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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Over Spring Break, we headed to Dallas for a few days and our first stop was the Dallas Arboretum.  My friend Sarah at Tucker Up had her bridal portraits taken at the Arboretum.  They are truly spectacular!  Seeing her photos is what brought this magical place to my attention.  We lived in north Fort Worth for the first five years of our marriage, but we never visited.

Wanna see a slide show from our afternoon?  Good! 

There are places to picnic

water to splash

lizards to catch

villages to visit

fields to plow

ponds to peek at

stone benches to sit on (wouldn't mind having a few of those for my yard!)

paths to peruse

and structures to survey.

As pretty as it was in Spring, I can only imagine what it would look like when the leaves are on the trees.  Dallas blooms is going on through the end of this week, but I'm sure it's breathtaking no matter what time of year you visit.  We planned our visit for a Wednesday, which was 1/2 price day.  Good thing, because the admission is pricey ($15/adult, $10/child).  There is also a fee for parking, but we got that half price as well by paying online.  

If you're local to Dallas or planning a trip, the Arboretum is definitely worth a visit!  It got a thumbs up from our family, although technically the kids called it "boring cool".... whatever that means.

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  1. How beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful day! I love the classification "boring cool", that sounds like my kids!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful? I grew up going there...before it was the Arboretum it was the DeGolyer Estate and grounds. We love to go and bought a pass right when we moved back here. We go for an hour or two then run over to Knox and Henderson to Pottery Barn. :)

  3. Lovely !!! WE were there last OCtober with all the pumpkins and fall decor. Chihulie exhibit was there too. What a fun place. Love your pics

  4. what a beautiful place! Love those tulips!

  5. Ha! Boring cool, what a perfect kid description! Botanical gardens are always on my list when visiting a city, so pretty!

  6. I have lived here for about 2 1/2 years now, and have yet to visit the Arboretum! I really need to drag the family there, although I have a feeling my kids will most likely think it's all boring, and not cool ;) I have also yet to visit Babe's....I know, I live under a rock! Glad your trip went well, you guys sure missed the bad weather we have been having lately.

  7. Oh, Jennifer, I'm so glad you visited! I love it there! It's beautiful anytime, however, the fall is breathtaking. Of course, that's my favorite season. :) My brother was married there ~ so beautiful and peaceful.

    You must come back for High Tea some day! It's quite an enjoyable experience.



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