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Monday, January 28, 2013


There's nothing like company coming to provide me a little motivation to finish up loose ends on projects. 

Granted, our company this weekend will be around 15 6th grade boys and 3 college students, but still, visitors none the less.  (I will be forever grateful for any little prayers you might remember us in this weekend... 15. sixth. grade. boys.  For three days. With one shower for them all to share.  Oh yeah.)

Are you tired of seeing my dining room yet?  I hope not, at least until I finish the last two projects for it.  After completing the china cabinet I finished up the next to the last project...artwork.

I've told you I have tall walls (10 feet) so there was a pretty big space between the top of the china cabinet and the ceiling.  I considered putting something on top of the cabinet, but wanted to keep a cleaner look, and there's already enough stuff piled inside the cabinet without adding more to the top.  I thought about hanging my new friend over the cabinet, but really like him where he is over the back door.  So, I decided to hang some art over the cabinet, as well as on the sides.

I still love the botanical wall in the kitchen, but thought more floral prints would be a bit too much on this wall.  After seeing these beautiful prints that Carolyn did, I emailed her and she was kind enough to let me know that they came from a set that she purchased at Barnes and Noble.  I bought them right away (on clearance!) and have had them waiting in the wings until I got to this point in the dining room.  Here's a link from Amazon:


Just like the frames I used in the kitchen, I bought the same ones from Michaels again, 12x18, on sale for $7 for a 2 pack.  I used the same method to hang them-2 nails and then I just hook the back edge of the frame on them rather than using the designated hanger on the back (here's the most exciting photo you'll ever see on my blog!):

This keeps the frames from tilting and makes it easy to slide them a little to the left or right to line them up perfectly.  Just like with the botanicals in the kitchen, I mounted the prints on white posterboard with double sided photo splits and popped them in the frames.

The mirrors are Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart-$15!  They were black but I used some Rub & Buff to make them gold.

My weekend bargain...the large mercury globe from Pottery Barn...marked down to $18!  I saw it last week, didn't get it, and when I returned of course there were none on the shelf.  Always ask!  They had a few more hiding out in the back room.

By the way, can I tell you how much I love mini carnations?  I bought these before New Year's Eve, and I think this is at least the third photo shoot they've made it into.  They last forever!  Best $3 at the grocery store you'll ever spend!

Here's a little before and after from just a few months ago...

Just about all done!  Other completed projects include the houndstooth drapes and the upholstered host wingbacks, so the table is the only thing left on my to-do list for this room.

I moved the kids' silhouettes to the originally intended spot in the hall.

The cost of this project, for the prints, 8 frames, 4 sheets of posterboard, and two mirrors came in right under $80.  Not bad for a wall full of art!
Tomorrow I'll show you an invaluable tool I use when I'm in the planning stages of so many projects.  I used it on this one, and it saved so much trial and error!

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  1. they look perfect and add the right amount of height

  2. Beautiful as usual Jennifer!! I am really loving the pink table runner!! All the color is great!

  3. Amazing! Artwork is the hardest part, I think. You found beautiful pieces of art and the price couldn't be beat. The whole room is awesome.

  4. love the whole room, the color of the china hutch, the pictures, mirrors etc.... What an inviting room :)

  5. They're absolutely the perfect solution for balancing the height of your ceilings ~ LOVE seeing your bold statement piece with all the other elements! This one-of-a-kind room has come a long way!

  6. Another gorgeous space in your home, Jennifer. So colorful, interesting, balanced…..I can't believe how this room has morphed in the last year! Love it!

  7. I am loving your dining room! Beautiful.

  8. You do such a wonderful job mixing traditional and fun! Looks beautiful!

  9. I love your dining room! The green china cabinet is awesome, and of course, I love the birds!! Great mix of accessories... such a pretty, fun room. Enjoy!

  10. Fabulous as always! I have NEVER lucked into a bargain like that at Pottery Barn. Come to think of it, I have never gotten a bargain at all at PB, but still I love their things.

    Funny thing is that at the very top of this post when I saw the mirrors, I was thinking, "I gotta tell her they have mirrors just like that in black at Walmart" I got one a couple of weeks ago, haven't hung it yet--not sure where it will go, but for $15 I just couldn't leave it in the store! I love your style and especially love that you do so much for yourself and keep it to a reasonable budget. Rock on!!

  11. Well, I have to tell you, If I had that many boys coming for the weekend, I'd just go to Church and throw myself on the altar right now! :) I experienced smaller groups of boys & girls when my kids were growing up ~ I think you're extremely brave to do this.

    Your art work & the mirrors are gorgeous! You do so many fabulous things so very economically. Always love your use of patterns & color!


  12. That looks great! I love the whole thing...the kelly green with the gold frames, the bird prints....fabulous!

  13. The room looks soooo good!! I love those gold mirrors and your table runners. Good luck with all of those boys!

  14. I love this wall, and your china cabinet is still just as stunning!

  15. The prints look great and I just love seeing the before and after. The green just adds so much color. I love the fabric on the back of your host and hostess chairs.

  16. Jennifer... thanks for visiting my blog the other day and I love my first visit to yours. Especially loving the green you have on the dining hutch piece and the collection of frames. I'll be inspired by your fantastic inspiration!

  17. Fabulous transformation, Jen. You have such an amazing eye for room staging. Want to take a trip to Miami? :) You know you'd love to escape the cold. It's 81 here today. Don't hate me. Lol.

  18. Saw your house tour on 6th Street Design Studio and had to comment on your dining room pictures! I found two of the same pictures in a flea market and framed them and hung them in my dining room too! I just love that you have those two and a bunch more - I may need to see if I can find that book and add to my collection - and also - your house is fabulous.. i love love love your style :) PS - see my pics in the link below

    Love your blog and will be a regular here :)


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