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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We were busy last weekend playing musical mattresses and selling things on Craig's List.  We finally selected a new mattress!  Thank you all so much for your input a few weeks ago, your suggestions were really helpful.  You all love your Tempurpedics!  However, several mentioned that they were hot and we don't want that AT ALL, and they are quite pricey!  We considered a nice coil/foam topped mattress, but were told that in a few years manufacturers won't be using coils at all anymore, and will be moving towards strictly foam.  I told Ray I felt like we'd be buying a VCR in the DVD age.  We selected the Serta iComfort Insight mattress, not as pricey as the Tempurpedic and it is made with a foam core and a top layer of a memory foam/cool gel mixture. It's not the top of the line but there's a definite difference between it and a traditional mattress.  We've slept on it for several nights and it feels really good, although it's supposed to take around a month to fully break it in.  I've started collecting bedding...whew!  There are lots of parts and pieces to get when you completely change mattress sizes.

My favorite sale at Dillard's was last weekend, so I picked up a coverlet with shams and a dust ruffle for a steal.  The dust ruffle may not stay, but for around $10 it will work for now, or I might doctor it up a bit.

This is all WAY neutral for me, but I'm hoping it's a great foundation for some color to come.

One problem, the mattress and box springs are much shorter than our old bed, so the dust ruffle drags the ground.  I'd like the bed to be higher so it will look a bit more substantial.  I'm considering trying out these plastic cup-type risers to add some height.  Has anyone ever used them?  Did they work well?  I'm planning to make an upholstered headboard so we'll just be using a metal bed frame underneath.

I couldn't resist showing you this purchase from the sale either.  After all, Emerald IS the color of the year!

And clearly, I need to dig out the can of spray-tan.

In anticipation of our new mattress, we made some changes .  We took our old queen set to my mom's house and brought back the full set that she didn't want anymore.  We put that in Caleb's teeny tiny room, so we sold his twin bed, mattresses, and desk.  They were practically sold within 15 minutes of listing them!  And, my wood queen bedframe sold the next day.  So yay!, we have nothing left over hanging out in the garage, and I have a pocketful of cash to do some shopping for our new room.  I heart Craig's List.  We're planning a trip to Ikea in the near future so I'm excited about getting some pieces for my son's room (and maybe a few other things too).

OK, that's it for today.  See you tomorrow with whatever project I finish up today!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Sounds like y'all have had the bedding version of musical chairs! For many years I put our metal bed frames on concrete blocks and hid the blocks with bed skirts to make the beds higher. When I got a new husband, he did not like that idea for elevating the bed. He did agree, however, to purchasing an extra box spring (a cheap one) to put under the main box spring. That worked too. I don't know if the new foam mattresses use box springs. I have not used the plastic cup things. I am so used to having higher beds that a normal height bed looks low to me now. Your neutral bed linens are a good way to go for now, I think too.

  2. Yeay for the new mattress! I tell you, shopping for a mattress is not fun. As for the new bedding, it will all come together I'm sure. I have never tried the risers, so can't be of any help there. I think you might be the only person who genuinely likes craig's list, it gives me the heebie jebbies ;) Did I read that you will coming to Ikea soon???? Let me know when you do :) Oh, and I LOVEEEEE your shoes!!!

  3. I have just bought some of those plastic bed risers and I love them !The style is lacking , but I love I can slide my storage boxes in out from the bed with no problem . Before it was a pain. I ordered mine from Wal Mart . They have a box for dorms. It has extra risers in it . I thought they would always come in handy a for table behind a couch that needed some height or to even
    raise some lamps etc... I thought the price was reasonable for the variety that you get. Enjoy your new bed . :)

    1. Thanks! The set from Walmart is what I have my eye on. I plan for the bed skirt to hide them, so I hope they don't show. Great idea on using them other places!

  4. Yay for getting the 'necessary' things out of the way - let the fun begin!! I think I have the same lamp from HomeGoods??

  5. Gathering and paying for the bedding and bedding accessories was the hardest part for me when we switched to a king size. King size stuff is SO much more pricey!! I have a cream coverlet that I use and I love it because I can always change everything else for color for a lot less. (love the shoes ;))

  6. love the bed and the shoes! good choices, friend! :)

  7. Have used risers very successfully. Even our 6'4" son in law did not

  8. Good for you! It's quite a change...physically in a room and money wise when you change sizes. I hope you really enjoy the new set.

    Shoes are darling!


  9. Loving your bedding thus far! I just made my own trek to IKEA for my son's bedroom -- found a few things for his room and then some -- have fun!

  10. Ooo, those shoes!!

    I love an excuse for new bedding. ;) Love what you have chosen so far!

  11. Yay for your new bed!!! But I am lovin' the emerald shoes, my fav!!

  12. Jennifer, that is very exciting about your new bed. We love sleep around here, the bed is paramount to my daily cheerfulness!! I am actually making a bedskirt right now, so I could raise up the bed a bit. I also used the plastic risers in my son's room to create more storage, you can read about it here at Living Savvy where I did a guest post:
    LOVE the cute shoes - they make me yearn for springtime! And even if you're not Irish, I think they would be perfect for St. Paddy's Day!!

  13. Jennifer, I have a set of bed risers that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. They're wood and have a cherry finish to them. That may be too dark a finish for you, but they came in other colors too and I'm sure you could paint them. They're mostly covered by the dust ruffle but since some of it shows, I'm glad they at least looked like furniture! Love your new spring shoes! So glad one of my favorite colors is the "in color" this year :)

  14. Love that gorgeous lamp! And it may be neutral but it looks very soothing and will be perfect with a pop of colour. xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  15. Your mattress looks fantastic! I, myself, wouldn’t go for a pricey mattress if it wouldn’t give me the comfort I need from it. For me, what’s important is having a mattress that is made of good materials and one that would allow me to have a good sleep. ^___^

    Twana Culver

  16. “ we'd be buying a VCR in the DVD age. “ -- I really like the comparison. Who would've thought buying a mattress would also need some considerations for the future. It shows even a bed can go out of style! Anyway, I think it's a smart choice. See you on the flip side. :D


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