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Friday, March 1, 2013


One of the many reasons I love blogging is that I occasionally get to ask you, my readers, for your advice!  You guys are way smarter than me, and I value your opinions!  So, I'm coming to you today with another question.

What would you do with this?

(I robbed those two knobs for the doors on the china cabinet!)

I'm still formulating a plan for my master bedroom, and this one has me stumped.  You should know, my dad made this armoire from scratch.  It's huge-almost 7 feet tall- and weighs a ton.  He won the prize of a rotator cuff surgery after manhandling this thing.  Stained wood is not a favorite for many people, but I actually don't mind it and think I would warm the room up.  I think the grain in this piece is interesting.

All of that being said,  for many months I've been trying to decide what to do with it.  Leave it as is?  Leave it stained, but maybe darken it up a bit (and is there an easier way to do that rather than sanding it all and re-staining)?  Paint it?  Put some mirrored panels on the doors?  

I know you all don't know the design plan for the room, but here are a few things I know.  The walls are grey, doors are black and trim is white.  The bedding will be neutral (except for the pillows) with an upholstered headboard, I'm not sure what the finish on the nightstands will be yet, and I'll probably use some bamboo shades (which would be the same tone as the armoire is now) with this fabric for the drapery. That gives you a bit of an idea...

We're hoping to make a final decision and purchase a mattress today.  We're trading our queen mattresses for a full set from my mom, and will use that to upgrade Caleb from a twin.  And, this guy will be headed for Craig's List tomorrow.

Thank you for faithfully reading.  I consider you all friends, and often mention around here..."I have a blog friend in Dallas," or "I have a blog friend in Massachusetts..." or Denver... or Atlanta...  or Orlando...   Have a beautiful weekend, spring is right around the corner! 

Would you like to comment?

  1. I would leave it as is. Because that is the way your dad made it. I do love the new knobs though.

  2. I hope I'm the blog friend in Massachusetts!!!!!!! I ALWAYS call you guys "my friend…." because I really and truly do feel like that's what you are….and I'm so blessed by all of you!
    Okay the armoire. I have fallen back in love with the wood tone of my own armoire, so I think not painting it would be a nice way to have a little warmth in your room, along with the bamboo shades, particularly against the cool grey backdrop. It's a nice balance. That being said, how about painting the INSIDE some fabulously fun color?? And yes, fun knobs are a must!

  3. I love mirrored furniture. I've been thinking of "convincing" my hubby to makeover something to hide all our kids craft things :)

  4. I'm like Lisa, and hope I'm your friend from Dallas ;) As for the armoire, it's a tough one, I was going to say paint it, up until I read that your dad made it, I don't think I would have the heart to do that, maybe a darker stain, you can always dress up the inside ;) Definitely go for bigger knobs too. Also, if you do like the look of mirror furniture, how about putting some temporary panels in the front (I'm sure there has to be something for that), but just don't glue them on permanently. Hope you have a great weekend, and good luck with Craig's list too, I have a love/hate relationship with it.

  5. You can use gel stain. Although I love someone's idea of finishing in mirror look

  6. I do like the warmth wood adds to the cool gray, maybe darker like the bed, or a dark glaze rather than a solid look, to give it a bit of patina. Or, do you like the gray wash (Restoration Hardware look)? It looks like that color of stain would be a good candidate. Here's a photo

    Have fun!

  7. i am in maryland so i am not sure we are friends at all anymore! ;) he he. i think i love the warmth, too, but maybe a darker finish or a washed finish (like the oak dresser i shared monday). just looked and pam and i are thinking the same thing there. here is the link to mine...
    i know whatever you decide will be awesome! you have great style and make good choices. :)

    1. Cassie, we totally are! :) I was in a hurry to post this morning and couldn't remember where everyone was... Thanks for the link and suggestion, I'll check it out! I do like the thought of a whitewashed look too.

  8. If you paint it, and then glaze it, the glaze will bring the grain back out in the wood. White might be pretty.

  9. :) Well first of all I'd move that thing to MY sewing room - it would be perfect to help contain my out-of-control fabric stacks!!!
    I'd paint it if it were mine - probably white! But maybe you want to wait and see what the stained wood looks like with the rest of the redo? New cool knobs would really knock it up a notch :)

  10. I like that it is the same color as the chair legs and would want to see how the shades look before painting it. I think I would wallpaper the doors inside the frame , something you like or grasscloth to tie in with the shades...or use starch to apply fabric to that area. Starch doesn't damage the surface. I think most of the "noise" is coming from the wood grain on the doors and would address that first. Of course change out the hardware...maybe high gloss black knobs would glam it up to tie into the houndstooth and black door.

  11. Well, I know I'm your friend from the Ft. Worth area! LOL It's amazing how we determine that folks we've never met are truly our friends isn't it? I love it!

    This is a hard one for me. The only reason I would hesitate to paint it is because your Dad made it. Otherwise, I'd say yes, do it! I like adding mirrors to the doors and some awesome hardware. Perhaps once you get the bed in plus the pillows, it will make it easier? Love the fabric for the window treatments! What do you think about a lighter shade to coordinate with the fabric? Ok, I'll stop ~ I think I'm making it worse. :)


  12. Don't paint it for sure as your Dad made it for you. Put the mirrors on the door attached with velcro. They make industrial strength velcro and the mirrors will be secure. Why don't you get some really fun knobs or just glitz it out knobs.
    Either way, it's a beautiful piece and your Dad's work is amazing. For the inside I would decorate a removable board of some kind (foam maybe) with wrapping paper, fabric, or contact paper in a fun hip pattern. So, nothing would be permanent. Judy Morano

  13. Jennifer, your dad did a lovely job. My daddy used to refinish furniture, so he was always taking paint OFF! Since he's not here anymore, I tend to keep things that he refinished. Just to feel like he's near. If you like the wood, then keep the wood. Personally, I would have a hard time painting things since I grew up with lots of natural wood. But I'm really loving a lot of these pieces that women are painting. Especially the cheapo things. They look awesome! I wish I were nearer to you. I absolutely love the bed you are putting on Craigslist ! You shouldn't have a hard time getting a buyer. Good luck. Thanks VERY much for sharing !

    A new friend in Texas !


  14. Whoa, this is a tough one. Just reading along, I felt the chalk/whatever paints would be the way to go. Then you wrote that your Dad made this piece, and even suffered an injury because of it. That changed everything for me. Fads come and go. I would not have the heart to change what my Dad had worked so hard on. Just my .02 cents worth.

  15. WOW , I love the fact you have a hand made piece from your Dad ! What a gift. I would have a hard time changing something my Dad had made also. I would try to keep it original as much as I could . Change the knobs and enjoy the craftsmanship your Dad has put in it .It is beautiful !!


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