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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Many times I hear "You're so creative, I don't know how you come up with so many great ideas!" from my friends.  Truth be told, although I do have an original idea here and there, I like to consider myself a good gleaner, or collector of ideas.  I can see a design or project and usually take what I have and come up with a similar look.  It will still have my own spin on it, but I draw inspiration from many sources.

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day in Oklahoma.  Our usual Sunday schedule is church in the morning, lunch at home, and then chilling out in the afternoon before returning to church for the evening service and activities.  The kids had the great idea to take the kite to our neighborhood park, and we enjoyed some "loafing" until it was time to get ready. 

They went a bit early with Ray, so I had about an hour where I was going to clean up and fluff some things.  I was straightening the counter and came across this page I had torn out of the Pottery Barn catalog.  I initially saved it because I liked the styling on the coffee table, but upon second glance I noticed the little side table with the stack of books below it, and inspiration struck.

(By the way, see that jack on the coffee table?  I've seen no less that 5 here and there in different photos in the last few days...I want one!)

I have this cute little table in our living room, and I'm never quite sure how to style it.  It always seems like it needs SOMETHING, but it's not big enough for much more than a drink landing spot.

Before I knew it, this was happening (mind you, less than an hour before I needed to leave for's how I work best), and I was rummaging through the garage for a can of glossy black spray paint.  

After letting it cure for a day or two, I brought it in and started playing around. 

I pulled lots of our favorite hardback children's books and piled them up.  Emily and I are currently reading one of my old Nancy Drew books, The Bungalow Mystery, so I added that to the top for easy access.

This little table has always been a bit wobbly and easy to knock over, so the extra weight and stability of the books is a good bonus.

So there you have it, a little insight into how most projects happen around here...on a whim!  And, I even made it to church on time. :)

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  1. Tremendous difference for such a relatively simple project. I love how it came out! Glossy black is almost always a winner :)

  2. what a great use of space!!! and i feel the same way- i collect ideas and then make them my own! creativity is meant to be shared though!

  3. Perfection!! Love it! We used to take naps between church services but found it so hard to wake up and be alert for church, flying a kite sounds like a much better idea!

  4. I love what you did with that table! Such a great idea - I like to look through a pottery barn catalog for inspiration too. I have a couple that I have writtn 'SAVE' across the front with a black sharpie cause there is cool stuff in there that I like!!
    And I do a lot of knock off stuff too :) Copying is the best form of complement :)

  5. I love that idea! I might be adding a few books to the bottom of my side table tonight :) By the way, I got a large jack from Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago. I have seen a lot of them in the last few weeks too!

  6. You seriously blow my mind! Love this!

  7. LOVE it! Of course, I love black and this table is just perfect now. Great job ~


  8. Cute little table and the books are perfect. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love your take on PB's table! Can you believe I've never spray painted any furniture ~ time to remedy that, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I have the same table passed to me from my grandmother. After all these years sitting in our basement, it now has its place in our family room. Yes, it needs a new dressing, but that will have to wait till spring. My grandchildren's "read-it-again books" are neatly piled on its bottom shelf. Thank you and PB for the inspiration.

  11. It turned out great! Love the glossy finish!

  12. Darling, just darling! Love the way you styled this too. Thanks for sharing your creative process :)

  13. We call these tables demi-lunes (half-moons) for obvious reasons. They are great for tight spaces. I love the way you used the bottom supports to hold books.


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