February 2013 - Dimples and Tangles


It's Pinterest Challenge time again, and I accepted!  Katie of Bower Power and Sherry of Young House Love dreamed up this idea for a link party to get us motivated to DO something we've PINNED.  Last time around I made some oversized silhouettes, and this time I added a bit of detail to our plain jane barstools.  You know what they say...it's all in the details, and after this project, I completely agree!

Here were a couple of pins that served as inspiration to get my wheels turning...

                                                                                  Source: countryliving.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                                    Source: paintmeplaid.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

This was a fairly simple project, it just took a little bit of time.  To start out,  I taped off all of the legs to create the "dipped" look.  I used the craft paint pictured in "pure gold" and a foam brush for all of the painting.  One coat was barely noticeable, but this paint dried quickly and by the time I had painted all 16 legs I could go back and start again with another coat.  I did 4 coats of gold altogether. 

Even though I peeled the tape off right after applying the last layer, the paint started peeling off with it.  So, I lightly ran my knife around the legs right at the edge of the tape to break the seal and make a clean line.

After the legs were painted and dried for a day or so, I was ready to work on the numbers.  I chose a font on my computer that I liked and enlarged the numbers to about 5 inches, and then printed them out on card stock.  Using an x-acto knife I cut them out to make a stencil.  You can purchase pre-made stencils at the craft store, but I couldn't find the size and style that I wanted.  After measuring to find the middle, I taped the stencil down (I rolled some tape and stuck it underneath very close to the cut out lines also, just to hold it down better to prevent the paint from bleeding too much). 

Using my foam brush, I lightly dabbed the paint on straight up and down (I think it's called "pouncing?") to avoid getting any paint under the edges.  I think I did about 3 coats on the numbers.  It worked pretty well, there was just a bit of bleeding.  I'll mention this again, but the paint scratched off very easily so I just scratched a few edges off with my fingernail to clean up the numbers. Here's a before and after-


Now, as I said, this paint scratched off VERY easily.  Any little bit of knocking them around would surely scratch the gold off of the legs, and I don't think the numbers would have lasted a day left as-is.  The barstools had a slick finish on them and it would have been best to sand or prime them.  But,  I didn't want to prime because I only wanted to add the numbers and not disturb any of the black original finish.  So, after I was finished painting I took them outside and gave the tops and just the painted tips of the legs several coats of spray polyurethane.  

Fingers crossed that it sealed them up good and gave them a nice protective coat.  It seems to have worked well, but time will tell...I'll keep you posted.

So, there you have it, I think my second Pinterest Challenge project is a success!  I'm looking forward to seeing what fabulous projects everyone else has come up with...I'll need some fresh inspiration for the next one!

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It's been a while since I've scoured my favorite fabric websites for what's new.  I'm working on a few throw pillows for the living room, and while browsing for fabric I came across several patterns that I haven't seen before, and I thought you might want to see them too!

All of these patterns with the exception of 1 came from my 2 favorite sites for fabric, fabric.com and fabricguru.com.  The links underneath will give you product information, and the top left sample is 1 and then go clockwise for the other links (I'm not affiliated with these links...just passing along info. for you!).  Many of the patterns are available in a variety of colors as well.

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

1  /  3  /  4

1  /  2  /  4

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

See anything you like for spring?

Lastly, a friend reminded me the other day that I sort-of left you all hanging from this post last week.  Several of you were right...I never thought I'd say this, but I'm thinking about painting the walls in the living/dining/kitchen (they all run together) a warm white!  We'll see, this one will be way down on the list if it happens!



I feel like I've been posting a lot of thrift scores lately, but it's hard not to get excited about a good find, and the transformation that usually follows!

Yesterday I stopped by a thrift store and came home with an armload for a bargain.  Want to see what I got?

I wasn't too sure about this one at first, but he's cute and quirky and will look good on the back patio when it warms up enough to put some pretty spring flowers in him.  Oh, or I just had the thought...wouldn't he be a cute Easter centerpiece?  Now I'm really glad I bought him!

I hardly ever pass up a good tray-for the price I took a chance that it will shine up nicely.

Who doesn't love a velvet poster of different ice cream flavors to color?  Still wrapped up...think I'll save this for a certain little girl's birthday coming up.

Someone had a sense of humor when they were pricing this frame... (sorry if that's your grandma!)

I love these prints! 

I've never been to Paris (yet!) but the vibrant colors draw me right in.  My mom has a similar set that she found second hand and I think they're lovely.  There are 4 in her set and I really think there should be a fourth in this one, but I searched high and low and didn't see it.  They are a good size, 12"x19", and I have plans for new mats and the perfect spot to hang them.

Here's one more thing that I found a few days ago-

I've had my eye out for an umbrella stand for a while.  I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so I can give it a fun, glossy color.

Here's a few tips for thrift shopping:
*You won't always come away with something at a thrift store.  Before finding my loot at one store yesterday, I walked out of 2 other stores empty handed.
*You guys know this, but look beyond the color of most items.  Spray paint can fix almost anything!  You can bet that most of the things in this post won't stay looking like they do now.
*Think of other ways to use something, or use it for a purpose other than it was originally intended for.  I buy super ugly frames for around $.25 all the time...just to use the glass that's in them.  
*Don't be afraid of a little clean up.  That brass tray is going to take some serious elbow grease and that umbrella stand hasn't seen a vacuum in years.  All easily remedied if you're willing to put in the effort.
*Be willing to wait, but know when to pounce.  Lots of times thrift stores start with sky high prices, and then do mark downs.  If you see something you like but the price is too high, get familiar with the mark down schedule (just ask!) and keep an eye on it.  But, sometimes it's a gamble. If it's such a great item that you don't think it will be there, you have to decide if it's worth it to go ahead and plunk down full price.  Bottom line, do you think anyone else sees the potential in the item that you do?  If not, I usually wait, and it usually works.  That being said, you have to be willing if you lose out on it, also.   I took a chance on these two guys...they were UGLY as is and priced way too high.  I kept an eye out and pounced when they were both down to about $5 each.

I'm sure you'll see these things pop up in my photos here and there in the future.  Does this weekend hold any thrifting plans for you?   I'll be working on a project using this thrifted treasure that I found last summer:

Have a happy weekend everyone!



Many times I hear "You're so creative, I don't know how you come up with so many great ideas!" from my friends.  Truth be told, although I do have an original idea here and there, I like to consider myself a good gleaner, or collector of ideas.  I can see a design or project and usually take what I have and come up with a similar look.  It will still have my own spin on it, but I draw inspiration from many sources.

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day in Oklahoma.  Our usual Sunday schedule is church in the morning, lunch at home, and then chilling out in the afternoon before returning to church for the evening service and activities.  The kids had the great idea to take the kite to our neighborhood park, and we enjoyed some "loafing" until it was time to get ready. 

They went a bit early with Ray, so I had about an hour where I was going to clean up and fluff some things.  I was straightening the counter and came across this page I had torn out of the Pottery Barn catalog.  I initially saved it because I liked the styling on the coffee table, but upon second glance I noticed the little side table with the stack of books below it, and inspiration struck.

(By the way, see that jack on the coffee table?  I've seen no less that 5 here and there in different photos in the last few days...I want one!)

I have this cute little table in our living room, and I'm never quite sure how to style it.  It always seems like it needs SOMETHING, but it's not big enough for much more than a drink landing spot.

Before I knew it, this was happening (mind you, less than an hour before I needed to leave for church...it's how I work best), and I was rummaging through the garage for a can of glossy black spray paint.  

After letting it cure for a day or two, I brought it in and started playing around. 

I pulled lots of our favorite hardback children's books and piled them up.  Emily and I are currently reading one of my old Nancy Drew books, The Bungalow Mystery, so I added that to the top for easy access.

This little table has always been a bit wobbly and easy to knock over, so the extra weight and stability of the books is a good bonus.

So there you have it, a little insight into how most projects happen around here...on a whim!  And, I even made it to church on time. :)



Southern Living

                                                                    Source: thehuntedinterior.blogspot.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: purestylehome.blogspot.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


                                                                             Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: vintagerevivals.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Coastal Living

Can you guess what it's for?

Southern Living

My husband's only request, that we please get our bathroom done first.  

                                                                           Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I'm easily distracted, and better stick to the plan.



Hello friends, and Happy President's Day!  The kids are out of school today and are enjoying some time with their grandparents, while I'm taking care of some errands and hoping to hit a thrift store or two.

This is one of those posts that I meant to do months ago, and I'm just now getting around to it.  When I re-did our office/tv room, I knew that I wanted to conceal some shelving in the bookcases.  There are tons of shelves in this room and we wanted to fit some of them with electronics (stereo, dvd player, wii, etc.) that I didn't necessarily want to be seen.  Also, although grateful for the storage, I wanted a few less shelves to style! 

For a while I considered having cabinet doors made to add to the lower open shelves, but the stereo and dvd player stuck out a bit too far for a cabinet door to close.  I've always loved the look of a skirted console, like this one or this one, but haven't had a console that would work to try that treatment out.  So, I thought I could use the same idea to skirt the bookshelves.

With a few easy steps, I went from this

to this!

Let's just keep all of those things stuffed under there our little secret, ok?

I found a canvas-type fabric for a few dollars a yard, and hemmed all four sides to fit each section that I wanted to cover.  Then, I sewed black grosgrain ribbon along the edge.  All of those steps could easily be new-sew if you wanted to use a fusible tape or even hot glue or fabric glue.  If you glue, I would recommend pressing your seams on all sides before gluing to get a crisper, cleaner looking edge. 

Next, I purchased some velcro at Hobby Lobby that had an adhesive back on the "hook" strip, and a sew-on back on the "loop" side.  I wanted to be able to sew pieces on the fabric without the adhesive gunking up my needle.  So, I sewed little pieces (about 1 1/2" each) on the top corners of all the sections, and added several across the top of the larger sections.  

Then, I stuck the matching piece together to the sewed on piece, peeled the backing off, and pressed it into place along the top lip of the frame.  Adhering it this way makes matching up your pieces fool proof!

Then, peel your fabric off and the adhesive sections are secured in just the right place.

On this section that is the desk, I wanted the skirting to wrap around the sides.  I made a small panel to wrap around the corner, then a separate panel for each side along with a large panel on the front.  

One thing I didn't think about until I was mid-project were the places where my fabric overlapped, like in the photo above.  I knew the adhesive back wouldn't stick to my bottom layer of fabric (where I wanted to attach the top layer), so I used some velcro that I had on hand that was a sew-on "hook" strip and sewed it to the bottom layer.  Then I attached the top layer directly to the fabric underneath it wherever the two pieces overlapped.  

One bonus, the remotes still work with the skirting in place.  However, we often remove a panel if needed for continual access and it's super easy to pop them off and on.  There's also a skinny panel of fabric underneath where the two pieces below meet in the center. 

I hope that all makes sense, it was harder to explain that it was to do.  Basically, to make a long story short, use adhesive and sew-on velcro to attach panels of fabric to the wood.

Did you watch the season finale of Downton Abbey last night?  No spoiler alerts here and I love the series, but I thought it was a bit boring, until the end, and I kind-of saw that coming.  What did you think?

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