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Monday, April 1, 2013


A few weeks ago I scored a great new pairs of thrift store lamps that needed a makeover as well as new shades.   Target always has a great selection of shades, but even the largest drum shade was a bit too small for the lamps.  So, I had my eye out for just the right shade when we went to Ikea over Spring Break.  And, I found it!  It's the Jara shade, but I really only paid attention to the size (not the frame inside, keep reading) was just right.

But, I didn't pay close enough attention to the inside, and when I went to attach it to the lamp, womp womp.  The hole was too big to fit on the socket, because the original intent for this shade was for it to be a hanging pendant lamp.

After further inspection of the framework, I discovered that the sides can be unlatched and the socket hole can be swiveled upside down, so it is closer to the top of the shade.

Now the shade would work with a harp, but the hole was too big for the finial to secure the shade to the harp.

Enter...two $0.24 washers from Lowe's.   I forgot what number the washers are, but the diameter is right at 2 inches.

I used a thin bead of Gorilla Glue (if you've never used it before, it expands as it dries, so go easy) and followed the application directions to secure the washer to the too-large hole.

After the glue dried, I gave all of the frame hardware a quick spray with Rustoleum's metallic gold to unify everything.  

Now everything fits together perfectly!

I am SO happy with how the lamps turned out...can't wait to show you later in the week!

P.S. - I've also got a new post up at WordSlingers.  Come on over to see my picks for some must-have spring wardrobe pieces. 

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  1. Ahhh you are so clever! Great idea.
    Hope you had a wonderful week off with your family!

  2. Great idea! I just used the same drum shade to make my small light fixture larger. It's very versatile. I love what you did. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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  4. That is a great idea! I have passed on those shades for that exact reason! Now I have one more excuse to go to Ikea!! I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter! I'm so glad you are back, I missed you friend!!

  5. What a great idea! I see a peek of green ~ could that be the lamp? :) So glad you had a wonderful week and got to visit Ikea.


  6. Great idea, I love BIG shades! I see a peek of your favorite color, can't imagine you painting over that, so I'm guessing that's the new color! :)

  7. Oh, so glad to find this!!! I've considered purchasing their shades several times but hesitate due to the fact I'd have to convert it. Pinning!
    - Lora

  8. Clever solution! I have a wobbly ikea shade on a mismatched lamp base right now!

  9. I could seriously hug you right now -- I've bee trying to figure out how to make the Jara shade fit my thrifted lamps. Voila! You've solved my problem. For $.48. Thanks!

  10. Thank you sooooooooo much. EXCELLENT application, and the photos are a great touch to show your work!!! A+++ -- I've taken all I needed and then some, thanks a lot! -E Marshall

  11. THANKS...I am over at my crib being an inventor but this will work! Smooches!!!!

  12. Thank you SO much for this idea and post. I just purchased a lamp and shade from different locations, and didn't realize that the lamp is meant to be used with a harp, but the shade is for a screw-on application. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a solution - and here it is!! Genius!!

  13. Thank you thank you for solving my big mystery!!! Same story... So happy to now find a solution for my upside down harp of my gorgeous thrift store $4 shade!! Can't wait to do this, thanks!!! You saved me!


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