board, so not a bad start for $7!

See that dresser in the shot?  It started out as Emily's dresser and now it's been functioning as my nightstand. Now since I got the new ones to go there I'm thinking of doing something like this and moving it to the living room. 

Here are a few other places where I've used pictures with mats that I cut myself:

To make the zebra mat shown here, I used a spray adhesive to glue wrapping paper to the board before I cut the center holes in the mat, then proceeded with the above steps.


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Thank you so much to all of you who have sent word checking to see if we were ok.  We are on the north side of OKC in Edmond, and the tornado struck Moore which is on the south side of OKC.  

I watched it all live on tv from the moment the funnel formed.  To hear the newscasters saying, "Oh, this is a deadly tornado" as you watch it blow by and rip up houses and buildings just makes your heart drop.  It's so shocking to watch such power and destruction and know there's not one thing you can do to stop it.  

I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life (except for a few years away after we married), and unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence.  Today was just especially horrific.

I'm sure you have all seen coverage on your news, so I don't need to share too many details.  Just sharing how heart-breaking this devastation is.  


As I write there are still many missing people and children that were at school.  The death toll is in the 50s and feared to rise higher.  Please join me in praying for those families who have lost a loved one or who still have someone missing.  I can't imagine being separated from my child and not being able to get to them. 


I just can't write about paint and fabric when disaster is this close to home.  It so brings into perspective those things that are really important.


My husband is on his way right now with another church member and our church bus to head to the area affected and help shuttle people to safety and shelters.  Everything is just so torn up and unrecognizable that everyone is having a hard time getting around.

If you feel inclined to help, here are two very worthy organizations that I highly recommend.  We have personally donated to the BGCO Disaster Relief Team and I encourage you to do the same.

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma's Disaster Relief Team-  Donate here
The Red Cross- Donate here

Our pastor is preaching through Psalm 100 right now and has encouraged everyone to memorize the short chapter.  There's no way to make sense out of a situation like this other than knowing that the Lord is in control.  I'm finding comfort in it's verses tonight, and will leave you with it's words...

Shout joyfully to the Lord all the earth.

Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful singing.  

Know that the Lord Himself is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.  
Give thanks to him, bless His name.

For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting and 
His faithfulness to all generations.

Psalm 100 (NASB)



Hey guys!  I'm writing from the church this evening, because our power has been out for almost 24 hours now.  So, although we're able to keep the computer and our phones charged up at various places, I can't blog without wi-fi!  

Severe winds blew through with storms Saturday evening, and knocked down some major power poles across the busiest intersection in OKC.  And, although our backyard backs up to a creek and greenbelt area, we're just a stone's throw away and our power lines must tie into those.  

I'm prepared for it to take a few days for them to get the mess cleaned up and power restored.  Target (gasp!) and most of the businesses in the area are out as well.  The strange thing is that the front half of our neighborhood has power but the back does not.  It's brutal to drive home and see everyone else's lights on and arrive at darkness at our house.  I totally feel for all of the people who have been without power for long periods of time.

But, it's not too hot yet, we have a gas stove and grill, and hot water, so we're fine.  We're experiencing life for a few days pioneer style, but thankfully have functioning bathrooms!  It's going to be interesting seeing what I come up with to eat out of the pantry and a few things in a ice chest.

We also ran (in our car) from a tornado this afternoon which did end up touching down across town and doing some damage.  I can't watch the news, but just from what I've seen online I don't think there are any injuries, thank the Lord.  So thankful for His protection.  Life with Oklahoma weather is never dull!

So, all that to say, not sure when I'll be back with a post this week!  Hope your weekend was bright and sunny.  We did some shopping and made some definite plans for the front yard, just hoping I get to do some work on it this week.  And we thoroughly enjoyed our night out with dinner and Jerry Seinfeld

a last soccer game, two baseball games, a birthday party, and a piano recital.  This weekend has been....eventful.  

I think I'm ready for bed.  :) 



It's Friday...ya-hoo!

Today we're hitting some garage sales and then shopping around to try to get this 

looking a little more like this.


(Reality will probably never look like that, but anything will be an improvement and one can dream, right?)

We're also getting ready for a fun evening with our dear friends where we will eat here

and then go see him.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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