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Monday, November 5, 2012


This is how you've always seen my living room-

Sunday evening I was headed out the door for church and looked over to see this.

It stopped me in my tracks for a minute.

My house is NEVER perfectly clean and rarely even very picked up, but this one made me stop and go "When did the bomb go off?".  Clearly we all need a little reminder in cleaning up after ourselves.

But, as I analyzed the scene a bit, here's what I saw:

1.  Laptop out from blog work
2.  Curtains pulled to block afternoon sun during hub's nap in chair
3.  Sleeping bag left out from watching late football game the night before
4.  TV and Game doors left open for afternoon football
5.  Pile of blankets brought in from a very chilly 5K race the day before
6.  Framing silhouette project in progress
7.  Two of the one million socks always peeled off and left on the floor
8.  Afternoon family Scrabble game

There's a whole lot of living going on in this room.  My house may not be "company ready" anytime the doorbell rings, but it's worth it.  We use our house.  We make messes.  I {sometimes} clean them up. :)  Please tell me I'm not the only one...

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  1. I'm shocked!!! :) Ha ha just kidding. Thanks for sharing!! This is how mine looks all the time. Even when I clean it only lasts for about 10 minutes. You can always find some socks in the middle of our floor :) Have a great week friend!!

  2. Yay! I love it! Sign of life, love and laughter! As it should be. Makes me feel better anyway;).

  3. that's a great attitude about it. Everything that causes the mess seems like fun!

  4. Ha! Mine looks the same, but imagine it covering the kitchen island and dining room table ~ socks included! :) It looks like a happy place!

  5. I love a lived in house! Mine looks that way quite often, I do my clean up after everyone goes to bed.

  6. I had fifteen minutes of almost pure bliss on Saturday while the house was clean. Then it wasn't anymore. Well, I guess it was still clean, but not neat. At this moment, I see boxes (yes, I'm still unpacking moving boxes after six weeks), a stack of homeschool planning I'm still working through, and a stack of my hubbies never-ending reading/note-taking resources(but that's what makes him such a good teacher/preacher). Even the dog has left her blanket and toys in the middle of the floor following an early morning wrestling match with my son. Guess it's time to stop cruising blogs and get back to work!

  7. Oh, oh, oh, I love this post, and you for posting it! My house is usually fairly clean (thanks to the dog who motivates me daily) but it's NEVER all picked up and perfect. Major signs of life here too - and every day, I remind myself how lucky I am because it means our home is full of people and living. Plenty years ahead for the perfectly tidy home (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
    And by the way, even when your home is looking lived in, it stills looks stylish and pretty!

  8. I wrote a similar post {} is so nice ot know that everything in someone's life isn't always perfect. We do live in our houses! Loved this post!

    -Sarah {}

  9. I have heard that a perfect house is just what it is a house. but a house with some mess is a home . Kinda like how our hearts are sometimes. Even tho we want people to think our hearts are all perfect sometimes they are just a mess. The best part is God does not move out cause we have a little mess there .He is there to help us clean it up if we would let him. Cause He loves us that much how blessed we are :) .Have a wonderful day !

  10. I love it! It just means you actually live there. I'd much rather have that than a "clean" house where no one feels comfortable!

  11. I love this post so much! AMEN to living in your home - life is messy - enjoy it! And even when it's a mess - it still looks fantastic!

  12. Oh-ho-ho-ho NO! You are SO not the only one! In fact...rarely does mine look like your before picture. *sigh* It's actually releiving to see that your house looks like that more regularly. They say it's called "lived in"! ;)

  13. Thank you so much for being "real" ! I think your home is warm and inviting and yes, lived in. Not many bloggers show the "real stuff" ~
    I grew up in a sterile environment and it was miserable.


  14. oh, no, you're definitely not the only one. One of my favorite signs says "Excuse the mess, but we live here." To keep a house photo perfect, I think that you couldn't possibly have time to do anything else. thanks for showing us !

  15. This made me smile. So very true. We don't want to show it but you're definitely not alone! And you've made it a bit easier for me to head to bed with my kitchen looking the way it does. :)

  16. :) love the real, behind-the-scenes now and then! I love my home to be cleaned up and company-ready but fact is we live in our house too! So it isn't always looking like I'd prefer. Cause how can you live and be perfect at the same time?!! LOL!!

  17. You are NOT the only one.

    Wanna see my house right now? Huh? Huh?


    Homes are for living. I think yours is perfect with the mess. (Imagine how many people wish they had family IN their home again to make the mess. One day, we'll wish that, too. I guess. Haha.)

  18. love this so much. your living room is beautiful both ways. :)


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