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Friday, April 5, 2013


A while back I noticed a pretty clam shell arrangement on Pinterest, and since I needed some inspiration for mine I quickly searched for more.  Here are some that I pinned...

                                                                 Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                              Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                    Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And then last week I saw Amanda's pretty arrangement and it sealed the deal for me.

I followed her suggestion of using hot glue to affix a foam brick to the bottom and then covered it with spanish moss and a mixture of several other mosses that I had on hand.  I chose the same pinkish-purple orchids from Hobby Lobby and stuck them in.

I liked it, but I felt like it was still missing something...leaves.  HL didn't have anything even close to looking like an orchid leaf, but I found these at Michael's and they were perfect.

They had five leaves, so I clipped the floral tape apart and split them into two smaller sections.  I also divided the "roots" and wrapped them back together with the leaves using a piece of wire. 

I added an abandoned bird's nest from the yard...


and the stems were a little flimsy so I used a wooden skewer tied with a piece of raffia to support them.

And then, I liked the result.

Using sales and coupons the total for the flowers and leaves came in at around $20 (I already had the moss and shell).  Not bad considering the cost of one real orchid, and I think this faux arrangement is quite convincing. 

You get a little sneak peek at my new lamps with the Ikea Jara shade, too.  I'll show you those on Monday.  

If you're looking for an idea for a Spring arrangement, something like this would be pretty in any vessel... a vintage trophy cup or ice bucket, an old dough bowl, a pewter serving piece, a classic piece of blue and white pottery, a pretty piece of milk glass, or even an interesting basket. 

I hope you all have such a happy weekend!  The Expedit is assembled and placed in Caleb's room, so I'll be working to put it in order this weekend.  And, we're going back and forth between soccer and baseball games.  Good times!  I can never thank you enough for following along with me!


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  1. so chic! i used rub n buff on a huge clam shell interior and gave to a friend for christmas- i am sending this link to her so she can see! i think she'd like it! :)

  2. I fell in love with Amanda's too, yours looks SO pretty! I need a big shell! Can't wait for the lamps, is that GK trim I spy... :) Have fun sports mom, same on our agenda!

  3. Oh I love this! I MUST have a giant clamshell now. I've been eyeing the one at YHL for a long time, and now this's too much.

  4. Oh soooo pretty….I need something like that in my foyer. A pretty plant that reflects in the mirror. Where did you get your big ol' clam shell? I can't believe I don't have one, what with my shell and beach obsession.

  5. yay!!! I love it!! and that nest is awesome!

  6. That's a fantastic idea and one I am saving to "copycat"!

  7. Pretty! A little hint of summer in a glam way :)

  8. Where on earth do you buy a big clam shell? I didn't even know I needed one til I read Jennifer's post. Now I simply must have one:)

    1. Ha! I bought mine at the Ballard Outlet, you can read about it here:

      Here's a link for some others (although they're a bit pricey!):

  9. Looks gorgeous! Very spring like ~ and great job with the leaves. The nest is perfect too.


  10. Ooh, I really want/need a clam shell...badly! I love your arrangement, and I also LOVE to use faux orchids, because really, the only thing I have managed to keep alive indoors are ferns. I have one in our living room, with the leaves as well, have had it for years now, and still love it. Hope you guys have a great weekend, finally, it seems like our weather will be cooperating.

  11. You just made my day! I've been wondering if I could buy the leaves separately. I have an older faux orchid that the flowers still look really nice but the leaves all split into a "top & bottom" that looks truly atrocious. Now I feel inspired to keep looking for replacement leaves!

  12. I love the clam shell! Gorgeous addition!


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