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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday I showed you my current project, the china cabinet for the dining room.  

The outside doors had a wire screen rather than glass.  I like the charm and texture of the wire, but it was not in good shape (surprise!) and I decided that I wanted the clean look of glass all the was across the doors.

I was hoping for a simple trip to the glass shop for a few rectangular panes of glass, but upon examining the backs of the doors I discovered the door frame around the glass was cut in the same curved shape as the front of the door.  Boo.  A much more difficult cut for the glass and much more $$$ to replace it.

However, the doors were nice and thick and I thought it would be fairly easy to notch out the corners of that curve to make the back into a rectangular frame for the glass.  So, I called my handy-dandy dad for some help.  We decided this would be a fairly easy project with the router.

First, we marked the section that we wanted to cut out,

and then he routed out most of the unwanted section.

There was a small section left in the corners where the router couldn't make a sharp cut,

so using a chisel he squared up the corners.  

That's it!  A little sanding and paint and no one will ever know.  I left the doors at the glass shop so they could get a good fit, and it will only cost about $10 per door for the glass.

By the way, if you ever need to clean up spilled, ancient, dried wood glue, a chisel turned upside down is a great tool!  Ask me, I know.  :)  Apparently this cabinet was also the tool storage unit for the previous owners.

Most of you don't know my dad, but these photos from his garage will tell you a lot...

He's organized, disciplined, consistent, resourceful, creative, and a super-hard worker.
Dad, thanks so much for your help yesterday!  I know you had a long list of other things to be doing, and I love how you're always willing to drop all of your projects when someone need your help.  I hope that I am that willing to help others, also.

Wish me luck, I'm off to sand a little more and start priming!

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  1. Wow - your dad is so organized!! That motivates me so much to clean out my garage and label everything!!!! And - he makes routering and chiseling all look so easy. I need your dad's skills!

  2. So glad you are showing this! I've been searching craigslist for a while and didn't know you could take out the clever!

  3. Love this!! Reminds me of my Dad. I can remember borrowed his tools, and having to make sure I wiped then off after using. He said, You never return dirty tools to a man."

  4. What ingenuity...I hope I would be that smart in the same situation :) Your dad is an inspiration!

  5. Your Dad might have himself a little side business from this post ;). Love his organized garage!!

  6. He's a great helper isn't he? Wish I lived closer...perhaps I could hire him as a handy helper at times. :) So glad you have him near to help do things like this. Great idea, by the way! Can't wait to see how it looks finished. More of your talent ~


  7. Genius idea ~ I would have guessed more than $10 each! I was wondering what he paints? Our dads could be two peas in a pod, too! :)

  8. How wonderful that your Dad can help you out - I love the pic of him working! Aren't Dads so special :)

  9. I totally "pinned" your Dad's spray paint color wheel thingy! That is a great idea. I want to come live in your Dad's garage! What a fun place!

  10. Your adjectives describing your dad are loving and wonderful...but they just touch the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. He is an outstanding man with a beautiful heart for God. He blesses many lives. Suellen Allen

  11. That's brilliant! So glad you dont have to get the glass cut to fit.

  12. Love your Dads garage, if my Hubby would let me organize his it would look like your Dads. I am gonna show him this :) oh and your china cabinet is gonna be really pretty, its a nice shape :)

  13. I just found this! Your Dad and my Dad should be neighbors; I think they're cosmic twins, actually.


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